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  1. Very nice. A childhood "poster on the wall" car. Love the unusual color.
  2. The last two photos are a little darker than I would have liked.
  3. Excellent work. You are making me want to find that '17 kit now.
  4. Thank you. Apparently it's quite a hard kit to find. I've only ever saw two of them in person. And I own them both lol. After building this one, I had to have another one. And lucked out at a show earlier this year and saw one for sale. Idk how I'll build it... but that's a problem for later me.
  5. Well done. I hope we see more "malaise" era oddball kits come out in the coming years. That's a generation of vehicles that are quickly appreciating in popularity.
  6. Finished this one a while back too. I always loved the Raptor trucks, and even though this one is a snap kit, it goes together nicely and can be built up to represent a really nice truck. I painted it with automotive basecoat/2k clearcoat. I made my own bedside decals because I didn't like the thickness of the stickers that come with it. Tire decals are from Fireball Modelworks. (pics were taken a couple weeks after it was originally finished and photographed)
  7. Thank you. I've actually been trying to collect the entire line of those kits, that would be cool if that did ever happen.
  8. I'm especially proud of this one. I finished it late last year before I broke my leg. It turned out great. I saw ONE picture of a green '60 on the internet but the color to me, was beautiful so I had to recreate it. But as a hardtop. Paint is automotive basecoat/2k clearcoat. untouched, not buffed or sanded. All out of a rattle can. The color is called "Terre Verde Green". Fun fact, every Ford for 1960 had this color available to it except the truck line. Bumpers are rechromes from Richard DiLabio, and the hood ornament was a repro from Norm Nolder. Tires are AMT parts pack whitewalls. I used the lowered axle holes. It looked a lot better and more realistic than the stock position. Two-toned and flocked the interior, blackwashed the panel gaps and front/rear "grilles", gold pen for the logo in the grille. Bare metal foil laid down before paint on the scripts, sanded back after paint. Bare metal foil adhesive had to be used to get it to stick to anything since basecoat is very "dry" feeling before clear, the foil wouldn't stick like it would to a slick finish. This is probably one of my most favorite models at this point. Excuse my poor photography skills by using my desk as a background in the majority of the pics lol.
  9. Hey there, first "completed" model post in a LONG time from me. Trying to make a point to visit here more often. Anyway, wanted to show you a model I finished last year for those who may not be friends with me on Facebook or in the groups I post in. What we have here is Monogram's 1980 issue of the '76-ish Ferrari 308 GTB Racer. I thought this kit was soo cool, that I had to build it exactly like the box art. I first painted this car and didn't like how the paint turned out. It wasn't quite yellow enough. So I stripped it and just painted the lower half of the car w/ Tamiya paint. Then applied the decals on the bare plastic. I then coated the entire car in Future several times. I think it turned out great for literally only taking me FOUR days working on it only a couple hours a day, and never actually considering it as a "good build" just a "quick build". I used sharpie for the trim in most places, and a gold gel pen for the wheels, and I was a bit sloppy in spots even. But for being a quick build and even such a basic car/kit I won 2nd place in my class last fall in very tough competition at a show in Dayton, OH. Anyway, enjoy!
  10. Located at the Clermont County Fairgrounds "Multi Purpose Building" See Flyer for details
  11. Hi all, I don't see this posted here yet, and I regret not coming here sooner to post it, but my club's show is on MAY 7th. Theme for this year's show is "Deuces Wild!" (vehicles with a model year ending in a 2, or with a 2 in the name, ex: Mustang II, Chevy II, 32 Ford, Citroen 2CV, '42 Military Jeep, etc.) I created a Facebook event as well, if you're on Facebook and would like to share it: https://fb.me/e/33RE8x2TO Otherwise see the flyer below for details!
  12. No, I usually only sell em in person at shows/swap meets or by mail. But I'm low on stock right now.
  13. With my original printer it took quite a bit of pronouncing with words to get them to show up properly. Could probably back it off a bit with my new printer, but I'm not redesigning my files. I'll just sand the lettering down if I feel the need.
  14. Kinda forgot I posted this. Not used to checking the forum. To answer Casey's concerns, I dab-painted the cherry bombs with an old testors paint pen that was less than half-working, and "painted" the other two mufflers with a silver sharpie. Did it just to get pics of them in color. They really do look much better than that. Although towards the end with my old Anycubic Photon I had to essentially wait for a full moon and perform gregorian chanting over a sacrifice to get anything to print right. No 3d printed parts is perfect, they will require cleanup. The back sides of those mufflers would have little pockmarks from the supports anyway. Easily cleaned up and, if one really, really desires, filled and sanded... but, I don't know about you all but I don't plan to look at the floorboard side of mufflers anytime soon on my models. Also, after I posted this I bought a new 3d printer. An Elegoo Saturn S. Which is a 4k resolution printer. I'm working on getting it set up now and test printing.
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