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  1. The colour combo on this is such a fantastic combination. Well done sir.
  2. Yes, I believe that for some reason revell is inconsistent with the Quality of the new release stuff, to have created such a beautiful Cuda, and then created a not so terrific notchback. It is precisely the reason why I must go and google reviews of everyone of there kit, whether it be an aircraft or an automobile, whilst with other company's like trumpeter, tamiya and hasegawa, I will go out an purchase, and not second guess the accuracy or precision of the mold. Ford motor company, will always have a place in my heat, my first car, was a 91 lx 5.0l,and the inaccuracies in this kit are the reason I have not purchased it, and the reason I will not purchase it. I would love to have the ability to raise the roof line, however I am just not at that skill level at this time. I just purchased a 2010 GT500 kit tonight, and it is a dead ringer to the real thing... Go figure.. Drew
  3. You know it's beautiful when you see the makers mark of the light bulb in the gloss ;-)
  4. This is simply, amazing dedication, research, and love, applied buy the hands of an artist. Superlative.
  5. Okay, thanks for the tips, I love this forum for the depth of knowledge, and willingness to share that information. I went out and bought a rubber maid container, and it is working wonders. What has helped even more was COMPLETLEY stripping my airbrush and cleaning it. I noticed that it was shooting glumpy, congealed paint onto my model. So, now that things are clean and it's working like the day I bought it. I will have pictures later tonight, of the body after paint.
  6. Nice model, knowledge is free here, ask away anyone here can help you and this is a terrific, I cannot wait to see more!
  7. Looking really good, that colour looks very akin to grabbed blue.
  8. Thanks Tony, last night I was thinking, and I line the box with a plastic grocery bag, then I sit to paint jars in, sit the body on that, and then I use another bag and pull over the box, odd things happen when your sleep deprived!
  9. Rousch it took me around 15hrs, it was a simple model, however the first three times I shot the body it wasn't quite up to snuff, so there was a lot of stripping it involved, 3rd try is a charm. They kit was pretty fun though.
  10. Wicked, you should get the jagermeister vw for along side it,
  11. Okay, so while priming I thought of a question that has always made me hum and huh. Is there any thing you can put a car body in, that keeps it 100 percent dust free and still allows it to dry? I'm not all spend spendy, so I'm looking for cheap ideas.
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