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  1. Mine arrived yesterday Eastern Ontario. Excellent! Start of my 15th subscription. Thanx to all the hard working staff, AND to Canada Post - got something right!
  2. Arrived today!! Christmas is complete! Thanx to all who work so hard to satisfy our modeling magazine needs.
  3. Haven't seen my Iss 210 in Eastern Ontario yet either - patiently waiting! (209 arrived mid-Sept :)
  4. So well done! A wonderful lesson in old-time kit bashing. And I noticed the nod to a very accomplished Canadian driver & crew chief.
  5. My patience has been rewarded - #209 arrived today in eastern Ontario, Canada. 👍
  6. Here is one method to obtain back issues: https://www.magzter.com/US/Model-Cars-Magazine/Model-Cars/Automotive
  7. Not me - I expect another couple weeks before I see it.
  8. So glad to see Gregg & friends getting MCM back into shape, really enjoyed #207, and the new cover looks fantastic. Was surprised to receive Gregg's subscription renewal reminder in the mail yesterday, with the new prices ($55 foreign, works out to over $12/issue Canadian) at first sounds like a lot, but I checked my stash: Back in 1968, when model kits cost $2, Car Model mag was 50 cents. 50 years later, good new-tool kits are running $49 Canadian. Do the math - still 25% cost of a kit. And I think we can all agree - the content and color pics in MCM are miles ahead of late 60s. I'm good to #210, and have renewed to #216. Internet is great, but I still prefer flipping pages of a hardcopy magazine I can take anywhere over scrolling thru images on a monitor.
  9. UNNNNBEEEELLLievable!! John, one of your best, but I think that right front tire could use a bit of air (jus kiddin') Geez, even the used/abused highway cone looks perfect!
  10. Hey guys - let's give FSM a chance, they do cater to all (well maybe not railroaders too much). In the past, FSM has run feature articles and how-tos by some of the best car modelers you likely know: Paul Budzik (stuff he was doing with Tamiya F1 and motorcycles late 80's just blew me away!); Mathew Usher; Bill Coulter; Pat Covert; even Steve Magnante! just in a few issues I have picked up from newstands over the years. And maybe all the competition for space will mean any car model articles published will be superb. I may not subscribe - but certainly will check out each issue. I too was puzzled by a FSM renewal notice received few days before my Final SA(E) arrived. (I had never subscribed to FSM previously)
  11. You are the man Daniel. Perhaps I could have done half as good a job 40 years ago! Some may not realize those front tires are 35mph rated "Wards Riverside DeLuxe" tractor tires, and Dick ran 120mph on them, with only goggles and not even a T-shirt! Quite a character.
  12. Thanx for these Daniel - I agree "Very Impressive". How ever did you get the front tractor tires lettered? I've been to Garlits shrine several times since the 80s - I'll be sure to check out your work if I ever get down there again. So Ray has released some parts - I'll check that out too . The 16" K-H's have been a problem to source for me, and Raymond has nailed them.
  13. Terrific job on that old dragster Daniel. Now how about letting us see that BUG you mentioned I've been collecting parts for one of my own, and would love to see how you built yours. Also waiting for Raymond (Flat32) to assemble his 3D printed BUG - but I don't possess his talents so will stick with styrene.
  14. You could be right Mike - I have the same kit you started with (#85-4313), which I purchased within last 2 months, and guess what? No indent on the C-pillars.
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