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  1. Arnd added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    IHC Paystar 5070 hood question
    Hallo all I will rework an old project that I started long time a go an IHC Paystar but I do not know exactly how the hood is hinged? Is it a piano hinge in the middle? Perhaps one of you has some pics. I searchsed the internet but no luck , many pictures but not from an open Hood. thanks for your help and so Long Arnd
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  2. Arnd added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Mack R Serie six wheel tractor
    Hallo all
    After a long brake I start again with my hobby, building model trucks. While I put all my model kits in my new room, I found a box with a Mack Junkyard Dog that I started long a go as a single axel tractor and newer finished it. Seeing all the parts in the box I decided to change the truck into a tractor pulling a 40 feet log trailer. The Junkyard Dog cab is perfect for reproducing an old working truck from the woods.
    If we belief what AMT says than this truck should be a R685ST model. Is this right? Or could it be an RD685ST? Or an R785ST? Or would it be totally the wrong truck with a wrong frame, engine and transmission for pulling a log trailer? I hope the Mack specialists who are here can give a helping hand with all that questions.
    I added some resin parts to the front axel to make it steerable and to fit with some Revell rims and tires. The frame was stretch again to the standard length and the old camel back rear axel was replaced so that it would fit with a wheel base of 178inch on 1:1 truck. I will have to rework the frame a bit on the place where the two parts are glued together.  I am not sure about the rims I will use. They will be 20inch but cast spoke or two holes bud wheels or five holes, I am not sure about this in the moment. I started with a cab protector which will be over the top of the cab too. The big challenge will be the hood. Mack used fiberglass hoods on this models and fiberglass do not have dents. Well this will be a lot of filling and sanding.

    So long Arnd
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  3. Arnd added a post in a topic Hayes Clipper offroad truck   

    Hallo guys
    I have some problems with the steering system of this truck. I did find some pics and technical information on the steering system for Hayes HD and HDX but not for the Clipper.
    Does anyone of you know if they have the same steering system or if they are different?
    So long
  4. Arnd added a post in a topic 20' EU Container trailer 1:24   

    hi David
    this work is really impressive. all this posibilities are incredibel. so mutch details just grate. are you planing to produce such smal parts like this electric plug as a kit ist self or only in combination with the Trailer kit?
    so Long
  5. Arnd added a post in a topic Hayes Clipper offroad truck   

    Hallo all
    @Gator the pit fenders are as the frame is from the AMT Autocar kit. I just sanded them to make them look a bit different. I did some research for the engine. It looks like that the most used engine, was the Rolls Royce 6 cylinder inline diesel engine. It looks like these engines didn’t have a long life most of them were replaced with Detroits, Cummins and Caterpillars. I think that the choice of a DD 8V-71 would be grate for repowering.
    By the way does one of you know what type of trailer this one is? I find it while I was searching for pics in the internet. For what type of wood is it build?
    So long

  6. Arnd added a post in a topic Dodge Bighorn "Shortnose"   

    nice subject. the littel one looks  very special for me. I think that would have been a grate truck if they had produced it. where do you have the cab from? how i the quality?  
    so long
  7. Arnd added a post in a topic Hayes Clipper offroad truck   

    Hallo all
    I cast the rear axel from my Mack DM600, I think this one is much more authentically for a truck of this size. I think I will use the bigger Revell tires too. The rims have to be reworked to fit with the axels I use and I have to build some new front tire rims because the Revell Hanomag trailer has only rear tire rims. It will be some work but it will make it special. The truck looks “harder” this way. I think that will not make the whole truck trailer combination look strange when the trailer will have smaller tires then the truck.
    Here the start with the production for the resin parts I need and the first test with the new rear axel. Everything fits quite well. There is still some reworking needed here and there but it looks already grate.

    @Sean I don’t think that I will use a V8 for this truck but I am not sure jet. I think a Cummins 6 cylinder fits quite well under the long hood.
    so long
  8. Arnd added a post in a topic Hayes Clipper offroad truck   

    And the tires I am not sure about the size

    And the front

    That is the way I want to go on with this project

    Still a lot of work to be done but a lot of fun. The rear axel is the next step. I camel back is a bit to high way style, I think the 55.000 lb is a better choice.
    So long
  9. Arnd added a post in a topic Hayes Clipper offroad truck   

  10. Arnd added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Hayes Clipper offroad truck
    Hallo all
    That is a project I am working on it for a longer time now and I think it is time to share it with all of you. I was looking thru the internet searching for pics for hours. Hayes trucks are special, not a mass production strictly concentrated on the customer who ordered them. Engine, frame, and axels every brand is possible just like the customer needs it. A Hayes is build for ever no way to rust around with out being used.
    It is the reproduction of a fun build but very realistic and 100% possible, based on a 1965 Hayes Clipper 100 off road logger. An old logger being put together after an accident with different parts to be used again for moving logging trailer around the loading place.
    Most parts are from the junk yard box, some are self made resin parts and the cab is from AITM. Frame and fenders from AMT`s  Autocar, front axel from Italeri, rear axel MPC`s Mack. Cab, hood and radiator from the AITM Hayes Clipper 200 with some changes. The base is the first generation of the Clipper series with some off road fenders. 
    Here the start

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  11. Arnd added a post in a topic Caterpillar TC 660   

    hallo Alain
    grate work on this unit. all the details make it very realistic. the rear tires what Dimension do they have? are made of normal resin or rubber?
    so long
  12. Arnd added a post in a topic New Brush Truck Started   

    hallo charles
    grate project you have picked up here. Verry interesting. By the way what is the size of the tires you are useing for this truck?
    so long
  13. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC B-7000   

    hey pat
    first off all you are doing an amaizing work on this. all the details make this model very realistic and unique. kepp on that grate work.
    so long
  14. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hi guys

    Thanks a lot for all this onformation. All that details help a lot. I will drop the waste gate valve this evening. And driptroit that is not critic all this advices help me a lot to make this modell as real as possible. I do have a question abaout the water tubes for the cabin heater. Where are they mounted on the engine?
    Thanks for all your help
    So long
  15. Arnd added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Hallo driptroit
    I think I have a mistake with that waste gate valve. I was so deep in my work that I did not pay attention absut this. Ihad the turbo from the International I have in the shop and this one looks leike the one I used. I had a look at my reference pictures I have but I am not sure how the turbo presure is gouverned. Perhaps someone knows more and can gives us helping hand about this.
    So long