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  1. Very nicely done, the wear on floorboards is perfect! wood box looks authentic also, you really improved on this ''so so'' kit!
  2. now that's Nostalgia personified! i dig it !
  3. that's a fine paint job and I like the wide whites, some things to consider are final details like painting front and rear window weather strips-[gaskets] and rubber grommets on the bumper irons and the ford badge on trunk, little details like those add a lot, nice clean work here
  4. Very Artistic-kind of like a bronze sculpture, driver and Mechanician are great with the goggles and all
  5. another fine build! I like the molding detail on the bed and tailgates-makes all the difference,
  6. Cool- reminds me of a Norm Grabowski rod from the 70s
  7. thanks Guys, these brass era cars are just super FRAGILE right out of the box! I would not want to ship one myself.
  8. f1ford48

    Toyota 2000 GT

    great color change- where are the wire wheels from? these had mags like the spare,I believe
  9. Sharp and Crisp-looks like you caught all the details! Very, Very well done
  10. CONVERTED FROM A 1/8 die cast Howard Johnsons truck....
  11. colors came out a bit better outside
  12. It LOOKS REAL. black is a hard color but you nailed it, windshield is much nicer and seats have great color and texture a very fine build
  13. Superb Workmanship! especially the closed cab!!!
  14. Superb build-very sharp, my only critique is-should there be some bright work trim around windows??. Otherwise its FANTASTIC.
  15. is this the same one for sale on ebay currently?
  16. Finally got Harrys Stutz Bearcat together last week. I will add plates and a taillight and it will be complete.. Thanks to Amy for selling me this car and thanks to Harry for a memorable build.
  17. absolutely AMAZING amount of detail.worth every penny.
  18. Thanks- the props were picked up along the way-some are actually doll house stuff, the F-2 WAS CONVERTED FROM A 1/18 F-1 die -cast. bigger axles etc-that's the shop truck.
  19. that Field Marshal should have stood back when the pilot yelled ''CONTACT''!!!!!
  20. Harry's STUTZ BEARCAT is in the shop. chassis is pretty much back together .......
  21. That is a great kit-the proportions are spot on with the real car and the wheels are pretty nice too . you will have fun with this one.
  22. Thanks- looks like you really know your Ford Palette.. although there is not much paint left on it, I have a 1/1 scale '41 pickup that was once harbor grey
  23. WOW- the WLA is amazing... the saddle and bags look like real leather
  24. Fantastically clean build again Tulio. have you done one in Harbor Grey ? another interesting Ford color.
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