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  1. Just for interest sake - the chassis from the Revell 68 Firebird fits like a glove
  2. Scored a Modelhaus 68 Torino Coupe off eBay a short while ago. After a bit of research it appears to resemble a GT Coupe. Luckily I had a set original GT annual wheel covers, Amt Polyglas tires, Amt 66 Fairlane 390 and the leftover chassis from a Revell 70 Torino in my parts stash. And the chassis fits like a glove 😀So I have the makings of a great little muscle car
  3. br67

    Charger decals

    That will work for me. Pm me what you looking for and I’m sure we can work something out
  4. br67

    Charger decals

    Hi ISO of decal sheet from Revell 69 Charger pls. Have US shipping address and plenty to trade
  5. I believe I have 1 or 2 ‘57 Fords but I have them stored at work. South Africa is currently in a 3 week coronavirus lockdown só can only access them in about 18 days if you can wait
  6. br67

    Chapparal tire advice

    Thank you - those would be prefect but I see they are sold out
  7. Hi Im looking for some tires for a Chapparal 2H to match these in the pics attached. Any advice/help would be appreciated Thanks
  8. Top job sir! I really enjoyed watching it come together
  9. Thanks Ricky - was great trading with you too
  10. br67

    Amt Camaro annual

    Thank you sir
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