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  1. After helping a friend with one of his projects for a few weeks, I made it back working on the chevelle. Spent the last couple weeks painting a lot of the misc parts, finishing up any loose ends on the body and getting it ready for some color. Also did a little alclad chrome on a few parts. Still a lot to do but at least it's coming along. Some of these parts are not finished yet. I'll get to them The body got some mr. sufacer primer on it. It was then sanded. I managed to go through the primer here and there so it will get one more coat of primer and then very lightly sanded again. I put many hours into this front clip. This side will be body color The inside of the body was painted semi-gloss black The body was finally ready for some paint. I chose to paint the body testors mythical maroon extreme lacquer. Not sure yet if that was a bad idea. The metallic flake's look kind of big even on this 1/24 scale body. First i sprayed two light coats and then one color coat. Then i sprayed five coats of mr. super clear. I will let it sit for a week or so and then cut and buff. I'm hoping for good results. In 1966, One of the colors you could get on your chevelle was madera maroon. I was shooting for close to that. But with that custom look with the metallic. That's it for now. Thanks for looking. Speedpro
  2. After working on kits 29' ford truck for the last few weeks, It is at a point where it's ready for some primer on all the parts. Bummer is, It's real cold right now here in kalispell and i'm going to wait till it warms up a bit before i try to put down any paint. Don't want to have a paint failure getting in a big hurry. Here is a little of what's got done ............................ Worked on the frame replacing the frame cross member above the rear differential. The replacement cross member used is out of the 29' roadster kit with everything shaved off of it. Added the upper shock mount. Figured the shock length and cut them down to fit. Figured and added a pan hard bar. With the suspension out of the way, Both the body and trailer were completely massaged and any fit issues were taken care of along the way. I just have to say, kit did a amazing job building the trailer. It's a model all in it's self. Also, the engine was taken apart and stripped of paint. It is currently in pieces. All in all, everything looks good. Can't wait to see some color on everything. I'll update when things start moving along again. Speedpro
  3. That is one crazy nice gasser! Super build. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I find it simply amazing how fast you crank out your work KKK! And this build is beautiful as always. The paint look's perfect and love the color. Great work!
  5. Had the frame for Kits '29 in the tank overnight. Came out very clean and but still needs a going over. One of the motor mounts fell off and needs to be reattached. Stripped the rear end also as the paint was light in some areas.
  6. Before i get going on kit's repaint project, I would like to say that my 4,588 mile round trip from my home in kalispell montana to kit's home as well as attend the Acme Southern Nationals in atlanta was worth every minute of the 70 hours behind the wheel. Thank you kit and your wonderful wife donna for your hospitality brother. I hated leaving! Really miss you both. On to the truck repaint. As you already know, kit has taken care of stripping the paint. After accessing the parts, There is a lot of sanding to be done to get them ready for primer. The frame is also currently in the tank removing the paint as it needs to be redone also. For the most part, Kit did a good job removing the paint so far. I will be test fitting all the parts making sure assembly will be as smooth as possible. Here is a picture of what i brought home with me......... Let the fun begin. I will update progress as i get through this. Sanding will take some time i think...... Speedpro
  7. The trip down from Montana three days on the road staying in mediocre motels was far less fun than being with @Kit Karson for the first time at the most amazing NNL I've ever attended, and now I've been to three NNL's! Highly recommended!
  8. That's some serious heavy metal right there! You did a great job. Very clean work.
  9. Here are two more little items to deal with. The first one has to do with the interior bucket interfering with the firewall. Here you can see the area that has been cut out on the interior bucket. This is where the firewall recess for the distributor will fit into, allowing the interior bucket to sit correctly in the body........ The other thing i wanted to address, also has to do with the interior bucket. look at the top of the door at the wing window. You can see there is a gap that is about 1/8 of an inch between the top of the interior bucket and the wing window frame What i did here is made a filler piece to fill the gap. Finished with super glue and sand paper................. I'm running out of things to fit or correct. It might be time for some paint! Thank you for looking and more to come..................
  10. Thanks Daniel. I too think the tires are the same ones you used on your build ( which is very nice looking by the way)...B.F. T/A's. Don't know if they are going to stay on the car. Just using them for mock up. I haven't been out here to long. Retired here 4 years ago.
  11. Worked on the underside of the front clip. This area needed some serious attention as this is what your looking at when its flipped forward. The area on both sides of the scoop is sanded down to get rid of the tabs that the scoop mounts too. Found this area gets pretty thin so be careful while sanding and handling the part. The area is taped off and mr. white putty is used to fill in around the scoop. Taping it of really saves alot of work here. Notice the long tabs are gone........ Putty was left to dry 1 day, Pulled the tape up and its ready to sand. I sanded everything down getting real close to how i want the finished area to be. Then using tamiya extra thin cement i brushed it over the putty a couple of times to fill any small pores and help strengthen it. That shiny looking stuff is super glue to help fill in the line between the hood and scoop. Here it is all sanded. At least most of the underside. Still some more to do. More to come and thanks for looking..... Also added 2 more down bars too the roll bar.....
  12. Thanks Anthony. This car is one of my oldest builds and is turning 40 yrs old real soon. Thanks for following along beamerman. Thanks David G. Thank you Keith. I too built this kit a couple times in my younger days and also hated the way the front end fit among other things.
  13. I'm thinking it would be AA/FD. I researched it a bit and found that these were match racers from the 60's. It's a dragster with a body on it. A extreme funny car is what they called it. C/A for competition altered is also mentioned. Here is a link to Mr. Unswitchable............ Dick Jesse's Mr. Unswitchable Extreme Slant-Roof GTO Funny Car (vintage-nitro.com I'm sure you know there is a model of this car also.
  14. Been working on the front clip and getting it to fit. Took about 1/16 of an inch or a little more to get the front clip to fit and get the tire centered in the wheel arch. The hood scope was fitted by shaving the front edge to keep the carbs centered to the hood and glued in place. Took some Mr. White Putty and filled the big gaps. The rest of filling was done with super glue. Still working on the under side. I'v done a fair amount of mock up and found the front clip needs to be able to connect to the body and hold it self in place. I tried to mock it up using the tilt pivot off the back of the grill but never got good results. So to get the front clip to connect (or sit) on the body, I figured out where to put locating pins and using 100" solid rod made the pins and mounted them on the bottom side of the front clip. Now it just connects to the body and holds its self perfectly in place. I can't do anything else that has anything to do with mounting of the clip until it is painted and the grill is in place. Any mods needed will be done at that time. Here's a few progress pics........................ Here is how the front clip fits now. Its taken quit a bit of work so far and still have some more to do.................. A few mods were done to the side frames and they were primed with tamiya surface primer. Also primed most of the parts. Another issue i came across was the seats. The kit seats don't fit to well after the roll bar was put in. I found a pair of racing buckets in my spare parts and will be using them in place of the stock ones That's it for now.......More to come and thank's for looking
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