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  1. dougwintz added a post in a topic Aoshima McLarens and Aftermarket   

    Hey! Thanks for that. Really helpful. 
  2. dougwintz added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Aoshima McLarens and Aftermarket
    Aoshima makes a few McLarens and they look pretty cool. Anyone out there build one? Couple of questions - do they come with an engine? Is there a difference between the 1997 and 1998 model years - do they have the same parts, just different livery? Have you used aftermarket etch and carbon fiber from Scale Motorsports? Would they fit BOTH the 97 and 98 model years? (Ok, I'm done now). Thanks. 
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  3. dougwintz added a post in a topic Scale Motorsports   

    Thanks. It did seem weird to me too. I'll try facebook. And I did check the spam folder. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. dougwintz added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Scale Motorsports
    How is the experience with Scale Motorsports? Have tried emailing, calling on a question without a response. Thanks. 
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  5. dougwintz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Porsche 917's
    This is part "workbench" part "under glass". I finished a Porsche 917 build. It's the Fujima kit with a Historic Racing Miniatures engine. Had to sweat through getting the older decals on the car. the first photos are the build in progress. The last photos are some other 917's - I have one more in my stash to build. Maybe next year!

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  6. dougwintz added a post in a topic Larry's '51 Jaguar XK120 coupe....In his own words   

    OMG! as they say. 
  7. dougwintz added a post in a topic Cal-Look Karmann Ghia   

    Amazing work!
  8. dougwintz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lancia 037
    Hi. This Lancia 037 from Hasegawa was a great kit. Just difficult enough. I cut away the body to show the engine and added some Studio 27 detail parts. Pretty good fit for this model. If you want to see how the build progressed you can see it here  http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/121356-lancia-037/

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  9. dougwintz added a post in a topic Lancia 037   

    That's true. Ted. I do think the camera is a positive tool. It's like a reality check. And I'm not into contests or anything like that. Just into getting it right. 
  10. dougwintz added a post in a topic Lancia 037   

    Making some more progress here. This kit is highly recommended - I added photo etched bits from Studio 27. Next up is to build a couple of missing gas tanks and get them installed.

  11. dougwintz added a post in a topic Lancia 037   

    Ok. Little more progress. I cleaned up the engine a little and added a heat deflector for the exhaust (which conveniently covered up a gap) and various oil and gas lines following reference pictures as best I could. Also reversed the pedals so the gas is on the right (Davoski!). Think I need to add the gas tank as a final touch there. 

  12. dougwintz added a post in a topic Lancia 037   

    Wow, that's a great background. I've got a 2011 EvoX and before that the first VW R32 model that came to the US.  I'm not a rally competitor nor an expert in any way there but I've had the Evo on the track. Building these models lets me stay involved at least on that level. 
  13. dougwintz added a post in a topic Lancia 037   

    OMG Davoski. I think you're right! Of course I could say that it's an insane car, it's Italian AND the model is built in Japan. But I still think you're right. Nice catch LOL. 
  14. dougwintz added a post in a topic Lancia 037   

    Oops. And now I see part of the exhaust that needs fixing
  15. dougwintz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Lancia 037
    Hi. I'm starting work on a Lancia 037, by Hasegawa. Actually, a pretty cool kit with engine detail. I'm working my way through the interior and the engine bay. Have some more pieces to add. And i have to say that everytime I take photos of work in progress I see flaws, like the seam on a transmission or exhaust. Wonder why I don't see it while I'm building. Could it be my fading eyesight! At any rate, these photos kind of keep you honest in terms of spotting flaws. 


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