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  1. Very nice chevelle! Love the engine details. That's some clean work. Speedpro
  2. You have probably heard this before, But that paint looks excellent. I have been messing around with the alclad stuff. Just might have to give it a go. Very nice build! Speedpro
  3. Very nice challenger! Those cragars look perfect. Speedpro
  4. Great lookin build!
  5. Very nice! Beautiful paint and the bmf looks perfect. Speedpro
  6. Small update, Shot the paint on the engine parts. Also worked on the radiator. The front and back of the rad is flat black. The tanks are alclad polished aluminum. Fan was covered with BMF. I'm not going to clear the parts till they are back on the engine block and then clear the whole thing. More to come.............. Speedpro
  7. Thanks Bill, I appreciate your comment. The trumpets definitely added some life to cover. Will see what the paint does for it. I think it's going to look good on the engine. Paul
  8. Great looking willy's! Nice clean work. Speedpro
  9. Nice Accurate looking AAR Tim! Enjoy looking at all the details. That EB5 340 looks very nice also. Speedpro
  10. Beautiful! Nice paint. looks very smooth. Are those Bbs wheels? They look really good on this 911. Speedpro
  11. Nice pair of ferraris. I like the interior on the Sa Aperta. The piping looks good on the seats. Speedpro
  12. The engine parts are in primer. Found a parts box distributor and drilled it for wires. Added a little something to the valve covers. The pulley's and carb's will get alclad polished aluminum. If you look at the box you can see that the front was filled in a bit to help hide the ends of the stacks. It was easier than trying to cut the stacks down. On to paint........................ Speedpro
  13. Thanks Tim @Dennis Lacy I was at my wits end trying to find about anything for the induction for this engine. I was starting to look for a alternative engine to build when I came across this. I just got lucky as I never thought to look at this kit.
  14. @Kit Karson, You mean this one. It was made by larsen engineering in the early '80's. This is my inspiration for the cover on the engine for your truck. Good Times, Brother
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