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  1. - new car trailer - Renault Racing Team - new tractor - new accessories - many more
  2. with the right color scheme this could be a real eye catcher. hope they do a new correct interior tub for future releases https://pin.it/2xpmb7F
  3. the second one is more super detailed. it is a young channel with very impressive builds
  4. i found two videos for a closer look in to this kit. the first one is box stock. both are korean but simple understandable.
  5. While looking for other pictures, I stumbled across these pictures of a six-wheeled ramp car. In combination with an old Jo-Han Caddy, there are several options. https://www.oddimotive.com/what-better-vehicle-to-haul-your/
  6. I don't believe that you have any tire marks on parts in a sealed kit. Jo-Han introduced a new patended frame pack for the Gold Cup kits. I own several old kits of this series, non of these have any tire marks. But open the kit is the only way to be sure.
  7. Here I found a double kit of simplyfied slot car kits. A Maserati and a Chapparal II. The Box is labled with Hawk/USA, but I never found the originals of this kit.
  8. Yes, for an advanced modeller! But this was my first car kit at age of 13 and it was horrible! Now the AMO is only a collectible piece with some emotional memories. Building this kit? I don't know!
  9. Here are two unusual kits that I own. At first the colorful Belarus MTZ-100 in 1:20 scale. Crisp molded parts in relatively big scale from a russian manufacturer. For a detailed view please visit: http://www.modelencyclopedia.com/DisplayWholeItem.php?ItemId=6379 At second the 1924 AMO F15 in 1:24 scale. This kit was produced in the GDR for the russian market and has steerable wheels, but no engine detail. For a detailed view please visit: http://www.modelencyclopedia.com/DisplayWholeItem.php?ItemId=6378
  10. This kit was produced in the 70s in East-Germany (better known as GDR ) and was the first steps in kit manufacturing by Max Krätzer (=MK Modelle). I don't believe that they had a license to copy from original Pyro pattern, so it is more a not legal copy of the kit. Two kits of this types were produced, the "Texan" and the "Jersey Bounce". For more Informations about kits from MK-Modelle I have created a Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/pages/MK-Modelle/532990283393483?ref=hl
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