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  1. Looks awesome, I have one of these kits... It keeps finding its way in and out of my stash.
  2. Awesome little read! Hope to see these come up in the future.
  3. Excellent detail! Did you use the kit's factory shifter or is it some sort of bend pin?
  4. Looks great so far! Thanks as well for the braided line information, I'm now on the hunt.
  5. Lookin' good so far. Really diggin' the interior 2 tone.
  6. That's awesome! Had an aunt that lived in Trenton for a majority of my childhood.
  7. Wow! I have a lot of these kits but you take the cake on the Built Mustang Collection. Great work!
  8. Awesome start, and amazing support of your class! Keep it up.
  9. Great start! Out of curiosity, which kit did you start with?
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