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  1. Fast forward, finished. With the exception of some plumbing to be added later.
  2. I worked on the body sections, adding a lot of mesh. For the front nose, I opened up the access panel that will lead to a spare tire. After finishing some additional detailing, I'll add the decals.
  3. Added the dash, and got one of the seats finished. Did I say making seatbelts is my least favorite activity!
  4. Thanks for the comments. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Hi. This is the beginning of the build of Lancia Delta S4, by NuNu. With detail parts by the same manufacturer. I'm substituting their decals for carbon fibre/fiberglass surfaces with Scale Motorsports. I'm using some leftover Testor's metalizer paints. Sorry they are being discontinued!. Anyway, start of a journey here.
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. Have a great New Year.
  7. Thanks, Rich. Have a great New Year.
  8. Thanks for the comments everybody. Appreciate it. Reply to "ESPO" - the color is Testor's One Coat, Fiery Orange. It is a pretty good match for factory.
  9. Slipping between 2 planes of existence sounds like a good idea. For anything!
  10. Although I like to build rally cars with a lot of decals and interesting livery, I think the hardest thing for me to do is build a box stock model, because everything shows. I keep learning new things, the latest of which is to make sure the surface of the trim is smooth so when you apply foil it gives you a smooth finish. Still trying to do better on that. Attached is the 1966 Mercury Parklane, which had a lot of fitment problems, and the 1961 Pontiac Ventura.
  11. Hi Rich and thanks. I do my modeling in a virtual cave. So no worries about sunlight!
  12. Elaborate design for this one. The decals need to be laid down in a specific order. First pass, pink splotches. Then the "snakes". Then the hieroglyphics, or whatever those Egyptian like symbols are. Some nice engine bay detail comes with the kit. And seatbelts with anchored harness. Does anyone know the artist that came up with the design for this car?
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