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  1. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC B-7000   

    hey pat
    first off all you are doing an amaizing work on this. all the details make this model very realistic and unique. kepp on that grate work.
    so long
  2. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hi guys

    Thanks a lot for all this onformation. All that details help a lot. I will drop the waste gate valve this evening. And driptroit that is not critic all this advices help me a lot to make this modell as real as possible. I do have a question abaout the water tubes for the cabin heater. Where are they mounted on the engine?
    Thanks for all your help
    So long
  3. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hallo driptroit
    I think I have a mistake with that waste gate valve. I was so deep in my work that I did not pay attention absut this. Ihad the turbo from the International I have in the shop and this one looks leike the one I used. I had a look at my reference pictures I have but I am not sure how the turbo presure is gouverned. Perhaps someone knows more and can gives us helping hand about this.
    So long
  4. Arnd added a post in a topic White Freightliner daycab   

    Nice work on that littel one. Are this 20 or 22 inc. rims?
    So long
  5. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hi all
    I worked a bit on the engine. I did some plumbing and detailing. The turbo is on its place and the exhaust tubing for the turbo is done. The belts for the pulleys are ready, too. Need some paint to look like real ones.

    The exhaust pipe will be the next challenge but we will see. A Jesse about the exhaust pipes, I am not sure in the moment how it will look like and what type it will be. I thought to use a in frame muffler and to leave the exit under the truck. Let us see what will happen.
    I made the mirrors ready with some from the spare part box. This type looks much more correct the other which I tried.

    And some shots from under the hood and inside the cab.

    Thanks Sam for that info with the transmission.
    So long
  6. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hi guys

    I went on with the work on the GMC. I not sure if I need a transmission holder or not? I have in the shop an International school bus, we work on ant it has an Allison automatic transmission with out a transmission holder to the frame. The transmission is just fixed to the engine, and the engine is fixed to the frame. Is this normal? Is this a special think for automatic transmissions? Thanks for your help.
    So long
  7. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    And some shots with the cab on the frame

    That’s all for now folks. There is lot more work to be done and many many little ideas to be turned in to reality.
    So long
  8. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hallo Guys

    First of all I want to say THANKS A LOT Jesse for this grate story and all that information. That is exactly that way I like this forum and all you guys so much all this history just grate.

    As I decided to use a DD 6v92t I started to cast all the parts I need for the engine. The cylinder valve covers were reworked and casted. There are not perfect, I think the proportions do not match but it is like it is. I am not so good in reworking things by just using a photo as an example.

    And that casting and casting and casting

    The nest step was the engine assembly. All the parts were cleaned up and glued together. I used the transmission from the alskan hauler, as it is Spicer 5 speed it should be ok for that engine. Perhaps I will rework the rear axel to a two speed unit. The power train was fixed to the frame with some self made brackets. It was a bit tricky to find the right place between the firewall and the radiator. The engine is quite long. But it works. The think that the air compressor and the steering pump will be placed on the back of the engine and the alternator on the right side of the engine. The belt pulleys were reworked and installed to the engine.
  9. Arnd added a post in a topic Reissued Pete 359 California Hauler   

    Hei Jarda
    Grate work on all of your detailing. All this littel things make a modell special unique and give it the real and authentique look. Just impressive all this work.
    So long
  10. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hallo guys
    Tanks a lot for all your answears.
    I decided to power this littel girl with an DD 6-92t which is as I read a quite offen used engine in trucks loader and powerunits. I have a mold from my 6v-71which I used for my mack. I will cast that engine and rework the valve covers and add a turbo kit. I think there are no mote difference between this two engines. If I am wrong please correct me. I think to use the first transmission from the alaskan hauler. It has this doble transmission with the short drive shaft between it. What type of transmission is this exactly? 5 or 8 speed?
    So long
  11. Arnd added a post in a topic Aeromax with lowboy 35 t   

    Hei Alain
    Grate work on this one. It is grate to see how a childrens toy turns in to a real life replication. Just amaizing. The weathering and the used look just perfect.
    So long
  12. Arnd added a post in a topic 20' EU Container trailer 1:24   

    Grate work on that subject. I am verry impressed about the shape of the parts
    They look verry realistic. Do you own one of this cnc mashiens? They are quite expensive but do a grate work and the possibilities are endless on what can be fabricate.
    Looking forwad to this project.
    So long
  13. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hi guys
    thanks alot for all of your answears. It isgrate to read that you like this littel ugly duck. As for the engine I did some resarch but I think that the Cat engine was only used in the Top Kick versions were the cab was a bit higher and the hood was of a different shape. The most offen engine I found searching the internet is the 8.2, it is a DD but not two stroke. I do not know if I will really want to start scratch building a complete engine.
    But just as an idea, beeing repowered with an DD 6v-71 would this be realistic?
    so long
  14. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    I am not sure about the type of mirrors which would be the correct one for such a truck. I but some on the brackets for a test but I am not happy with them. I have to look for some others.

    After that I went on with the interior. It is not really easy with it because of the cab’s shape. The dash with the steering wheel is one part with a holder on the firewall. The rear wall is the second part. The fool with seats and is the third one and the door panels are the forth part. All together are the interior. It took some time to fabricate all the holders and pins which keep all the parts on their right place.

    The next picture is just a try to see how it looks like with a trailer behind it, but I will use something like a 20 or 28 feet one axel flat bed with this little one.

    Do you have some ideas for the right engine for such a truck? No gas, I want to use a diesel one.
    So long
  15. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hallo all

    I worked again this weekend on my GMC.
    The wipers are from the spare box with some rework and being now 2mm shorter they fit quite well to the windshield. It will be possible to move them in each position you want.

    The next step were the rear mirrors. It took me some time and tries until they looked quite well in my opinion. Not totally equal to the original ones but ok. The holders are made of some 1mm plastic tube, cupper wire and some mirror brackets from the spare box. I am not sure but now when you have a look at them they appear a bit too wide. I am not sure if should correct them or not. The old resin cab was quite useful during the fabrications time.