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  1. Doesn't this come down to what the individual wants from his car? one person may want to replicate the ride of his youth, another may want the look of an older car with all of the modern conveniences or handling of a modern car. Others may build to visually impress with lots of chrome and massive blowers etc. Unless you are permanently destroying a rare one off one of a kind car, does it matter ? There are zillions of perfectly restored model A's and zillions of "traditional " rods out there too. If someone builds one that's to his liking does it matter? Just one more thought. look at any era of hot rodding or car customization and what do you see? hot rodders sticking newer bigger powerplants in their cars! That's what we do! there is no rule book , just make it stop and go better and faster! nowadays we try to make them turn corners too. All I am saying is that sometimes we are a little too quick to say what is right or wrong with someone else's project . we can like or dislike , but outside of basic mechanical common sense and safety considerations its up to the individual.
  2. Digital is great. I have all my magazines available on my tablet, with all articles of interest bookmarked . Sure beats going down to the basement digging through boxes trying to find that one article. Plus I can zoom in on pictures and text where a paper copy would just be difficult to see. I say go Digital!
  3. I am definitely a builder not a collector. That being said, I have a MIB pontiac Grand Prix that I haven't even dared open. Part of my reasoning is that I have so many started and I don't want to ruin the potential value of this kit before I am absolutely ready to build it. Everything else on my shelves has been opened started and possibly even finished!
  4. I am always looking around to see what could be adapted to my workbench...so far I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to get any of their tools.....but I haven't given up !
  5. 1974. I was ten. My older brother who was just graduated from high school . He was working the grill at the luncheonette in Grants department store. We built the GMC high Sierra pickup. Two toned it black and blue.Right in Dads' workshop. That was when he was a cool big brother. Now he's a grumpy old fart
  6. There is a movie called Fear Is The Key. Great chase scene. Same actor as Vanishing Point . The car is a 73 or 74 Ford Torino I think. Gets bent in half and still keeps on running. More realistic than so many chase scenes where you can see the car obviously didn't survive the jump and yet it is fine in the next shot.
  7. I finally have successfully molded and cast some tires . I thought I'd post how I did it as I have seen some queries in the past. I am doing them in regular resin not soft silicone. For my purposes this is fine.
  8. I just got a good deal on a sale at micro mark on resin and silicone as a package. I just cast some Desert Dog tires they came out pretty good. I have cast an entire body and it works out well but the cost does add up. You can see why a good resin caster has to charge so much for his product. Also remember some resins have limited shelf life, so if you can have a bunch of molds ready to cast you can avoid wasting resin.
  9. Does anybody make better front wheels for Magna Traction chassis or Auto Worlds newer version , the X traction. I keep getting bent and wobbly axles and wheels. I would like to see a set like Wizzard makes for T jets.
  10. My friend made a coffee table out of one of those. Put a glass top on and fills each drawer with different displays(sea shells insect collections etc) and changes the drawers from time to time.
  11. I used to pinstripe cars and install pop up sunroofs. Now I am a lineman for the power company.
  12. Yeah thats the one. When I was a kid I went to the Owls Head transportation museum in maine and they had one on display. I asked about it a year or two ago and they still have it,but have no intention of displaying it. I am going there in a few weeks maybe I'll ask again.
  13. Go to the hemmings blog and look underneath the pic of the (ugly) four place vette. I saw some of these models when I was a kid. Awesome workmanship. http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/tag/scale-model/
  14. I collect old matchboxes and any hotwheel that catches my eye. I usually have some intent of making resin copies to turn into slot cars. I also enjoy restoring them as mini modeling projects. I love finding an old matchbox at a tag sale that i wished I had when I was a kid and bringing it back to new.
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ESKA-ERTL-abt-1960-INTERNATIONAL-SCOUT-PICK-UP-Truck-/150352037216?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item2301ae0560The eska promo seems to be accurate except for the windshield and the lack of a grille. There were some on ebay, They go for 75.00 and up though.
  16. not only the cars awesome so is the photography. Care to share how you did that background?
  17. Somebody needs to release a '68. I have always preferred the '68 tailights over the '67. A transkit of some kind could work,but converting the 67 body to a 68 would be a lot of work. I am lucky to have inherited this and a few other gems from my brother!
  18. I am considering using the 67 chassis, but if I recollect correctly, the fenderwells are molded to the body, and since I keep getting buried in modifications on too many projects, I am going to use the original chassis, I am just going to do a better job of detailing it. I have both the stock and custom front and rear bumpers. I hope I can save the paint. I am going to sand it and clear it. Any suggestions on what clear to use?
  19. After many years I have decided to finish this project. A little history. My brother originally built this in the late sixties or early seventies, then handed it down to me. I painted it in blue and painted the entire interior gray. Many years later, I stripped it and primed it with Dupont Variprime, then layed down MCW Hugger orange lacquer. I had big plans to upgrade the chassis and engine with later stuff, but it never went anywhere. So I have decided to take astep back and finish it with the original chassis and a 427 out of the 67 SS427 kit. I think I need to clear over the lacquer. Any suggestions?
  20. I remember my dad building one of these when I was a kid. It was one of the few models he ever built. he did a good job and actually finished it off nicely.
  21. 2011 Durango with a 1998 durango as second car. 1968 Chevelle ragtop in a thousand pieces on the garage floor.
  22. Does any body make an interior and chassis for the Model King '72 Gran Torino?
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