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  1. Tested-Scratchbuilding with Adam Savage

    Excellent video. Thanks for posting it.
  2. Divided by a common tongue

    This is from a page on a site catering to Jaguar v8 conversions. I think it sums up what we are talking about pretty well. Law of Cryptic Instruction Any book, manual, pamphlet, or text dealing with the maintenance, repair, or restoration of a British Sports Car shall be written so that at least every fourth word will be unknown to the average reader. In the event that any portion of the text is understandable, the information contained therein shall be incorrect. Most people are familiar with this law. Here is an excerpt from page 132 of the MGA shop manual: "Before rebushing the lower grunnion banjos, you must remove the bonnet facia and undo the A-arm nut with a #3 spanner." All attempts to publish an English language version of this manual have failed.
  3. Divided by a common tongue

    Found this,, it is worse than we thought! https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2014/03/12/a-conversion-guide-to-british-auto-terminology/
  4. Space Rod 32

    lovin' it!
  5. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    from what ive seen Hobby Lobby has way more selection of kits and tools /supplies than Michaels. The local Michaels in my area had empty racks where testors paints should have been and a slim selection of kits. I am on the mailing list though and when i get 50 or 60 percent off coupons I look for kits like the Revell Jeep Rubicon and buy them for gifts or parts etc.
  6. For all you guys who want a Vette wagon

    I don't care what it says on the back IT'S NOT MINE!
  7. Moebius 4x4 Ford

    nice. I really like the weathering on the bed floor
  8. Our Michael's is a joke

    though sometimes they have 50% off coupons which are good on the few models they have. But I did notice today that they have not restocked any Testors paints. the racks were almost empty. too bad. I dont live close to any hobby shops
  9. Try your hand at my AMT Box Art Jigsaw puzzels

    cool that was fun
  10. Very handy - found these at Hobby Lobby

    nice ! I wish I had seen this before my last visit to hobby lobby!
  11. modelers of bygone times

    Found this in a 1959 Mechanix Illustrated. I will be posting others as I scan them.
  12. March 2018 Car Craft model car article

    My brother used to build "white" models like that. the only good thing is when i inherited them I didnt have to strip any paint off them!
  13. New Photo Setup

    nice work.. time for me to go shopping
  14. Air Trax

    Just got the BMW 2002 I ordered from NNl East . Thank you and it is a very nice product. pretty good service coming all the way from Finland.
  15. I just grabbed those wheels from revells jeep . they were the first i could grab. I definitely like the wheel flares and a lift. But I will definitely be trying different wheelsets on this one. These vehicles look great bone stock or with mild to wild lifts, I have even seen one smoothed and lowered! I think I have some old Satco desert dogs or super swampers that might look better.