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  1. JTalmage added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    Yeah my mistake on the location of the distributor... it's been a while since I seen one of those awesome frankenstein engines... I love em. If I had a spare Mustang II laying around.... I'd try to cram one in it with a stick shift and a sullivan intake. 
  2. JTalmage added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    Some quick basics... The 4.6 SOHC "2 valve" as it's called, is the run of the mill engine that ford threw in everything after 93 (except mustang for 2 years). plagued by cracked coolant crossover ports on the intakes, and low on power (rated at 215hp) they were the droll powerplant in all your crown vics/grand marquis/town cars, and cougars/tbirds if optioned with a V8, and even trucks. Unless you have a 99-up "Performance Improved" or "PI" motor (not to be confused with Police Interceptor... which is the P71) which was rated at around 260hp. The difference was in the heads and lower intake. Let's just say, for instance, my high mileage stock 1994 Mustang GT with the pushrod 302  and a 5 speed could stomp a mud hole in a stock 1996 Mustang GT with the non-PI 4.6 and a 5 speed in it. Because I have done it. LOL
    The better powerplant to play with is the 4.6 DOHC known as the "4 valve". The aluminum block Mark VIII engines are awesome. Light and strong. "Teksid" blocks used from 93 thru like 95ish. They have 6 bolt mains and hold 1000hp themselves. (internals not so much) The later "WEP" aluminum blocks are good too but said not to hold quite as much power. 
    Find yourself a 93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII engine (NOT the FWD Continental... the block is different and will not bolt to standard rwd 4.6 mounts) or any '96-up Mustang Cobra engine. They're a double overhead cam and make like 280hp to the flywheel. Cobra's have the forged crank and stronger rods and pistons compared to the Mark Viii but the Mark engine will hold 400hp all day long.
    Find a set of intake cams from a 98 Cobra and put them into a mark engine (or a later cobra engine... split port B head or single port C head... doesnt matter) and degree them (by filing the keyway and adding different thicknesses of shims) and you'll have an NA 4.6 DOHC that runs pretty good on stock parts even if fuel injected... even more so if you slapped a sullivan intake on it and ran a carb, and did the distributor drive setup like Andy (which is wild looking seeing a distributor coming out of the front of a timing cover!)
    Here's my '93 Mark VIII engine... nothing special. I did a coil over plug conversion on, and put the later valvecovers on, and coil pack covers from a Ford GT. My car has factory B heads (split port intake ports) with the "bundle of snakes" intake. Throttle body is under the cowl practically. They'll get in upwards of 25 miles per gallon with 280hp in stock form with properly working IMRC plates (Intake manifold runner control.... which can get gummed up over time.)

    here's a sweet looking N/A 4.6 dohc with a distributor drive, electric water pump and crank trigger... looks like they have a cobra intake on it with a sweet custom spacer for the hat. This engine has C heads (single intake ports) based on the newer style cobra intake

    And this is another 4.6 dohc with what looks to be aftermarket valvecovers I've not seen before... and this has a carb'd inatke on it (not sure what brand) and they're running the coil packs behind the carb which looks neat. The engine almost has a 427 SOHC look to it. This one also has C heads based on the intake. 

  3. JTalmage added a post in a topic 56 Big Block Nomad   

    Great looking race team!
  4. JTalmage added a post in a topic Best color for magnesium wheels and aged natural finish aluminum?   

    Thank you for the tips folks. I really appreciate it. For example this is the sort of color I'm after for a blower, something that looks like its been handled before and isnt quite new. 

  5. JTalmage added a post in a topic Way 2 Fast!!!!   

    That turned out great!
  6. JTalmage added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    That will be awesome! You'll have to post some pics when you get further along!
  7. JTalmage added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Best color for magnesium wheels and aged natural finish aluminum?
    I have some wheels and some superchargers I'd love to use on some builds but they're chrome... and the chrome doesnt fit the theme I'm going for... so what is everyone's steps/processes or tips on getting that magnesium look for wheels, and the aged raw aluminum look for old superchargers/intakes/wheels?
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  8. JTalmage added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    I overheard someone in a facebook group saying that they spoke to Revell and they plan to issue it in white like next spring or something like that
  9. JTalmage added a post in a topic Another Screen Name Silenced - Fastback340   

    Very sad. R.I.P. to a man of many talents.
  10. JTalmage added a post in a topic Toledo NNL   

    Congrats! I was a big fan of your Edsel and Moebius Ford truck!!!
  11. JTalmage added a post in a topic 70 images from the "Traditional Hot Rods" Cult Theme Display at the 2015 NNL Nats   

    Great photos Tim. The flat metallic paint on my '36 really shows well with a professional camera/lense
  12. JTalmage added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda   

    that is absolutely beautiful. I built several of these as a kid and never as nice!
  13. JTalmage added a post in a topic Social Circumcision 50 Chevy panel truck   

    Oooo so you could solder several pipes together to make some awesome looking zoomie pipes if you wanted! can't wait to see it done
  14. JTalmage added a post in a topic Revell 29 Ford model A   

    Beautiful roadster!