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  1. My entry for 2018 Cannonball Run 50 chevy 5 window with a 5.9 cummins. Went from none to 2 now. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get a suspension plan
  2. still alive finally looked at it again first time in months... im going to do something even if it is wrong
  3. April update Still alive, still working alot, but finally got some parts in the mail. Orignal plan was turbo but thats been scrapped.... Pics as soon as its done
  4. still here lack of progress though works been slammng good work by everyone so far
  5. Feb update have touched it since getting frame rails assembled. gettting parts coming in and alot of brainstorming and sketches might have to get it out later and take a look and see if my ideas will work
  6. Stock Frame built and thats about it. Got to wait on final engine idea to figure out where everything else can go good thing i got alot of time to figure it out.
  7. That GTX better be packing a punch I've heard theres a possibility of a quad turbo Hemi V-16 might be coming out on the road
  8. Here is the start Dodge L-700 Engine possibly a Hemi or a Cat, nascar, road racing parts, whatever I can find in my parts box. Figure I'm going to need some HP and handling to keep up
  9. First post and first build off entering im in its a dodge going to need alot of engine thats all im going to say
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