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  1. Hi......Perhaps , the magazines I use for reference to learn more about dioramas are not the same magazines you use. So, the reason of this question is to share information ,,,,What magazines do you use for reference? I use ...Garden Railways , 'O' Gauge Model Rail-Roading , Miniature Collector , Fine Scale , Scale Aviation , Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models International , Scale Auto , Model Cars , Military Miniatures , Scale Models International and Historical Miniatures. I do not subsribe to all . I buy some from the magazine stand , if the issue is interesting at the moment..........Barbo.
  2. Texaco 1950's

    Hi , this is my new 1/24 diorama, Texaco 1950's..Barbo
  3. My new "Book Diorama"

    Hi, I made this Book Diorama with $6.00. The book cost $3.99 at Burlington, the little toy house cost $1.99 at a Doller store. I painted the toy house becuase it had a toy look.....Barbo
  4. Texaco 1950's

    Thank you guys, like always, its all foam board and balsa......Barbo
  5. Hi...whats your favorite scene or theme? when building a diorama......My favorite scenes are Restaurants,Fast-Foods and Stores, not too much Gas Stations and workshops. For themes I like to do Raceways, actual and existing structures that are part of history.......Barbo.
  6. Porsche Racing Team

    My new Diorama, Porsche Racing Team. 1/18 scale, foamboard, balsa and plastic. Accesories from True Scale and figures from American Diorama.....Barbo
  7. Porsche Racing Team

    Hi CrazyRichard, I was testng the plastic base that comes with the twin lift, I didn't like it just lke you. Now it looks better...What do you think ?...Barbo
  8. Porsche Racing Team

    Yes I can, I will send new photos......Barbo
  9. Hi... Every model builder has its way of building dioramas.. In my case , when building a diorama with a structure, first I do research and a scale sketch, this helps me visualize the concept. And prevents me from buying non-needed materials and accesories. If the structure exists , I use photos . Also a preliminary cardboard model can make me decide any changes. If the diorama does not contain a structure so I do a free- hand drawing of my idea, list of materials and accesories starts the journey...What do you do before building a diorama ?.......Barbo
  10. Steel Machine

    Hi, this is Steel Machine, 1/18 scale. Figures are by American Diorama and the bikes from Maisto.....Barbo
  11. Volky Tech

    Hi, this diorama is 1/24 scale. Made of foamboard, balsa and pastic.....Barbo
  12. Volky Tech

    Ja,ja,ja,ja,.....Thank You.....Barbo
  13. Homie Diorama

    Hi Jim, remember me, Miguel Barbosa, we met a few years ago at Salt Lake City. This is one of my Homies Diorama 1/24 scale....Barbo
  14. Hwy Patrol

    Hi, this is my new Diorama, 1/2"scale, Die-cast vehicles, figures and accesories from American Diorama, made of foam board and balsa......Barbo
  15. We are just a month away for our "9th Caribbean Scale Auto Expo" november 11, 2012 at the Fernando Rube Hernandez Coliseum,Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Here we have a few photos of last year event.....Barbo
  16. 9th Caribbean Scae Auto Expo

    Well, we did have dioramas but most of them were Military, Aviation, Naval, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.....Barbo
  17. EuroClassic 2

    Hi,, I am working on my new Dealer Diorama "EuroClassic. Here are a few photos of the making. As usual, I am using foamboard, balsa and some plastic......Barbo The Base. Structure and base.
  18. The Invisible Man

    What can I say,,,it took me 3 weeks to build this model,,,ja,ja,ja,ja,...nnaaaa, it was fun,... Barbo
  19. What if........?

    What if I could build a second seat for my wheelchair....it would be great for a 3.5 km marathon,,,ja,ja,ja,..This model wheelchair is from a toy figure of the movie AVATAR, the rest is scratch built....Barbo
  20. 23-window VW bus vignette

    Great work, or may I say....Wnderful piece of Art...Barbo
  21. IPMS Nationals,Who's gonna be there?

    I am also going to be there with Puerto Rico's IPMS chapter, it will be easy to identify me, i use a wheelchair, so , see you guys soon....Barbo
  22. There is a special building in the movie AVENGERS, the STARK TOWER INDUSTRY, Ironman headquarters. Eventhough it does not exist, it is a special add to the movie. I have sketches, perspective drawings and special effects photos. I am building it in HO scale (1/8" = 1'-0") .....Barbo
  23. Psycho

    Hi....I did try to do the motel with this model as I said a few months ago, but it was coming out a diorama of about 36"x40" with the parking area, but it is to big to handle. So I decided to use the plastic base that comes with the model and add a foamboard base to do the small hill. I also use the old method of tissue and dope covering used for free flight balsa airplanes. I painted the area and used dry weeds to do the trees.....Barbo
  24. My new project from the movie AVENGERS

    Yes, the vehicles are from Plastruct (scale 1;500), it will also have trees, sidewalks and streets. A friend of mine who is a Star Trek freak is making me a scratch built "Quinjet" for the landing dock, this will help sense the scale. If you saw the movie, this will be the new headquarters for the Avengers. When the building is partialy distroid only the letter 'A' stands from the STARK sign, Barbo
  25. My new project from the movie AVENGERS

    Well, I finished my drawings and decided to do my model in metric scale 1:500,(26"high) The scale of 1/8"=1'-0" makes the building more than 4 feet high and a base of 14". This is on of my drawings "Front Elevation" and my preliminary cardboard model. Now I will start my final model with all the details....Barbo