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  1. goldfinger added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    250 + but the nice thing is now I dont have to buy anything when I want to build!
  2. goldfinger added a post in a topic Glue bomb   

    Anytime I see a kit or a builtup at a flea market or an antique shop they are way overpriced. especially here in CT. Matchbox cars too. Its frustrating because a junk shop or flea market should be where you can find a deal. Many of these people are self appointed antique experts who try to tell you why the piece of junk you are holding is so valuable. Ebay aint so bad after all.
  3. goldfinger added a post in a topic '60 Ford F-100: Hacking Away at an eBay Find!   

    Awesome. I bought one of these at a flea market for $2.50 once. Now I watch as they as escalate beyond my reach on EBay . I wish I had thought of Shortening the bed.
  4. goldfinger added a post in a topic 1963 Lincoln Continental HT - Updated 8/2   

    NO NO ! Not White! Big and Black . this is the kind of car that Vito Corrleone Would arrive in! or An Ambassador! (just my opinion though)
  5. goldfinger added a post in a topic Ten years later.....   

    Thank you!
  6. goldfinger added a post in a topic Ten years later.....   

    OH the parts are somewhere! i chipped the paint on the tailgate,sanded it off, and put it somewhere with the FIRST photetched grille i made! I think the tailights are with it too. Fortunately i had a second kit so if i cant find those parts ill just cannibalize that one . Murphys law says as soon as i modify the new tailgate the old one will magically appear !This whole kit survived being packed away and stored while we demolished our house and built a new one, amazingly with no damage!
  7. goldfinger added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ten years later.....
    Well I finally finished this one. Started it around 1999 or so. It's got a few flaws that got me discouraged. Right now I can't find the tailgate or the tailights bezels but it's as done as it ever will be otherwise.
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  8. goldfinger added a post in a topic Car Craft Is Back   

  9. goldfinger added a post in a topic rust   

  10. goldfinger added a post in a topic rust   

    I do have rust!
  11. goldfinger added a post in a topic rust   

    Are you looking for pictures of rust, or would you like some real rust" because I got a 98 Durango in the driveway I can scrape a pound or two off and mail to you.
  12. goldfinger added a post in a topic Wyandotte Front Shovel   

    What scale is that? Keep the pics coming please
  13. goldfinger added a post in a topic Model at the dump?   

    Growing up all my bicycles and most of our tv came from the dump. Usually a bit of soap and water was all that was needed. When I was a meter reader I found a whole bunch in someone's trash on the curb. Revells chevelle all built ups the boxes were water damaged.
    I grabbed me all!
  14. goldfinger added a post in a topic Resto-Mods & Modern Hot Rods   

    Doesn't this come down to what the individual wants from his car? one person may want to replicate the ride of his youth, another may want the look of an older car with all of the modern conveniences or handling of a modern car. Others may build to visually impress with lots of chrome and massive blowers etc. Unless you are permanently destroying a rare one off one of a kind car, does it matter ? There are zillions of perfectly restored model A's and zillions of "traditional " rods out there too. If someone builds one that's to his liking does it matter?
    Just one more thought. look at any era of hot rodding or car customization and what do you see? hot rodders sticking newer bigger powerplants in their cars! That's what we do! there is no rule book , just make it stop and go better and faster! nowadays we try to make them turn corners too. All I am saying is that sometimes we are a little too quick to say what is right or wrong with someone else's project . we can like or dislike , but outside of basic mechanical common sense and safety considerations its up to the individual.
  15. goldfinger added a post in a topic Digital version of model cars magazine   

    Digital is great. I have all my magazines available on my tablet, with all articles of interest bookmarked . Sure beats going down to the basement digging through boxes trying to find that one article. Plus I can zoom in on pictures and text where a paper copy would just be difficult to see. I say go Digital!