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  1. I set up a fixture the other day for tube notching.
  2. More expensive, I can NOT believe the price of parts now. I've been out of drag racing for 15 years and prices are 2.5-3x more than they were in 2003. Unbelievable, no wonder no kids are into drag racing and hardly anyone is building cars anymore.
  3. No nothing new at all. I'm so busy building my 1:1 Malibu right now I just do not have any extra time. My 1:1 Belair I did get that project done, new carb and fuel pump and plumbing. I'm ashamed this project Nova has been stalled out for so long, I was in my hobby room last night an there it sits all cool looking, LOL. You'll be the first to know when I get my butt in there and notch some brass for chassis
  4. Ok I got ahold of him. Apparently the dems in New York passed a new bill or something which directly affected this guys job and he was laid off on Friday. He has asked for his money back which I gladly sent to him right away. That all said, The 1/8 TDR Nova is staying put and I need to get my butmoving on it now.
  5. Someone made me an offer to sell the body. I laughed at their offer, I don't think people realize the cost it takes. They have since made 2-3 offers. The last one I said ok as I'd be foolish not to do it and I'll just start another one. He gave me a substantial down payment of 80%(which covers my time/material into it). I've been waiting for the rest of the money for several weeks now and no word from him. So that's the main reason I haven't been doing anything. I am super busy with my 1:1 Malibu build as well, so I really wouldn't have gotten far on this model to be honest. Right now I DO have time to build as I'm waiting on a billet intake to finish up and tieing up loose ends on the chassis build I don't expect the Malibu home for a couple months. I'm going to try and get ahold of him yet again today and find out what's going on.
  6. Okay, I tweaked the oil pan with less of an angle on the bottom. I really like how it turned out. i'm calling this engine design done.
  7. Really struggling finding some time at home for the chassis as I've had to stay late everyday at work the past month. I did find time last night to wrap up my supercharger tweaks and I was able to do the hat last Sunday. I think I'm about done messing with this. May change up the oil pan some but I think this thing is 99%. Thoughts, comments...concerns?
  8. I found some images of Andy's 55 Chevy. I had this one originally, sold it to Andy as he wanted to try a 1/16, he built it to what you see and sold it to Rafael Torres, then I bought it from him, so yeah it's been around the world I think, LOL. I hope this helps you out …. Back on topic now. It's snowing here in Michigan and I'm hoping like crazy I can get started on my brass chassis, maybe Sunday fingers crossed
  9. I found two of mine. If you are asking to see Andy's I'd have to break it out of its box and take some pics. I think this one is mine as it's on the design I did for the chassis. I had a couple of them long ago. One I did and another I bought off eBay.
  10. I used to have one but I gave it to my nephew as a birthday gift. I was hoping he'd finish it but he hasn't touched it. I may get it back, LOL. I do have Andy Chew's 1/16 55 Chevy, he started it, chassis is done, a lot of parts, just needs to be assembled pretty much. I haven't even touched it since I bought it.
  11. I sold the 1/8 scale resin 55 body and put the money towards this 3D printed Nova body. The items on the 1st page are from that previous build. Some I made, Some were made by MicroNitro. I never built a chassis for it before I sold it off. Work has been a nightmare lately and when I get home I have no energy for this project. I have everything to start the chassis, just have to sit down and start. The 1:1 Malibu build has been taking up some of my spare time as well. We just set the engine and making the front and mid-plate for it. Did an engine mock up with ProCharger to make sure everything fits, next up is the rack & pinion and mount the seats then I'll have it at home to start wiring the entire car.
  12. Messing around with a blower design. It's not accurate yet but I'll keep tweaking it but thought I'd share it. I need to work on an oil pan also, the one I have is a stock looking one so I didn't include it in the image.....getting closer
  13. On hold for 3.5 yrs, do you ever get the itch to start working on this 1/8 ??
  14. Ran into some post processor issues last week but I think I have that portion figured out and solved now. Next will be getting used to the cnc controller and getting the G-code loaded into the machine to try and cut something. Amazing I haven't ran cnc in 25 years and it's just like riding a bike still
  15. Messing around this morning with my new 5-axis software. This particular NC program... the work piece spins on the x-axis while the cutter stays on Y zero and bumps up and down on the Z axis to the part shape. It makes its way from the front of the block to the rear of the block. I see it crashes into the timing chain area so I need to alter that. Might try some ren board and see how it cuts one of these days.
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