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  1. Hi, I made this Book Diorama with $6.00. The book cost $3.99 at Burlington, the little toy house cost $1.99 at a Doller store. I painted the toy house becuase it had a toy look.....Barbo
  2. Barbo

    Texaco 1950's

    Thank you guys, like always, its all foam board and balsa......Barbo
  3. Hi , this is my new 1/24 diorama, Texaco 1950's..Barbo
  4. Hi CrazyRichard, I was testng the plastic base that comes with the twin lift, I didn't like it just lke you. Now it looks better...What do you think ?...Barbo
  5. Yes I can, I will send new photos......Barbo
  6. My new Diorama, Porsche Racing Team. 1/18 scale, foamboard, balsa and plastic. Accesories from True Scale and figures from American Diorama.....Barbo
  7. Barbo

    Volky Tech

    Ja,ja,ja,ja,.....Thank You.....Barbo
  8. Barbo

    Volky Tech

    Hi, this diorama is 1/24 scale. Made of foamboard, balsa and pastic.....Barbo
  9. Hi, this is Steel Machine, 1/18 scale. Figures are by American Diorama and the bikes from Maisto.....Barbo
  10. Hi Jim, remember me, Miguel Barbosa, we met a few years ago at Salt Lake City. This is one of my Homies Diorama 1/24 scale....Barbo
  11. Barbo

    Hwy Patrol

    Hi, this is my new Diorama, 1/2"scale, Die-cast vehicles, figures and accesories from American Diorama, made of foam board and balsa......Barbo
  12. Well, we did have dioramas but most of them were Military, Aviation, Naval, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.....Barbo
  13. We are just a month away for our "9th Caribbean Scale Auto Expo" november 11, 2012 at the Fernando Rube Hernandez Coliseum,Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Here we have a few photos of last year event.....Barbo
  14. What if I could build a second seat for my wheelchair....it would be great for a 3.5 km marathon,,,ja,ja,ja,..This model wheelchair is from a toy figure of the movie AVATAR, the rest is scratch built....Barbo
  15. What can I say,,,it took me 3 weeks to build this model,,,ja,ja,ja,ja,...nnaaaa, it was fun,... Barbo
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