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  1. I bought a set of these. They're great looking. I have a supercharged louvered convertible build in my head....
  2. I wish they'd put the trim and emblems back on the sides I'm exited about the Rupp though. I love scale mini bikes.... and 1:1's!
  3. I forgot about the Super Stones van!!! I need that in my life! I have the F100 and Courier kit! It only makes sense to complete the trifecta! BTW I ordered a bunch of decals from Ray before Christmas and they look phenomenal. Can't remember if I posted that or not!
  4. Sorry I totally slacked on checking this thread.... but looks like you got it covered!
  5. I gotta get some of those pinto decals!!! The AMT van can be had as the more recent phantom van as well if you're looking. If you need a bronco body for measurements I could loan you one of my AMT Bronco bodies.
  6. My god, the black bronco with the sunset decals is just stunning... and the silver cruising wagon pinto.... I'd love to have those too. I have several bronco kits and pintos that need these!
  7. Looks great, but needs the side drip rail chrome.
  8. I handle my builds, and would take them to many shows. And the older ones I did before clear coat would tend to peel back a little.
  9. Man, these look great!! I'd be down for a couple sheets once you get all the possibilities and decals worked out
  10. I always do it before clear coat. Because sometimes it can lose it's adhesiveness, and come off, especially after handling it a few times. So the clearcoat seals it onto the body. Problem solved.
  11. Beautiful build.... question for you though... did you use the front and rear bumper spears? I need them bad!
  12. I picked up a lonely looking '61 Mercury Monterey 2 door promo cheap. It's in really good shape over all, but the drivers A pillar and windshield are broken and missing. Does anyone have a bare body by chance? I can make the glass for it, or find some in my stash to fix it. But I need to cut a section of A pillar from another car.
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