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  1. JTalmage added a post in a topic Another Revell '29 Roadster   

    Looks beautiful so far!
    Send me a pic of the wheels youre looking for. I bet I have some. I'll check
  2. JTalmage added a post in a topic 1977 Ford 4x4 pickup   

    Oh man... truck is looking killer!!
  3. JTalmage added a post in a topic 1962 Pontiac Catalina   

    Really good looking Jim. I like that color. Friend of mine at one time had a Mustang drag car painted that color and man did it stand out.
  4. JTalmage added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    Yeah but I believe the Y block only beat it by 50ft lbs. And the Chevy made 100 more hp too. 
    Bring back the Ford modular engine back to the challenge.... then watch those LS fans cry.
    Each time the 4.6 DOHC Ford mod motor is allowed back in, it dominates then gets kicked out for a few years. 
  5. JTalmage added a post in a topic My Roadkill Crusher Camaro progress thread! (10/9/15 - BMF applied)   

    I plan to keep this build and eventually have all the Roadkill cars that I build all together on my shelf. Or displayed at a show... that would be cool.
    Got it foiled last night. I actually struggled with this one. Not sure if it was because the yellow under the lamp light was messing with me, or if its just that the chrome details on this kit dont really "stick out" like older kits... not sure. Either way, took me about an hour and 45 minutes to do it. 
    Still have to clearcoat it to seal it to the car.

    Heck, I might even polish this one.
  6. JTalmage added a post in a topic Toledo NNL   

    I'll be there. Look for the back of my shirt..... Nobody beats our monkey! 
  7. JTalmage added a post in a topic 71 Ford Diesel "Noise Stroke"   

    Wow this thing is wild! I really like it
  8. JTalmage added a post in a topic My Roadkill Crusher Camaro progress thread! (10/9/15 - BMF applied)   

    So I couldnt live with the Daytona yellow. It was just too pale outside of a lamp light. I went and picked up a can of Tamiya Chrome Yellow from the hobby shop after work. 
    I picked up some 3M Trizact 3000 grit foam backed abrasive a few months ago with intent to use it for polishing automotive headlights and wetsanding my cars clearcoat... and thought it might be a good idea to use it to get some orange peel out of the paint on this thing before I laid down the new paint... and let me tell you this stuff is AWESOME! It cut down the orange peel and because it's foam backed, so it is very forgiving on sanding down small details like key locks and window trim which is a big thing for me because I'm rather heavy handed when it comes to sanding. I almost polished it on the spot after seeing how well it did. But, alas, I wanted a more *yellow* yellow. 

     And here's a comparison photo of the 2

    I also shot the resin wheels with Tamiya Silver Leaf... which by itself looks amazing with no clear. Looks like a clean aluminum right out of the can to me. So I shot those and they look killer. 
    So the mandatory mock up photos took place. This is also about where I am hoping the ride height will be when finished. 

  9. JTalmage added a post in a topic 74 Cougar dragster,,,, not what you'd think!!!   

    Wild! I dig it!
  10. JTalmage added a post in a topic Stock 76 Torino, Done!!!   

    I like that red on there instead 
  11. JTalmage added a topic in On The Workbench   

    My Roadkill Crusher Camaro progress thread! (10/9/15 - BMF applied)
    Since all I have to do is paint my steering wheel on the '36... I started working on my new project... The Crusher Camaro!
    For those that aren't savvy the Crusher Camaro started out back in the early 90's at Hot Rod magazine when oil companies were offering "credits" if you turned your old car in to be crushed. Sort of a pre cash for clunkers grab. David Freiburger (I'm sure you know that name from Hot Rod and Roadkill fame) was driving by a gas station when he saw a REALLY nice looking '67 Camaro in line at the gas station waiting to get scooped up by the evil business. He pulled in and offered the guy more money than they were going to give him for it and took it home. the car has been a rolling laboratory for suspension and engine setups ever since then. Mostly recently it was set up to look like a 70's street machine. Nose high stance, wide slicks, centerline big n littles, and a blown 454 sticking out of the hood. And that was a beautiful sight. So I decided when this kit came out that it was destined for the "Crusher"! 

    So naturally I went for the obligatory mock up shot first.

    The super clean white styrene hid most of its sink marks and mold lines on me pretty well because after I painted it, I saw a sink mark in the passenger door (or maybe it was the drivers door... I cant remember) and also a mold line across the roof and some at the back of the rear quarters.
    I also painted it Daytona yellow which at first looked like it would be bright enough. But as you can see, it is not. However it does give the illusion of a brighter yellow under light. 

    I got the wheels from Morgan Automotive Detail. One of the fronts had a chunk missing and maybe that was from shipping? Either way, I wanted to try and get this car done quickly for a club meeting and didnt have time to order a new set and fixed it with some scrap styrene.

    It probably wont look great when painted but it will do for now until I can replace it.
    I also hacked off the four speed transmission in order to put the correct Turbo 400 trans that the Crusher has in it. This transmission came from B-N-L Resins

    This of course required some changes to the chassis. I had to cut out the trans crossmember out and move it back about the width of itself to line up with the mount on the Turbo 400 and not hit the pan. 

    I also started cutting out some filler pieces to replace the holes that are now in the floorboard. 

    I also have no idea why I painted it before I started cutting on it. Momentary lapse of reason.
    What I did not picture is the 9" ford axle I also added to the leaf springs. I also used old Revell 69 charger leaf spring blocks to raise the rear up to clear the huge slicks. The 9" axle also came from B-N-L. 
    I will be picking up a can of Tamiya Chrome Yellow when I leave work today and it will be brighter tonight. I should have the foil done this week as well. I'll have to scratch build the blower scoop also. 
    Stay tuned!
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  12. JTalmage added a post in a topic Greetings from Southern Ohio   

    Welcome from another Southern Ohioan! Love the Torinos as well! Can't wait to see your 1:1 clone and your mini-me clone!
  13. JTalmage added a post in a topic Resin 1930 coupe   

    I assume the first link was supposed to be:
  14. JTalmage added a post in a topic '37 Ford, mid-engined, twin turbo. I LIKE it.   

    You missed the bottom of his post. LOL
  15. JTalmage added a post in a topic 32 5 window   

    Fantastic finished product!!!