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  1. JTalmage added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for the Revell Saleen convertible supercharger setup.
    Looking for the supercharger setup from the '98 Saleen Mustang convertible, and I'd like to see if anyone has this setup that they're not using. I didn't want to buy a whole kit just for that so thought I'd check here. 
    Not sure what all pieces are included as I can't find a screenshot of the instructions or good pictures of the built up kit. If you have one let me know what you're looking for in trade and I'll see if I can make a deal.
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  2. JTalmage added a post in a topic Barn Find! - '41 Plymouth Coupe Gasser   

    Wonderful weathering. Beautiful build. Great work sir.
  3. JTalmage added a post in a topic 1971 F100 shop truck   

    Love your work. I need to up my game!
  4. JTalmage added a post in a topic AMBR Contenders Announced   

    On another note, I think James had one of his custom Jaguar's featured in Hot Rod Magazine of all places... like last year I think. It was a pretty spectacular design.
  5. JTalmage added a post in a topic AMT '71 Duster   

    I built one of these as a teen with no fitment problems. Was actually impressed with how well it went together. Sometimes you just have to pry gently to get things to pop past parts and fit into place. I bought a glue bomb recently that someone had fitment issues with though but I haven't explored it any.
    If I recall correctly, once I glued the firewall in place, and had the interior assembled on the chassis, I had to just gently pry the body outwards to get everything to pop into place. I know there are tabs also on the rear of the chassis that have to line up in the body. Then once the front of the chassis fits into place you add the front filler panel behind the bumper. Then it just basically falls into place.
  6. JTalmage added a post in a topic 72 Olds Cutlass Hartop/Missing Link Resin DONE 01/30   

    Absolutely beautiful build.
  7. JTalmage added a post in a topic Is There Anything Worse than.......   

    Funnel cakes?? say no more. 
  8. JTalmage added a post in a topic Photobucket acting stupid today...anybody else having "issues"?   

    The odd thing was, when I was playing w/ the mobile app, it was smoother and faster than it had ever been. Right up until it failed again. Balls. 
  9. JTalmage added a post in a topic Photobucket acting stupid today...anybody else having "issues"?   

    Well, the mobile app was working for me until I tried to refresh it... it wasn't showing I had pics in a folder (but they were there) so it was a minor annoyance, until I refreshed the app... then it failed. And kept failing. 
    So then I tried to get to the website... and that doesn't even try. 
  10. JTalmage added a post in a topic My Goal For 2016 - Buy A New Mustang GT Premium Before 2017   

    As much as I like sitting in the new mustangs (probably the most comfortable Mustang I've ever sat in) I still prefer my ragged old foxbody mustangs. I've had a few of them come and go but right now I have a '94 Mustang GT, and an '88 Mustang LX hatchback... slowly becoming a street/strip car. And of course my weak little 2.3 automatic leaf spring '77 Mustang II.. which was was my first car. 
    The fox platform wasnt much for comfort and quality but they sure are fun. That, and you can pretty much swap any suspension/drivetrain and most interior parts from an '04 Mustang to a '79 Mustang. They're like legos!
  11. JTalmage added a post in a topic Is There Anything Worse than.......   

    I don't know what those are but anything covered in powdered sugar has to be good... Might have to stop at Jungle Jim's to see if I can find them... That place carries literally everything from every corner of the world
  12. JTalmage added a post in a topic new member from IL   

    Welcome sir! Glad to see you made it over here. This hobby will soon overtake everything in full scale life! Just ask me how I know! LOL
    Now if only they made 1/25 scale replicas of our Lincolns
  13. JTalmage added a post in a topic 1929 Ford Roadster: Bare Necessities   

    Beautiful build. Were the valvecovers also from the AMT 29 or that Lindberg hodge podge thing I'm building right now?
  14. JTalmage added a post in a topic Better Late Than Never! Class of 2015   

    Good stuff man. I see you post things on facebook groups here and there. Didnt realize you had so many last year. 
  15. JTalmage added a post in a topic Anything Good at Harbor Freight?   

    They're surprisingly not bad. They don't get as dark as a high end helmet, but I don't do any super bright TIG work. Just MIG for now on all of my junk, which is plenty good. My welder is a Hobart so I do at least have a good welder and not a harbor freight unit. Welded up the entire underside of my mustang on homemade rotisserie stands that I also had to do some welding on. It's a cheap way to be, but it works well.. until some big shop knocks down my door to hire me lol! I've put many miles of wire thru my welder putting Mustangs back together for me and my friends. Same helmet too.