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  1. Thanks guys..i used black tape folded for the belt..1st time.. Someone gave me the tip. .
  2. Thanks for the compliments guys. . The slicks are from comp resin. . They are big but fit with this type of funny car. . Didn't make the decals. . Came in the kit I bought. .
  3. Built this challenger funny car. . Still making some adjustments, but coming along nicely. . Waiting on the wires. .
  4. I finished the Bounty Hunter funny car..heres some pics..
  5. Bounty Hunter. ..thanks for the compliments guys..and I did sand the shine of the tires today Getting there...
  6. Here is the chassis in progress..put the distributor in, have to run the wires. .
  7. Heres the start of my ford funny car build chassis
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