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  1. Cool build! Wish toyota still made a AWD Celica.
  2. Not sure how much better a 370 is then 350, 20hp on a big diesel doesn't tell the whole story. I've heard old drivers say a 300cummins would out pull 350 on a hill. I think in the early 70's that was about it for big power, cat was just coming of age. If your going for a vintage heavy hauler tractor, a 12V71 Detroit would have been a good choice.
  3. One thing I have to add is (although I don't think people are building this in mass numbers) is DON'T glue the front bumper on until final assembly, it makes putting the floor in a huge pain, I cracked the right front fender in the process, not much give/stretch.
  4. The fella who wanted me to build this had a '95. The hood/grill seems to be the only difference between this and the '92 that I started with.
  5. The sun is shinning so here are some outdoor pics, up close of the aluminum rim, I put the cougar center cap in it.
  6. We all have that one kit that doesn't want to be finished, this one was it for me. It started as a '92 cougar but I had a reaction with the paint and it etched the body. Odd thing is it was Duplicolor flat black over duplicolor sandable primer, sprayed that combo before and after no problems. I did spray it on a super hot day, so I guess thats why. Anyway.... Here is a inprogress thread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=86394&hl=cougar I picked up a '90 body off of ebay, and kept on. Kit is actually well detailed and went together good. Not my first taste in car, but was convinced to build it. Should be a better flat black, but actually looks like faded/peeling clear, which suits me fine. The wheels are actually aluminum, with F&F eclipse tires up front, supra tires in the back, and I made the short cherry bomb mufflers. I scrach built a intake with cone muffler.
  7. Nice build, the exhaust jogged my memory that these cars had a reversed head, with the intake on the front side, inside of on the back. They are either F20B's or H22's I belive.
  8. Annual Spring hobby show in Shearwater NS, spring is a loose term since we have a zillion feet of snow right now. Here is a link: http://www.shearwateraviationmuseum.ns.ca/modelshowrules.htm
  9. Thanks! Its a Dark blue, Tamiya French navy blue. Here is a close up, shows the color better.
  10. This is my favorite so far I've mine. I don't even know where to start for other people's favorites, 1000's of great models out in internet land!
  11. Nice clean build Hope to see it at Shearwater this year.
  12. I know about a dust mask, figured a milling machine might have a bit more finesse and control then a dremel.
  13. I'm not sure about the Perfect it taking off the clear, but I have striped Laquer with 99% isopropl alcohol, which I don't think will touch the enamal. The opposite seems true for castrol super clean, takes off enamal but not laquer. Maybe make up something to test? The 99% alcohol is the only thing I found to take off Duplicolor color match, which caused it to more or less peel off. Hope thats a help!
  14. Nice clean build, love these Camaro's
  15. Sweet build, looks great.
  16. Awesome build, love the look of the old skool Skylines. I want to build a Datsun 510 in similar fashion to that, as in color/wheel combo's and stance.
  17. Cool build, I love seeing different/odd ball kits. I still putt putt around in a '96 accord, not a wagon tho. I don't remeber that last time I saw one, I think they were pretty rare here compared to the 2/4dr's.
  18. Nice clean build, looks good in that color.
  19. I have a cab from AITM and I would like to thin it out. I was wondering if anyone had ever machined a resin casting, I'm afraid it would chatter so bad it would crack.
  20. Nice build, I never even heard of Lancia until I read your in progress. Then a magazine I bought had a cool article on the company and a lot of cars through the years.
  21. Small update, with so much snow I've spend more time shoveling then building. My dads truck had a toolbox behind the cab, so I scrach built this one, and here is some stuff to put in it, mostly from the Italeri accessories kit. The pry bar I made from 1/16" aluminum rod, and flattened the ends, then filed to suit.Thats a photo etch hinge, I'll put the top on after its painted
  22. Nice build, that interior is awesome! Spot on!
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