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  1. JTalmage added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Here's mine. (click the title "My AMT '36 Ford 3 window chopped coupe hot rod" for some reason it quotes it instead of just leaving the link to click)

  2. JTalmage added a post in a topic Are the Moebius Torino and MPC '71-'73 Cougar wheelbases the same?   

    Sorry, but Moebius does not make the new Starsky and Hutch Torino. You are thinking of Revell. 
    But to answer your question I do have both and could take some photos when I get home.
  3. JTalmage added a post in a topic I would love to have Revell's tires in a parts pack!   

    I love the Goodyear tires that have came in their Cobra/Corvettes/32 Deuce, and most recently the Starsky and Hutch Torino
  4. JTalmage added a post in a topic Jack it up, jack it, up buddy gonna shut you down.   

    Street Freak! Love it. Not practical at all but awesome lol... like Rat Rods..
  5. JTalmage added a post in a topic Addictions   

    I'm addicted to fox mustangs too... and Mustang II's too! and SN95's too!

    had an 89 GT that I wrecked before the fox and SN
    Oh and I have a few model cars too lol
  6. JTalmage added a post in a topic Reissue of Warren Tope's '73 Trans-Am Mustang   

    the console is molded into the interior tub. 
    Ah yes, I remember that build now. I forgot it was yours. I'll have to go back and look for the WIP thread to see what you did with the chassis... 
    And, I can't wait to see what you do with the WT body and monogram chassis!
  7. JTalmage added a post in a topic Reissue of Warren Tope's '73 Trans-Am Mustang   

    I could agree with that. The engine bay piece is vacant in the recent AMT release... and the chassis is different too. Which is depressing when trying to build a nice Mustang II. 
    And it would be nice to have a nice original dash too for the 71-73 cars. I pick up every '71 re-release I can find when I can find it since it has just about all the parts.. except the dog dish wheels. 
  8. JTalmage added a post in a topic Reissue of Warren Tope's '73 Trans-Am Mustang   

    If a modern tool Mustang II hatchback and a '71-'73 Mustang (with interchangeable noses) were released... I'd seriously go broke. Not even kidding. 2 of my favorite generations of Mustangs... besides anything foxbody.. I can't live without owning at least 2 fox chassis'd cars at one time. If Revell did a 71-73 car the way they did the 70 Torino.. man that would be sweet.
  9. JTalmage added a post in a topic Wide whites, red wheels   

    Might try Steve Zimmerman as well... I think he has some similar wheels... but he has sooo many its hard to say!
  10. JTalmage added a post in a topic New items available from Fireball Modelworks   

    I currently have the old AMT Pontiac Rally II's from the old 69 firebird kit which I think was 1/25, and the goodyear polyglas GT's from the revell/monogram 71 cuda/70 chevelle as the tires I'm using.. but I think they're 1/24th if I'm not mistaken. I mix scales so much I sometimes don't pay attention. But everything is going on a 1/24 scale Revell/Monogram firebird... so its a hodge podge... just dont want the tires to be too "short" looking. I'll have to take a look at the tires you offer with whitewalls and see whats out there.
  11. JTalmage added a post in a topic Fenderless AMT "40 Ford Coupe (Roadster)   

    That looks fantastic so far! Can't wait to see the headers poking out of the former fender openings!
  12. JTalmage added a post in a topic 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring   

    Great looking build! 
  13. JTalmage added a post in a topic Anybody into rockabilly?   

    I do enjoy rockabilly. Having only recently discovered it within the past couple years, I thoroughly enjoy it more than rock and metal that I normally like. I'm taking notes on the artists you all have listed so I can look them up because I seem to just hover around one or two artists until I burn myself out on them. 
    I've been told I have a pretty good rockabilly singing voice by a couple people too. I just have trouble remembering lyrics and getting my timing down (which I'm sure comes better with practice), and a constant nagging sinus issue that makes me have more bad days than good... but when it's good, I enjoy singing along to sings while driving. I also got a standup bass to play round with too... so its slowly consuming me hahaha!! I'd like to eventually maybe record some covers of some classic songs... if I can just get my friend to want to play anything but heavy metal. LOL
    oh, and yes, girls who have the look I think are beautiful... imitating a time when people cared what they looked like. And yes, I agree as well... tattoos don't do anything for me. a couple is ok but covered... no thanks.
  14. JTalmage added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    What I like to call... the "Grand Theft Auto effect"... lol
    GTA is a game that is an "open world" and you can literally go anywhere on the map... except when it comes to the boundaries. If you're flying a plane in the game, and you fly to the boundary of the square map (which is kinda like a flat earth by the way  ) then you're plane will lose altitude uncontrollably and you'll crash into the edge of the ocean and die. If you're manning a boat, the boat will magically sink, and you'll get eaten by a shark. I'm sure these are very similar things that flat earth believers will say. 
    Or, we could take a page out of the new Mad Max game... if you reach the outskirts of the map of the game, you get a warning message on the screen that says "WARNING: YOU ARE ENTERING THE BIG NOTHING!" And if you keep going, a crazy storm will form and kill you, if you don't run out of gas first and die of starvation. 
  15. JTalmage added a post in a topic Cobra Drag Car... Now with paint !   

    Whoa, never seen this before. I love it! Although I think it should be a wild color with lots of heavy bass boat flake... because that about the crazy era it looks like it belongs it.... but man I love it either way! Sorry if I missed it but what chassis are you using?