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  1. Looking for the exhaust pipes, and farings, windshield for the Triumph motorcycle from this kit! thanks!!
  2. Hi all, looking for a steering wheel and propeller from the little boat that comes with the El Camino from this issue of kit: Thanks!!
  3. Sorry, I was out of town for a week. Yes this is the AMT kit mentioned above. An uncommon kit nowadays
  4. Soooo how about some small block Ford Motorsport valvecovers next? I could use a bunch for my personal use and projects... here they are on a 351w I have waiting in the wings. Charles could probably even add em to the lineup on his SBF engines... You don't have enough variations yet do ya Charles? lol
  5. Trying to get my mojo back with this one (and others to come). I haven't built anything since right before I got the 'rona at the beginning of the year. I painted this one start to finish last night. Assembled it this morning. I built this one as "lazy" (no offense) as possible because I am not feeling it. I used Rustoleum Coral paint, Tamiya gunmetal for the roof, Molotow pen for the chrome trim, off white for the interior, some gel pens for the scripts, red sharpie for the taillights, and covered the whole thing in future floor polish.... Superglued it all together. I probably have 5-6 hours in this. But it shows. Pro tip.... don't use Tamiya blackwash on a paint job that can be affected by lacquer thinner!! That stuff only cleans up with lacquer thinner! Which, will take off cheap paint... ask me how I know... I will be using my trusty old Vallejo black wash from now on since it's water soluble. I didn't realize I had a decal for the cluster til it was already together. Maybe I'll put it on later. Boy there sure is a lot of fuzz static-clinging to that door now that I see it up close and personal!
  6. A little bit of what I like to call fabricobbling. Probably some evergreen round stock of varying diameters cut down to look like a flange. A bracket made from sheet styrene. Some rust and weathering, and viola!
  7. That is Exactly why I needed it! Lol Now, how may I obtain such thing?
  8. Another estate pick. Another quick build. I think this is like a 1980 issue AMT snap kit. I always liked the first gen RX7's with a red interior. So I painted this one a Tamiya gunmetal gray with a sort of dark red interior. Also posing with the Toyota pickup from the same series of kits. Also I literally painted this car in the dark and missed a little a little on the hood. LOL.
  9. This one was another one of my picks from the estate of the deceased model builder. I remember buying the Toyota when it came out with Dinghy most recently, but had never saw the Fire Chief kit so I had to have it. Super quick basic build.
  10. Here I am with another vehicle started several years ago, finished last year or so. And also painted orange/yellow. This time the Moebius Ford F100. I wanted a sort of stripped down work truck look for this one. I got rid of the side trim on the body as the base models wouldn't have had it. The chrome was stripped and painted white. The color is Ford Chrome Yellow and it's rattle can base coat custom mixed, with 2k rattle can clear. I wired the distributor with hollow rubber tube for the plug boots on both ends, and used silver wire for the plug wires because I apparently didn't have any 6cy M.A.D. distributors in stock. I made a fuel line too, and that's about it under the hood. I blackwashed the seams and made a license plate for it and she was done. I actually just one first place in factory stock class at a show last weekend with it.
  11. I bought this one as a bit of a glue bomb/rebuilder. Being a Ford guy I always like getting my hands on some vintage Ford plastic. I had this thing for a color I used on my '60 Lincoln. Turns out you could get it on EVERY 1960 Ford except a truck. So, eventually I'm going to have a green 1960 for the entire lineup. But here's the Falcon. It took a lot of body work to get all the glue marks to go away and finish all the seams correctly. Some detail was lost but overall it turned out nice I think. I foiled before priming and painting the emblems and sanded the paint away before clear. I saw a pic on the internet of a '60 Falcon the same color with a peep mirror and green wheels and fell in love so this is my interpretation. Lowered, custom wheels/spyder caps, aftermarket mirror. Sort of a... cruiser if you will. Maybe v8 powered if you use you imagination? Paint is the same Terre Verde/Willowvale Green basecoat from a rattle can custom mixed by the auto body supply store, and 2k rattle can clear. Foiled, blackwashed, flocked, wetsanded and buffed a little. Rechromed bumpers. Here's the before pics after I pryed off the glued on parts! And here it is after! Yes I realize Falcons are 4 lug since they weren't V8 but, you know, it's mild custom, so who's to say it doesn't have one now? 😉 I also realize most likely the face of the dash across would have probably been white. I didn't think about that when painting it.
  12. Thank ya sir, glad I could be of service. Looking forward to what you do. You are always doing something cool and do great work, so I know it will be good.
  13. I must have been in an "Orange Mood" in 2016 because I painted several vehicles in varying shades of orange or yellow. This being one of them. MPC '83 Ford EXP. I used some spares from a RaysKits Decal sheet for some detail on this one. Used the Banks turbo kit that came with it and the optional wheels. The tires in the kit were much like some Taco Bell I've had before.... that being, Melty. They were sticking to everything that touched them. Thankfully none of the kit was damaged but I had to toss the tires. Which I didn't like because I really wanted to use them. So I had to settle for some Revell tires that somewhat fit the wheels but look the part. Color is Ford Bright Caramel basecoat with 2k clear. All from a rattle can. I taped off the trim and used a brush to make the trim all black. It was a little messy but the best way I could do it. I used a M.A.D. Distributor for a 4cyl as well. The rest of it is pretty much as the kit comes. OH, and I forgot to clear the mirrors when I finished the car, and so they got cleared much, much later, but they ARE on the car NOW just not in the pics here.
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