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  1. br67

    Amt 66 Nova

    Hi I'm looking for an unbuilt Nova - only interested in the kits that build the stock version. Have plenty to trade and also have a US shipping address
  2. br67

    69 Camaro hood

    Yes pls - pm sent
  3. Great combo of wheels, redlines and colour scheme
  4. Managed to throw this together with some eBay purchases and trades from members on the forum
  5. Been watching these on eBay for a while - the seller is deckoco. And thought I would take the plunge once I found a car that would suit them. Tires are maybe a bit on the thin side and casting finish on parts you can't see i.e. rear wheels is average but otherwise not a bad purchase
  6. br67

    Mpc 68 Mustang

    Hi, ISO body from the Mpc 68 Mustang annual. Have a US shipping address and plenty to trade
  7. br67

    69 Camaro hood

    Hi, ISO hood from the Mpc/Amt 69 Camaro. Have a US shipping address and plenty to trade
  8. br67

    Monaco exhaust system

    Yes please Craig
  9. Thanks for the tips Snake
  10. Hi ISO of stock hood, front seats and exhaust/axle assembly please
  11. I thought it looked like it had been modded 😉
  12. I know which one you mean but it wasn't that one
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