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  1. With your skills, it would be really nice if you mastered a louvered hood. I have a sneaky suspiscion that it might be desired...
  2. Looking good. Is it possible to put the axle in front of the spring.
  3. Just heavier chopped, or some more modifications? Thinking of the opening and "seams" at the back of the top.
  4. Hope to see a "correct" roof with a little more chop. I'm in for a couple of firewalls too.
  5. So a SBC is more wrong than that roof opening and firewall? A SBC doesn't go for (it's a hot rod, any modification will do)? But I'm gonna put a nailhead in one of the coupes and maybe a y-block in another ;-)
  6. And now I remember...same "issue" on the roadster, when using the model a frame(chanelled version)
  7. Is it just me.... It seems to be "a lot of air" between the engine and radiator.
  8. Don't get me wrong...I really think this is gonna be a great kit. I will buy a bunch of them and will probably ask for more help and suggestions...
  9. I know for sure this is a Hot Rod and I'm glad it is. Gonna get a couple of these and can't take the firewall from another kit to all of them. What I was hoping for was someone to show a "simple" way to make look more "right", thinking of the "extension" of the body surrounding the firewall...I know styrenestrips, but any good tips are welcome. I will fill the roofopening on some , but would like to have a "stock" opening or insert on some...
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