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  1. Thanks for all the kind words guys I'm trying, the great thing about this place is there are so many people who are willing to help with advice and by teaching in their builds it really helps us new guys. Thanks again to all those who gave advice and encouragement through out this build Bob
  2. Thanks John I'll try that when i dig back into this one, still a few little bits to finish it up.
  3. Any new updates on this one. It's such a cool build.
  4. Just amazing I so wish I could do that.
  5. Thanks for all your comments guys I really appreciate them. I did start to BMF the vent windows but when I did it looked out of scale, like the vent posts are to big I will search on here to see if I can find some others done and see how they look. MrObsessive thanks for all the teaching you do with your builds they help a lot.
  6. Nice job so far Im new also only built 2 so far but having fun. Good attention to the details. Thanks for your service. Bob
  7. Looks great so far I say the clear one the other is just to tall with cowl on the hood. Looks sweet.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys I will look into washing the front grill when I do the mufflers and sand the rear tires.
  9. Sweeeeeeeet looking. Great job so far.
  10. This one gave me fits only my 2nd build ever please let me know what you think good or bad so I can learn and get better. This is my first under glass. Thanks to those who gave tips, encouragement and advice along the way. Bob. My collection of builds. lol P.S. Still need to make some mufflers and finish sanding the rear tires but I'm calling it done for now.
  11. Looks nice I'm building the same one right now. Hope mine comes out this nice.
  12. Looks good so far nice job.
  13. Sorry for the loss of your friend, will be watching for your progress on this one. My best friend has a 70 GSX stage 1 car with the stage 2 option, very rare.
  14. I sure can attest to the just stick with it theam my Nova build about did me in with all the flash and the body thickness. But I stuck with it and ended up with a pretty decent build for only my 2nd build. You got this one and are off to a pretty nice start. Keep up the good work. We will be here to keep cheering you on.
  15. Man I love this build it looks great, like I said before this is how I wanted my Cuda build to go just didn't have the skills and parts to do it but after watching your build I am learning a lot and may just have to attempt this type of build soon.
  16. Thanks John I did try one side of the vent windows but it look out of scale so I pulled it off I think the windows are too thick I should have addressed that long before now but live and learn. Now if I can just get the hood and scoop to cooperate and look ok I should be nearing the finish line. Finally.
  17. Wing cars are very cool nice job on yours.
  18. Thanks for showing how that's done I'm new to all this and love learning how to create these one of kind pieces of art. Thanks I'm following and learning. Bob
  19. BMF done. Question though should I clear over the BMF or do I leave it alone. I think it came out ok for my first time. What do you guys think.
  20. Cool gonna be following this one.
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