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  1. If you are like me, modeling helped keep some sense of sanity and normalcy. Happy New Year everyone, and here's to a better 2021. The bar was certainly set low in 2020.
  2. This AMT kit also has a Go Kart, which I'll try and finish this weekend. The model itself is inspired by a 1:1 I saw online. Same color combination. The decal for the seat I got from Hiroboy. They also have some Indian blanket pattern decals which I'll use in other models. Minor engine detailing, and some photo etched parts. It seem like it took a long time to finish this. I keep looking for a quick build, but seem to make it more difficult. I have a question for the community here. What is the BEST tape to use for painting and masking? The line looks pretty good here - but in all transparency, I found some white decal lines to make it look cleaner. I'd rather just find tape that does a better job masking - I used Tamiya. What else have you used? Happy New Year. 2020, don't let the door hit you on the way out!!
  3. Very nice. I'm just finishing mine. What kind of tape did you use while painting? The separation between black and white colors is very good!
  4. Hey Rich, thanks for the comments. If you end up building the same model I did, the trick is that you really have to put all the hood and side decals on in one sitting. The decals for the hood overlap - of course they don't tell you HOW they overlap, you just have to figure it out. Then the side decals have to line up. So block off the time, and breath deep. (But don't hyperventilate). In my kit, there was one red decal that wasn't called out in the instructions, and I used it as a doner to patch the blocks of red color if they tore during the setting process. Lucky break there. Attached are a couple of shots of the fenders. I went as far as I could without risking having them tear. Where did you get the decals you are using for your version of the Alfa?
  5. Thanks for all the notes. Almost done, some minor detailing left, some gaps left to close, then it's on to the next project!
  6. I didnt know that. I have a Lancia Delta to build with an engine bay from Ukraine Models. Did you check out the 1/12 Lancia Delta coming from Italeri ?
  7. Cool! The only other one I know of is the Jaeggermeister. What are the others?
  8. Here's an Alfa in progress. It will have the Martini livery. I wanted to build something simple, but as usual, made more work out of it. Used Studio 27 carbon fiber kit. It is coming together though.
  9. Hi and thanks. The tires were fine - I heard about the issues but these were in perfect condition. I started with the kit version Unimog U 1300L THW . The vehicle on the box art is blue.
  10. Hi Zen. If I were to do it over again, I would use clear acetate for the windshield, as it has some unsightly tabs. And, I would open up the hood to expose the engine. But I just had to say "when" at some point and finish it.
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