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  1. More work in progress. Body parts fitting together nicely.
  2. Working my way through this. I'm using carbon fiber decals from Racing 43. Just about done with the chassis and cockpit. BTW, this kit is VERY well engineered. Considering all the separate pieces that make up the body, they fit real well together. I have been test fitting as I go.
  3. Wow. Excellent. Thanks for that. I can probably incorporate that reference into the build. Appreciate it.
  4. Hi. I'm building this BMW M3 DTM and using some aftermarket bits to reflect the Agusto Farfus car and livery. The paint is Tamiya Cobalt Green which, after primer, went on so easily. Really a pleasure to work with. Here is my question to this group. I can find exterior shots of the DTM BMW i'm building, but I can't find ANY references for the engine and engine bay. Anyone have any ideas on that? Thanks and I'll post more pictures as I get further into it.
  5. Thanks for the comments, guys. I think it's very cool that you have actually been to some of the events these cars ran in. I feel like I'm just catching up to that piece of racing history. I am building a bunch of Lancias (1/24 scale), Alpines, Evos and now Peugeots. It's fitting because the 1;1 cars I enjoyed owning and driving the most were the Evo and R32.
  6. This was a big reclamation project. I think I built this 15 - 20 years ago, and the clear coat on it had yellowed. Looked ugly. So I striped it, took it apart, applied some aftermarket bits and put it back together again. Took f o r e v e r. I have another I 'm going to build as a Pike's Peak version, but think I'll try something easier next.
  7. Thanks. I agree on the Tamiya paints. How is it they can go on so smoothly, while the other products require significant work? I'm going to try the Tamiya finishing products you mentioned. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Hi. Starting a build of Aoshima's Pagani. Lot's of parts. But it's also a good opportunity to talk about some paint ideas. The blue is Testor's De Ja Blue, with a overcoat of Tamiya Clear Blue. It's not polished out yet, I'm debating on whether to use the micro mesh sanding pads, or just do a polish with Novus. I kind of don't want to do anything - but need to smooth it out a bit. The combination of Tamiya clear colors painted over other lacquers is something I've been experimenting with. You can get some unique color shades out of it. Attached are a couple of other examples. Tamiya Clear Orange over Tamiya Brilliant Orange. And Tamiya Clear Red over Testors Mystic Maroon. Still getting the hang of these. I'll post more of the Pagani build as I get into it.
  9. Ok. Here's the 99% finished product. I have some minor detailing to do, but this one is basically done!
  10. Moving along to the chassis and interior
  11. Amazing. I've been looking for those and the prices are sky high. How is the detail those kits?
  12. Hey Rich. Wow that's an impressive collection. Do you have a Doyusha 1/12 model in there? If so, double wow, that's like the holy grail! I have another couple of Hasegawa's with different livery. I'll get around to building them someday. Then I have a Fujima 1/20 scale but no engine and the decals are pretty well faded.
  13. Hey Nacho. Thanks for the comment and your suggestion to open up a thread. The Alitalia's engine came from the engine in Fujima's Ferrari Dino GTS. I think it's the same used in the Stratos. The Chardonnet Stratos engine was ordered from Spot Model, they have a vendor called Reji Model that makes the same engine.
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