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  1. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Time Machine resin   

    I bought a Camaro hood and 55-57 Chevy P/U small window cab. Both items were nicely done. Almost the same quality as AMT made them.
  2. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic 1/24 New Ray 579 (Update 02-08-2017) Got 'em back together   

    WOW!!!!! That is one sharp looking Pete. Like to see some outside shots, that almost looks like the real deal. Got me to wanting one now!
  3. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic AMT Ford Galaxie - Minnesota State Patrol   

    I dig it for sure! Looks good,nice job.
  4. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic GW Trucks   

    Just received a Peterbilt  379 hood and grill with front springs from GWTrucks. I'm blown away by the quality of this resin piece, by far the best I've ever worked with. Also Gary was very quick to respond to my email and very informative as to what I needed. I'll definitely be ordering more from Gary in the future!
  5. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic EAST TENNESSEE MODEL CAR CONTEST   

    Hope to be there!
  6. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic 1988ish Paystar 5000   

    Great build Sam. Just the right amount of detail and weathering makes this look like the real deal. If you don't mind my asking, where did your chain binders come from?
  7. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Freightliner FLC with Great Dane Reefer   

    One of the best Freightliners I've seen here! Excellent work Sir.
  8. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Future Possible Moebius Semi Trailer Kit?   

    It would be great to see a new modern spread axle flatbed. I for one would be purchasing several of them. I'm grateful Moebius took the ball and ran with it on there International truck kits and the Great Dane Trailers. Just to add to a wish list of future products I would love to see an all new Livestock Trailer or any new modern Peterbilt or Kenworth kit. Doesn't hurt to dream I guess.
  9. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Few trucks I've completed   

    Some nice looking rigs. Really like the K123 cabover. Even better will be the memories your boys have of building with you. Great stuff.
  10. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic My Lower Left Coast NNL pictures.   

     Looked like a great show, thanks for sharing the photos Brad. Definitely some awesome models on display!
  11. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Lonestar & Featherlite-ish Transporter   

    Jonathan this trailer looks awesome. Thanks for your detailed illustrations and can't wait to see more. I think I'm going have to try to build one myself only hope it turns out as good as yours.
  12. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Kenwort W900 snap build   

    Really nice looking KW. The single stripe and the stretch on the frame with the headache rack really set this truck off. These snap KW's really are nice kits for the price.
  13. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic White 9000   

    Really nice old White. Excellent build Brian.
  14. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic Volvo and Race Trailer   

    WOW! That is too cool. Excellent build JT.
  15. #1Volsfan added a post in a topic 67 Olds 442   

    Saw this car at a show in Crossville today. Pictures don't do it justice. This car looks amazing! Great job Shane.