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  1. Chefarchuleta added a topic in Under Glass   

    my 69 Camaro muscle car
    This is the way I would want my 69 camaro too look like

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  2. Chefarchuleta added a topic in Under Glass   

    66 nova 3rd model
    so this is my 66 nova nothing great or special about it lol its only my 3rd model done so still learning and learned a lot of good stuff with this one took me for ever to build too and it still needs a few more things done

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  3. Chefarchuleta added a topic in Dioramas   

    Fender shop
    This is my shop I have been working on still not done needs lots done I am open to any ideas thanks

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  4. Chefarchuleta added a post in a topic my projects and fender shop   

    Thank you it's been fun building the garage still needs more done I will post more pic soon
  5. Chefarchuleta added a post in a topic Fender shop projects   

    lol no mine has been a pain the first engine i made for it came out kinda bad i did not like it so now making another engine for it then did an open trunk for first time been a pain so see what happens
  6. Chefarchuleta added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Fender shop projects
    few things im working on 66 nova corvette monster truck that im turning into a normal every day shop truck these few models are just practice

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  7. Chefarchuleta added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    my projects and fender shop
    I'm Stephen 24 starting building models about 2 months ago about a year ago is when i really started one got messed up and the other never really finished but now i have started again and love it pic of my work space and my garage diorama that i build about a month ago and call it the fender shop still not done with it

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