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  1. The Bentley Speed 8. I do have a set from harbor freight, I wasn't sure how long they would last.
  2. What drill bits do you recommend? I already bought a magnetic tumbler. Maybe I'll start one after my current project.
  3. Looking like it's going to be great. Did you finish the 935 ? I have a vouple of hiro kits but I'm kind of intimidated by them. Any advice for the first one ?
  4. I love both of those ! Especially the Cobra. I have 2 MFH kits in my stash. Kind of afraid to start them.
  5. I also worked at a BMW shop for 16 years. I now work at a dealership shop that does MB JagRover,Porsche and msny others. I have had the porsche and jagrover aluminum training snd express. That's a pretty incredible rate that you get for the Fords.
  6. Love it ! Looks awesome !
  7. I had to scratchbuild these parts. I'm not very skilled at scratchbuilding, but I think they'll work.
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