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  1. ricki added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    I did not receive a postcard, but I know my current sub expires with #204 (any ETA yet?), and I had renewed for another year early Feb'17 so maybe wasn't sent a card?
    I am another of the very many supporters of all Gregg has done, and continues to do, for the magazine and the hobby.. Thank You Gregg
  2. ricki added a post in a topic Slot Cars Magazine   

    Just received #5 yesterday - Fantastic!  The re-creation of Lee Gilbert's Sundance car is stunning, I have the old CM magazines - the article was iconic at the time, and Jairus has done a superb job of it.
    That was always my favourite. By the time I had the skills to attempt it, the chassis was obsolete, and the body was not available. Now, the nostalgia craze brings it all full circle. Luv it!
    Is #6 close behind?
  3. ricki added a post in a topic Slot Cars Magazine   

    Hmmm! 2 months pass, and I still don't have issue #3 of my subscription (got #1 & 2 OK way back). Is there perhaps some problem now with Canadian subscriptions?
  4. ricki added a post in a topic The Legendary SURFERS!!!!!!!!!!!   

    There is a magneto very close to the Frankenstein in the Garlits WynnsJammer kit and its various re-releases, but I found the distributor cap on it very small & hard to drill out. I also got one on a resin parts sprue that came with a 1966 Comet body ordered from Reliable Resin.

    Norm at Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland has a "pre-drilled distributor" 3-pack in resin. The cap is separate from the body/shaft and is molded in a reddish/brown color. Should work perfect here. I've used the caps on turned alum magneto bases before. (I'd give the catalogue # but am away from home for a few more days)

    I know I am interested in the pump tutorial, although Straightline have a tutorial for a similar pump if you are short on time.

    Great build of a significant car going on here,
    Thanx for taking the time to share your progress.
  5. ricki added a post in a topic Audi R10 TDI progress   

    Was undecided about Dexter or Studio27 PE, so ordered both. Glad I did, each has excellent parts, and I'll be using a combination of both.

    BTW, just realized this site is not mentioned above - good ref pics here too (about 2/3 way down the page). Cheers:

  6. ricki added a post in a topic Audi R10 TDI progress   

    AWESOME job on the R10 Jim - first one I've seen completed.

    Thanx for sharing your expertise and A/M parts; and thanx also to Peter & Brendan for the research links.

    I too have seen these guys run, at Mosport (and they're so quiet, I wasn't sure there was really an engine in the back. Never seen a good photo either - only tarps LOL)

    I picked up the kit a week or so ago, have PE on the way. Got the itch to get this one going.

  7. ricki added a post in a topic Here is a recent car I built Ohio George's Mr Gasket Gasser   

    Why thank you Len. Actually, perhaps you can help me if you have the Sept 1967 issue of Car Craft (has the Malco Gasser feature - AND the Linda Vaughan interview ). After more than a year searching eBay, I finally bought a copy, but it is missing pages. If you have it, and could scan page 44 and send me, I'd be ever so grateful. I think it shows some interior and exterior paint details. Also, any suggestions on paint colours to use?
  8. ricki added a post in a topic Here is a recent car I built Ohio George's Mr Gasket Gasser   

    Just a stunning build Len - I too have admired this.
    I have Ohio's 67 Malco Gasser in pieces, and (most of the) parts to build a twin-turbo version of this car - won't be near as fine as yours, but wish me luck!
  9. ricki added a post in a topic And another '49 Merc.   

    A terrific start to another of your exceptional builds Brian. Can't wait to see this come together - and the right 'grape' colour will be killer!!

    Got to get me one of these kits (to go with the 1/2 dozen or so AMT Mercs in the stash LOL)
  10. ricki added a post in a topic WIP: 2003 Pirates of the Carribean Pontiac LONG 1st Post!!   

    Absolutely stunning work on the planning and execution of this build Dave. I've been admiring your work for a few years (since I saw the HUG), and I think it is great you are sharing this build, in infinite detail, with us mere mortals of the modeling community. THANX

    And Heh, I liked Pirates of the Carribean, too!

    Looks like I'll be spending more time here at MCMF.
  11. ricki added a post in a topic Engine Data Base   

    Great idea guys. Maybe Gregg would let you pirate the engine (& tranny?) list out of the similar "Best of kit parts" from the Nov 2004 issue #100 of Model Cars Magazine.
  12. ricki added a post in a topic More Updates for MCM Online   

    Thanx Greg - worked out well IMHO.
    And the Nova is a bonus.

    Hope some others find this useful.
  13. ricki added a topic in General   

    ...and yet another newbie. What a great Mag that MCM is, eh?
    A quick hello, from a guy with more model kits than time.

    I really wanted to let G&J know I really enjoyed the latest issue #111 - especially the feature article on current TF engine detailing by Kenny Collins & Bill Coulter - Cudos to you guys Putting the illustrations on this site was a brilliant idea; any chance seeing those excellent photos (+ perhaps the ones on editor Greg's floor?) on the site as well so we can D/L a larger size? My eyes aren't what they used to be.

    Keep the mag by & for Car Modelers everywhere. Thanx for hearing me.
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