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  1. Finishing them...that’s a whole different kettle of fish at the moment LOL
  2. Thanks Rob - do the stock wheels look any good?
  3. br67

    Kellison J4

    Hi I’m looking for a resin copy of a Kellison. I believe Time Machine Resin used to produce them Thanks
  4. Here’s mine - falls more into the WIP bracket. Amt 62 annual that I’m going to add the Revell Mustang chassis to
  5. Fantastic build sir. Great colour combo and execution
  6. I think item on the rh looks like it could be the headlamp surrounds and a upper and lower hood/grille moulding all in one?
  7. Got some great decals from Keith Marks - AAR cuda, Superbird, 68 and 69 Camaro and 68 ‘stang
  8. Hi ISO of 2 tail lenses from this kit pls
  9. Picked this kit up off ebay recently. Hoping to build up a 73 Harrell Camaro from it
  10. No I wish I had. Would like to add one to the stash
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