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  1. I think if someone wants constructive criticism, they should indicate so in their post. If i was attempting to improve my skills or work towards building a contest winner, I would solicit advice from others on this forum. Unfortunately I don't usually have to ask, because I can see immediately the screw ups I made! However it is really helpful to hear alternative ideas, approaches and solutions to some of the shortcomings of any model. That is how we learn and improve. But if someone just wants to post their model, let them. If they can improve, perhaps they themselves will see that through observing other models built or being built on the forum. Just lets not kill anybodys joy or interest in the hobby.
  2. It would be nice if they just sold the front fenders and hood so you could retro the '72 version. I have converted a few and collected a few more I would like to convert also.
  3. You have needlessly Irked yourself, My comment was neither meant to patronize or condescend. Fossil fuels are dirty and limited. I really do hope that electric cars become more common . One day in the future they may be the reason I am able to fire up my century old Internal combustion powered beast and enjoy a sunday drive or pass down the dragstrip. Or maybe I will distill my own alcohol and run it on that{ I actually know a guy who sold stills specifically for that purpose). And maybe I will get rich running a company that recycles all those batteries! I actually work for a power company so the more electricity distributed the better my stock shares do! However I am sticking with my original statement, and there aint no music like a 12 cylinder Lamborghini Miura screaming down the road!
  4. I just cant warm up to Electric vehicles. Quote me all the horsepower and torque numbers you want, there is nothing like the feeling you get when an internal combustion engine that you have built , modified or maybe just dragged out of a barn fires up and comes to life. Think about it this way , in 2055 will some guy pull a dusty Tesla out of a shed and be thrilled and surprised when it fires up? Nah. Electric cars have a valuable place in the world , that is leaving the gas for us real car guys!
  5. goldfinger

    Box art as art

    I would either scan the box or try a high resolution photo of it. Then you can repair any damage to the picture and enlarge it to a size that you like.
  6. one thing that is different from olds convertibles to coupes is that the convertible trunklid is kind of a custom piece. The corners are rounded. On Chevelles the trunk is the same 68 to 72 and shared with 70 to 72 skylarks.
  7. I recommend the Cricut. Get the Maker it has a knife attachment. I have been using the Explore for a few months now and have used it to cut thin styrene or score and snap thicker styrene. We keep finding new ways to use it. Once you master the design software it gets easier to create shapes and designs . You can also scan and use drawings etc.
  8. excellent movie..not too many inaccuracies
  9. Wow ..my Ollies(waterbury CT) only had a few snap kits and a bunch of ship and airplane models
  10. This is from a page on a site catering to Jaguar v8 conversions. I think it sums up what we are talking about pretty well. Law of Cryptic Instruction Any book, manual, pamphlet, or text dealing with the maintenance, repair, or restoration of a British Sports Car shall be written so that at least every fourth word will be unknown to the average reader. In the event that any portion of the text is understandable, the information contained therein shall be incorrect. Most people are familiar with this law. Here is an excerpt from page 132 of the MGA shop manual: "Before rebushing the lower grunnion banjos, you must remove the bonnet facia and undo the A-arm nut with a #3 spanner." All attempts to publish an English language version of this manual have failed.
  11. Found this,, it is worse than we thought! https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2014/03/12/a-conversion-guide-to-british-auto-terminology/
  12. from what ive seen Hobby Lobby has way more selection of kits and tools /supplies than Michaels. The local Michaels in my area had empty racks where testors paints should have been and a slim selection of kits. I am on the mailing list though and when i get 50 or 60 percent off coupons I look for kits like the Revell Jeep Rubicon and buy them for gifts or parts etc.
  13. I don't care what it says on the back IT'S NOT MINE!
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