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  1. That's pretty cool she did almost the whole front end without me. I was at a business meeting and when I came home ...bam it was donish
  2. Very small update. After a week off I've finally got her energized again to pick up the kit and get back to it. Got the firewall and some of the front end work done. Hopefully more to come soon. She told me to finish it cause she was nervous but I said this is your car and you did beautiful on the paint and that even if she screws up everything else at least you don't have to see it once the body is on.
  3. So what all can be done with this stuff? I see it come up a lot and I guess this replaced future, not sure if that's true or not but I've seen this stuff come up in topics quite a bit and seeing if someone can shed some light on this topic...thanks
  4. Hey all I've got a reher Morrison pro stock I'm gonna be starting and don't know of where to find lettering stencils or transfers ...also this may sound stupid but I've never even seen a dry transfer and don't know how they work, I've just seen a lot of you talk about them.
  5. Should have more to post hopefully tomorrow. We've both been so dang busy but luckily she should get a few hours in tomorrow.
  6. Well I did try a spare decal and so far so good but that's on the paper so now I've got to take another decal and actually stick it on something and see if I maintain the same results
  7. I hope I didn't ruin this car. As when I got the decals I just brushed on decal set and put them on the body and let dry. Was I supposed to spray them with something first? I'm lost like I said I've never used anything aftermarket before so I just installed them like any other decal
  8. I may have mis explaned, ive already got them on the car. Now I did use bonder while Appling them but now that there dry I need to clear them to the car
  9. on eBay I bought what I assumed to be inkjet stickers and this is the first time I've ever worked with aftermarket decals and I'm not sure what type of clear coat to use I usually always spray testers 1 coat of lacquer clear coat but I don't know if this will tear up the inkjet decals or make the colors run but as I understand lacquer clear coat is easier on stuff Than enamel ...please any suggestions
  10. Hey guys thanks a lot. I don't wanna try to take away from this amazing build of Chris's so I don't want to say to much but thanks y'all. Lol who am I kidding the only way I could still his thunder is if I had a Danika Patrick holding my car...even then his would still look far better haha. Great job Chris.
  11. Well here's my junker Lol like I said mine has a long story behind it. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=84843&p=1101675
  12. OK so growing up my dad had the army funnycar and dragster. They were kinda a family centerpiece so to speak. They were not great builds but the were solid. My dad never spent more than a day building a car. It was hurry hurry hurry. Somehow they always came out pretty good. Well over other 30 sum years they started loosing all they decals since he never clear coated them. So he just pulled the decals off and painted them blue and have stayed that way for the last 15 years. He's dying and I wanted to give him back the funny car from his past. I was not able to win one of these kits on eBay for a price I could afford. So I found some aftermarket stickers and I had a old Monza body from a jungle Jim car and figured what the hey, its pretty close. Body wise its 100% exact to the car he built before I was born. It was hard not to paint the rear blue like it suppost to be but that's how he did his. I still need to install the glass but other than that its complete to his original. So here it is my jungle Jim army Vega/Monza. Love ya Dad
  13. I'm hoping to have some pics up tonight. I've got about an hour or so left until I call it a wrap. That's what I love about this site, I've mad some very good cars in my past and on one occasion even won a pretty big local contest but I also make some real junk ( especially this car I'm about to post) and no matter how good or bad y'all make people feel like ever car looks as good as the next guys. Awesome group of people on here and the most talented modelers I've seen. Thanks
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