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  1. Looks great John thanks again for showing us how to do things, I learn so much from your builds.
  2. Looking good so far. Nice work.
  3. I like it, I'm going to enjoy watching this one.
  4. Very nice job on that one. Paint looks great, along with all the little details.
  5. Looking really good, looks like you about got this one whipped. Nice job.
  6. Ron it came out looking great, amazing build all the way through. Very well done.
  7. Nice Job looks good.
  8. Nice job the details look great. Good choice of color.
  9. Now were getting some where that is so cool Ira, great concept and execution as usual.
  10. Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy cool stuff there. Nice Job all the way round on that one.
  11. Holy smokes I ask about an update and wham you give us half a build, that amount of work and detail would take me a year. Clay you do astounding work I learn so much by looking at the details in your builds, thanks for sharing like you do. Bob
  12. Very nice engine bay to go along with the rest of this sweet ride.
  13. Thanks Stan. This one has got me kinda stumped at the moment, all I have done is add a couple of bars to the chassis and I remade the pedals. I need to find some rear chassis brackets for the four link and a blower for the motor. I started a little bit on the body work. The main reason I think I'm stalled is I kinda lost my vision on this one while trying to figure out the front suspension, I keep sitting down at the bench and don't seem to get anything accomplished, I'm very frustrated at the moment, like I said when I started this build I may be in way over my head, I sure feel that way.
  14. Build is moving along nicely looks great so far. I'm pulling for the Judge McNally will get his man.
  15. Very nice work you do there. Love all the detail.
  16. Skypower

    Badillac !

    Wow that is a great looking ride very nice job.
  17. You got a good start going there I will be following this along.
  18. Great job as usual I don't even know anything else to say about your work its just so incredible. P.S. we will have our 1:1 7 out at Daytona next month putting her through her paces. Should be a fun weekend.
  19. I would just use double electric pumps in that situation. I thought Lutz car was turbos though i could be wrong.
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