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  1. Yep. Pay double and hurry up and wait, story of my life. lol Oh well at least now there's progress.
  2. Any updates on this one such an amazing build.
  3. Don't know how I missed another killer build, looks great Brett.
  4. Dave I think after that paint job you will now be known as one of those Artsie types like it or not. lol Killer job.
  5. Thanks for the update can't wait to see the final product. Going to be sweet.
  6. Nice job I like the colors. Looks very cool.
  7. I'm a Mopar guy but this one is looking good. I guess I really love all the old hot rods. Great job so far looking forward to more.
  8. I vote for the first one also, the wilder the better to me at least in the modeling world.
  9. Holy smokes that's a lot of builds going on at once. Nice setup.
  10. Wow very well done, you have obviously been doing this a while. Looks great.
  11. Good luck on the bench today, I also will be checking in later for my next lesson on detailing. I need some more tricks for my 32 sedan build its kinda getting out of control.
  12. Gene your build looks great I just bought this kit to steal the 6 pack motor out of for my attempt at building an AAR Cuda out of the new Cuda kit, I may just throw the Hemi from the Cuda in the Duster. Your doing a great Job!!!!! Bob
  13. Those look sweet. Another true artist on here.
  14. Off to a great start gonna be a fun one to watch.
  15. Wow I lost track of this build you have done some great work there. Looks amazing!!!
  16. Wow those look great, wish I could build like you guys. I see I still have a long way to go. Nice job.
  17. RB Motion has them I just ordered some for my 32 sedan.
  18. Just got the seats cut apart and put back together tonight not much else just some test fitting. Still need to fill the gap in the seats one came out much better than the other. Thanks for looking. Bob Oh yea ordered some parts from RB motion and will be getting some stuff from futurattraction also.
  19. That so cool love the whole deal great job.
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