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  1. Thanks, JC! THanks, Dan! The goal is to finish by December! Thanks, David! I'm glad I took the time to re-do the vent windows. Of course if I want my models to be consistent I'll have to do the windows on the '61 ragtop and the '62s, which have the same problem!
  2. I doubt I'll bother with the screw posts, Steve, but will give it some thought. Being a custom it'll be displayed with hood closed more often than not. I like those bezels, and I've got that kit so will dig it out of the stash and check them out to see how they might work with my custom lenses.
  3. 1957 Thunderbird.

  4. Moebius ' 61 Catalina Finished

    Nice work! Looks like the kit goes together quite well. I'm impressed by the accurate looking stance the car has.
  5. 1957 Thunderbird.

    Great work, Tulio!
  6. AMT '59 El Camino-Paint-09/18

    Nice clean work on this Elky!
  7. This project is a rebuild of a model I built in 1976! Some things will remain from the original build, including the 401 horse, 390 cid FE motor swapped in from the AMT '34 Ford Pickup kit that I added wiring to "back in the day" using stiff floral arrangement wire. I repainted the seats and side panels in the correct stock pattern for this build but the rest of the interior, including the dash, is from '76. The big change for the rebuild is that I'm correcting the shape of the vent windows and adding weather stripping to side window openings. I've also changed the wheels to my new period-perfect favorites – Revell '57 Ford wheels, plated by Little Motor Kar Co. This shot of an AMT '61 Ford Sunliner shows the incorrect vent window that was also present on my Starliner...
  8. Awhile back I added a custom grill to the truck from the Aurora Grill & Trim parts pack. Added a matching grill to the hood opening, getting rid of the hood emblem and the corresponding raised center of the hood.
  9. Johan Cadillac Glue Bombs

    Beautiful work! Hard to believe they're the same models!
  10. 1960 Chrysler Imperial. Ready for Foil. 9/23

    Great work, Steve. Love the cowl vent!
  11. '60 Desoto Adventurer Salvage Project

    Ambitious rescue project! Just a reminder that 1960 and newer Mopars, including the DeSoto were Unibody construction and the chassis plate JoHan used in the USA Oldies DeSoto, while somewhat basic in detail, is actually correct – unlike the earlier body-on-frame chassis JoHan used in the '60 annual kits for some strange reason. That said, the '58 Plymouth and '57 Chrysler ARE NOT an accurate swap into the '60 DeSoto. A more accurate, if problematic, swap would be the chassis from any of the Lindberg '64 Dodge kits since they reflect the Unibody construction of the era.
  12. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird"

    Great project and I like your approach! Keep it coming!
  13. Jaguar D-Type XKD 606

    I'm in awe!
  14. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    Oh well looks I'm left still searching for '61 Dodge taillights. Would've been nice if they still had their '56 Dodge kit, too.
  15. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    '36 Ford roadster custom. I WILL get back to this one!