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  1. Bobcat205 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    AMT trailer spoke wheels.
    Hi all, I have a question about the types of spoke rims used on AMT trailers. I know the most common ones used are 5 spoke, But were any AMT trailers equipped with the old Webb 3 spoke wheels? These were never used on drive axle's, But once in a while they can be seen on a tag axle on a log truck. Here are a couple pictures of what I'm talking about. These pics are from one of are old storage trailers, This trailer is a '68 Gindy 40' with a roll up door. We also have some old chain dump and tanker trailers at work that have the old webb 3 spokes. I always liked them because they're cool looking and they are easier to line up and balance than the 5 or 6 spokes. - Brad

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  2. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic AMT T519 Kenworth W925 Conventional   

    Yeah I'm with ya man, Couldn't have said it any better myself. When I got my first model truck for my birthday it was the coolest thing (which was a AMT 31005 Pete 359), I didn't care about whether or not the kit was correct or not it was just the fact of being able to build a minature scale truck. That was the whole cool factor of it. But now when we all buy these kits we expect them to be a dead on scale replica. But its really unfortunate about the T600, It could have been a really nice kit if the powertrain was upgraded with the sheet metal. But instead Ertl took a short cut to keep the truck modelers happy. But when we found out what was hiding under the new body the T600 was as good as dead. I actually have two sealed T600A's, I really have no ambition to open them let alone build them, But for some reason I feel I should hold onto them, Good conversation peices I guess. - Brad
  3. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic AMT T519 Kenworth W925 Conventional   

    Thanks, Yeah I don't think I did bad, I gave $140 for it. Its a really nice kit. Yeah I thought it was rather funny when I first found out the T600 was really 90% shared parts of the 925. I think the latest KW I've seen in person with twin transmissions was an '81 W900, As I recall it had a 400 cummins mated to a 6+4. I think a more realistic power train for the T600 would be maybe a 3406 Cat and a 10 speed Roadranger. Maybe Round 2 could retool the cab and bring back the 925. Is it possible to make a mold from an existing part? Couln't an original cab be used to reverse the process to make a new tool? - Brad
  4. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic AMT T519 Kenworth W925 Conventional   

    Thanks Force. Yeah it sure is a shame that the W925 was sacrificed to make that awful T600. I'm not saying I don't like the T600, But to me it would have made much more sense to produce a whole new tooling for the T600 rather than just put a new body on a 20 year outdated chassis. Its nice that Ertl attemped to make a change and introduce a new kit, But theres really no point in making a model if it isn't a true authentic scale replica. Round 2 has done such a great job bringing some of these old kits back to life that were believed to be gone for ever, Im hoping they can bring the W925 back to life.
  5. Bobcat205 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    AMT T519 Kenworth W925 Conventional
    Hello all. Well I was wondering if I could gather a little more info on the AMT KW 925. Well for a while now I been scrounging evil-bay for a nice original example of the kit. Well long story short I found one about two weeks ago in near mint condition still factory sealed featuring the Torsion bar suspension. Well At the time I knew the the AMT W-series were rare let alone the torsion bar suspension and factory sealed. But the price seemed a little heavy. I decided to wait a couple weeks before I made my decision. After reading alot of old threads on the AMT KW's It doesn't seem like we will ever see the 925 ever again, and all we will have left is originals, So yesterday I pulled the trigger on the KW, luckily it had actually dropped $60 on the BIN price so that was good. So my question is, What are these things worth? This is an original T519 factory sealed W-925 with the torsion bar suspenion. But I'm worried that the 925 will never be reissued so I wanted a nice kit for my collection. Any replys are appriated. Thanks! - Brad
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  6. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Amt truck reissues I'd like to see   

    Trucks Trailers

    1. Autocar Dumptruck (I will buy 10 copies if they reissue it!) 1. Tri axle Gravel Trailer

    2. Kenworth W925 (And 10 more of these!) 2. Great Dane Extendable flatbed trailer

    3. GMC Astro (with optional turbine engine) 3. Haulaway 5 Car Transporter

    4. Original Mack R685ST (with spoke wheels) 4. Great Dane Dry good trailer

    5. Peterebilt 359 (Original narrow window would be cool, But unlikely) 5. Tri axle Lowboy trailer

    6. Kenworth Transit mixer 6. Trailmoblie Moving railer

    7. Kenworth Alaskan Hauler. 7. The Rare 27' Exterior post van semi trailer

    8. Peterbilt Wrecker 8. Double Header trailers.

    9. Kenworth Aerodyne

    10. GMC General
  7. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Hello from Maine!   

    Thanks! I've had fun exploring the site. Definately some skilled modelers here! - Brad
  8. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Hello from Maine!   

  9. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Hello from Maine!   

    Thanks! Yeah everyone I talk to who's visited Maine said they loved it. Mosty just woodland and lakes upta Maine! I'm about 87 miles east of Bah Habah lol.
  10. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Hello from Maine!   

    Thanks Charlie, I live in a small town. I live out in the woods for the most part, Eastern side of Madison. The closest thing to me is the hardware store. Lol, Warmer in Mass is it? Its been -7 to 10 degrees for the past week or two here. I like the cold, and I love Maine! - Brad
  11. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Hello from Maine!   

  12. Bobcat205 added a post in a topic Hello from Maine!   

    Thanks Gene!
  13. Bobcat205 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from Maine!
    Hi, Brad from Maine here. Just joined the forum! I am a huge fan of the AMT big truck kits. And when I'm not at work driving the real ones, I enjoy building and collecting the mini ones. I'm glad to have found a place where I can talk with guys that enjoys these models as much as I do. - Brad
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