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  1. 1959 Ford Skyliner - Revell

    Congratulations on completing a tough build! It looks very nice. Paint looks smooth and it's a great color for the car. I built this kit many years ago and also found the top mechanism very frustrating!
  2. Revell '55 Bel Air Box Art Homage - Part I

    Very cool project! Nice clean workmanship!
  3. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! We Have Color!

    Thanks, Steve! I hear you on the neon greens and bright purples. Not here. My mix here is a bit more blue than what I was originally considering, and will change a bit with clear on it. Thanks, Bob! I've still got another paint step, plus clear before foil, so it'll be a while. But I'm anxious to see it done, too!
  4. JoHan '59 Dodge Mild Custom in Primer!

    Thanks, Ron! Hope to have it done for NNL! Thanks, Marty! Thanks, Steve! Me too!
  5. JoHan '59 Dodge Mild Custom in Primer!

    Thanks, Steve! I think that separating and having them plated is great idea and what I'll most likely do.
  6. JoHan '59 Dodge Mild Custom in Primer!

    Thanks, Rich! The '57-'59 Dodges just might be my favorite car designs Thanks, Mike! Updates might be slow for a bit while I finish the Ford. Thanks, Nick! I love the real ones and the JoHans!
  7. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! We Have Color!

    Finally, we have color! Next, masking for outlines and scallops! The purple will get a touch darker and deeper with clear over it.
  8. As I wrap up the '58 Ford project I've also been working on this '59 Dodge I started way back in the '70s from a mint kit. Got the various extraneous emblems, etc. shaved off and am now in the tedious sand, prime, sand, prime phase of body work with lots of subtle and not so subtle blemishes to resolve. But at least it's all one color now. Also polished and treated the glass with Future. Received the beautifully plated bumpers back from Dale at LMKCo. One thing I did that's not so obvious was to reshape the rear wheel openings to a more accurate profile.
  9. What did you get today?

    Presented with this outstanding original box for my '60 ElCamino from an old friend. Now it has a place to hide from the dust while it awaits its turn on the work bench.
  10. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    Fantastic build!
  11. Rex White's 60 Impala

    Nice build! By the way, the chassis problem isn't something you did wrong, it's RevelloGram! The only way to fix it to cut the protruding sections off. The problem is present on the '60 kit and both '59s.
  12. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! We Have Color!

    Finally got some primer on this thing! Some little spot repairs to make, but soon we'll have color I think.
  13. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! We Have Color!

    Thanks, Ed! Finally, I think I'm going to remain true to my original vision and go with Bob's. Mark, the Tamiya paint is a mix of Mica Silver, and Clear Red and Clear Blue.
  14. 1/24 Ford GT40 Mk1 engine 3d printed by myself

    Now we're getting somewhere! This the first time I've seen 3d printed stuff that really shows an acceptable surface surface finish in small scale. Beautifully done!
  15. Revell/AMT 1/32 '56 Merc; Survivor from 1976 Gets Fresh Foil!

    Thanks, Michael! Yeah, those gift sets are big bucks! In '56 there was another one that had 5 cars, substituting the Caddy Eldo and Merc for the Continental. In '55 there was one with the Caddy, Ford, Chrysler, and Buick. Ultra-rarities!