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  1. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1956 Ford Factory options   

    The Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels we see so often on restored Thunderbirds today were not offered until 1962 with the debut of the Sports Roadster option with the fibreglass tonneau cover. As they became a popular retrofit for the two-seat T-birds, the restorer clubs approved them for restored cars even though they were not an original option in '55-'57.
  2. John Goschke added a post in a topic 58 Lincoln   

    There was no kit of the '58 Lincoln. AMT did do promotional and friction model versions. IIRC they were four-door hardtops, and, of course, molded in warp-prone acetate. The '59 and '60 were available as two-door hardtop and convertible styrene kits from AMT. Modelhaus may offer a resin kit of the '58.
  3. John Goschke added a post in a topic JoHan 68 442 Totally Restored   

    Nice job! Promos are great raw material!
  4. John Goschke added a post in a topic Another old rod to ponder   

    Really interesting analysis at that Hemming's link! Am I correct – they seem to be implying that this seemingly abandoned gow job might have evolved into Iskenderian's car? That's a cool speculation but seems a bit of a stretch! There were more than a few of these types of early hot rods running around back then, and this sorry sucker might just as easily wound up in a WW II scrap drive or may have survived to be rebuilt as one of the many later anonymous hot rods that ran on the dry lakes after the war.
  5. John Goschke added a post in a topic It's Alive!!   

    Looks like a very solid car, Steve! Great color combo and very desirable equipment. Seems relatively uncommon to have one without a vinyl roof – they look better that way, plus you won't have the rust nightmare the vinyl tops usually cause.
    Good luck getting her back on the road!
  6. John Goschke added a post in a topic '41 Chevy Standard Coupe...late '60s traditional street rod   

    Amazing work correcting that horrible roof! Beautiful build overall.
  7. John Goschke added a post in a topic New Wheels for the Old '40 Ford!   

    Thanks, Bernard! I did like the red wheels, especially the way they harmonized with the red interior. But when I saw how nice a job Dale did plating these wheels, I HAD to put them on this car!
    Brett, I think these wheels also come in the more recent issues of the coupe kit. The wheels in the Tudor sedan kit, and the original issue coupe, have a flat center behind the lug nuts.
    So you can see the difference, here's a closeup showing the original flat center wheel from my coupe, which was built from an early issue of the kit.

  8. John Goschke added a post in a topic Cartoony 55 Chevy Pickup   

    Nicely done!
  9. John Goschke added a post in a topic New Wheels for the Old '40 Ford!   

    Thanks, Wayne. This is the AMT kit.
    Thanks, James. You can contact Dale Horner's Little Motor Kar Co. at
    Thanks for the comments guys. For fans of the red wheels, I hear you, but chrome seems more appropriate here.
  10. John Goschke added a post in a topic Porsche 911 Turbo....   

    Wow! That's gorgeous!
  11. John Goschke added a topic in Under Glass   

    New Wheels for the Old '40 Ford!
    Hard to believe I finished this model over six years ago! Since then the red wheels have increasingly seemed inappropriate for the time period, 1959 to 1961, and the style of car – a hot rod that's more show car than driver – it turned out to be. So when I recently had a set of wheels an AMT '40 Ford Sedan Delivery plated by Little Motor Kar Co. I knew right where they had to go when they came back all shiny! In the process of changing out the wheels and tires, I resolved another nagging issue with the build – sagging tailpipes – by drilling through the pipe and into the rear corner of the frame so a piece of thin styrene rod could be cemented in to serve as a pipe hangar. Nothing causes the jitters quite like drilling holes in, and changing wheels and tires without removing the suspension from, a completed model!
    Anyway, I'm happy with the result! Maybe it needs some angel hair to complete the picture!

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  12. John Goschke added a post in a topic Lamborghini Miura SSV prototype   

    Beautiful model and great photos!
  13. John Goschke added a post in a topic '32 Deuce ..What Scale is this?   

    This kit was actually a modified reissue of Monogram's second all-plastic car kit (kit #P-2,) which was originally molded in shrink- and warp-prone acetate. Suggested retail price was 98¢. This version had a dual carb flathead, street tires with hub caps, and didn't have the zoomie headers. It came in a smaller 6.125" x 3.625" x 1.625" box. At some point during its production it may have been released in styrene.

    Prior to its re-release as the "Drag Strip Hot Rod" it appeared again, under Monogram's "Four Star Plastikit" branding, probably molded in styrene, with re-vised box art, and an expanded decal sheet. This is the rarest version of the kit.

  14. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1959 Chevy Impala-----Update! We Got Glass! 11/8/15   

    Excellent work on the windows, Bill!  Congratulations on resolving that issue!
  15. John Goschke added a post in a topic 77 AMC Matador November 1st Update.   

    Love seeing such meticulous workmanship on this model! Your stance adjustments were definitely worth the effort – one of the most important aspects of a great model! Great job on the "ghostbusting," always a frustrating task, but another one worth the effort.
    Having lived through those dark ages of opera windows, fake burl wood, and crushed velour, I always thought these two-door Matador were one of the best-looking cars of the era, especially compared to the horrendous 4,000 lb. "intermediates" from GM and Ford!