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  1. goldfinger added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    Just got the BMW 2002 I ordered from NNl East . Thank you and it is a very nice product. pretty good service coming all the way from Finland.
  2. goldfinger added a post in a topic New Bronco Mockup   

    I just grabbed those wheels from revells jeep . they were the first i could grab. I definitely like the wheel flares and a lift. But I will definitely be trying different wheelsets on this one. These vehicles look great bone stock or with mild to wild lifts, I have even seen one smoothed and lowered! I think I have some old Satco desert dogs or super swampers that might look better.
  3. goldfinger added a post in a topic New Bronco Mockup   

    You mean like this?! These look so good and there are so many variations to build. 

  4. goldfinger added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    New Bronco Mockup
    I just got my new Revell Bronco. Way sooner than I expected. Couldnt help but throw some wheels under it .

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  5. goldfinger added a post in a topic Ecurie Ecosse Transporter scale 1/8   

    That is beautiful
  6. goldfinger added a post in a topic What a great cup of coffee   

    I swear the coffee tastes better out of this cup!
  7. goldfinger added a topic in Under Glass   

    1969 GTO freshen up
                        I decided to freshen this one up. A little history is in order though. My older brother built this circa 1970 . He ultimately gave me all his built models. This was metallic green and built as the "drag " version. I remember a nose high stance and skinny tires up front , and a parachute glued to the rear bumper. I repainted it several times. Many coats of shiny Testors spray paint. Many many coats! Finally in 1994 or so I had learned a little more and had an airbrush, so I stripped it down to bare plastic and repaired the broken windshield frame. I rebuilt it using the chassis from a hurst olds kit. I used some Tamiya wheels and tires. I was aiming for a pro Touring look. There were a few flawsthough. so after 23 years Gave it a little freshening up. New wheels and tires basically and a little more poishing.
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  8. goldfinger added a post in a topic Nnl east vendors   

    Thanks guys! I want to get more of those wheels.
  9. goldfinger added a topic in General   

    Nnl east vendors
    Im trying to find out the name of the vendor at NNL East that was at the end of the same row as Don Yost. They had some racks with wheels and some resin delivery vans. I forgot to get his flyer or card. Thanks.
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  10. goldfinger added a post in a topic You may know of the "English Wheel", how about the " Three Olive" ?   

    I think gerald wingrove made a miniature one😝
  11. goldfinger added a post in a topic eBay, Old Kit, Parts & Pieces Pricing, Who's to Blame?   

    In the end , if someone will buy it , someone will sell it. If no one will pay the price , then the seller is forced to reconsider his selling strategy. However , no matter how irritating it is to see a complete vintage kit broken down into parts and sold piece by piece , someone will buy parts and the seller will keep selling. Places like Ebay are wonderful in that they get stuff onto the market that we would otherwise never see , but a bigger audience also allows for more people who are willing to pay more.
  12. goldfinger added a post in a topic Lamborghini Miura SSV prototype   

    A beautiful build of one of the most beeutiful cars ever built. Nice job
  13. goldfinger added a post in a topic International Scout   

    Try searching this forum there is a thread. I found it by googling the subject. The Scout II was produced in different variants from 1971 to 1980
  14. goldfinger added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    250 + but the nice thing is now I dont have to buy anything when I want to build!