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  1. The colour combo on this is such a fantastic combination. Well done sir.
  2. Yes, I believe that for some reason revell is inconsistent with the Quality of the new release stuff, to have created such a beautiful Cuda, and then created a not so terrific notchback. It is precisely the reason why I must go and google reviews of everyone of there kit, whether it be an aircraft or an automobile, whilst with other company's like trumpeter, tamiya and hasegawa, I will go out an purchase, and not second guess the accuracy or precision of the mold. Ford motor company, will always have a place in my heat, my first car, was a 91 lx 5.0l,and the inaccuracies in this kit are the reason I have not purchased it, and the reason I will not purchase it. I would love to have the ability to raise the roof line, however I am just not at that skill level at this time. I just purchased a 2010 GT500 kit tonight, and it is a dead ringer to the real thing... Go figure.. Drew
  3. You know it's beautiful when you see the makers mark of the light bulb in the gloss ;-)
  4. This is simply, amazing dedication, research, and love, applied buy the hands of an artist. Superlative.
  5. Okay, thanks for the tips, I love this forum for the depth of knowledge, and willingness to share that information. I went out and bought a rubber maid container, and it is working wonders. What has helped even more was COMPLETLEY stripping my airbrush and cleaning it. I noticed that it was shooting glumpy, congealed paint onto my model. So, now that things are clean and it's working like the day I bought it. I will have pictures later tonight, of the body after paint.
  6. Nice model, knowledge is free here, ask away anyone here can help you and this is a terrific, I cannot wait to see more!
  7. Looking really good, that colour looks very akin to grabbed blue.
  8. Thanks Tony, last night I was thinking, and I line the box with a plastic grocery bag, then I sit to paint jars in, sit the body on that, and then I use another bag and pull over the box, odd things happen when your sleep deprived!
  9. Rousch it took me around 15hrs, it was a simple model, however the first three times I shot the body it wasn't quite up to snuff, so there was a lot of stripping it involved, 3rd try is a charm. They kit was pretty fun though.
  10. Wicked, you should get the jagermeister vw for along side it,
  11. And Primed, and sanded to 2000 grit.
  12. Okay, so while priming I thought of a question that has always made me hum and huh. Is there any thing you can put a car body in, that keeps it 100 percent dust free and still allows it to dry? I'm not all spend spendy, so I'm looking for cheap ideas.
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