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  1. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1975 AMC Gremlin Street Freak / Gasser   

    Uh... Wow! Very impressive workmanship on this project! Definitely going to be the baddest Gremlin on the planet!
  2. John Goschke added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '60 Ford F-100: Hacking Away at an eBay Find!
    A few months ago I finally lucked on to an affordable built-up AMT '60 Ford pickup on eBay. The day it arrived I stripped the decals and junk off, gave it a scrubbing, and started chopping it down from the kit's 118" wheelbase, 8' bed configuration to my preferred 110' wheelbase, 6.5' bed. Took a couple evenings of work, but I managed to get to this mockup stage before jumping back on other projects. Check it out...
    Two shots from the auction listing: pretty typical build, but fortunately not painted, and not too much of a glue bomb! No engine, compact 13" wheels up front for a "rubber rake."

    Here she is shortened up. Eight scale inches out of the chassis and out of the front of the bed after cutting it away from the cab. 10 scale inches out of the rear of the bed, just in front of the stake pockets (easier cutting there.) A piece of 1/32" ABS cut to match the rear inside bed wall reinforces the join at the rear of the bed. The bed floor was also cut eight scale inches in front and 10 in back.

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  3. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1960 Ford Starliner.   

    Another in your succession of consistently outstanding builds! It's always a pleasure seeing your work.
    Looking at this new-tool kit built up makes me wonder if the time I've invested in two unfinished original '60 Ford annual kit-based builds was worth it!
  4. John Goschke added a post in a topic What's Next? Follow up.   

    Interesting info, Steve. Thanks. I don't think I've seen enough '61 Electras to have taken note of that two-tone treatment, and have always preferred the proportions of the Invicta and LeSabre series.
  5. John Goschke added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Chevelle   

    Great work! The taillights are very convincing – very ingenious solution.
  6. John Goschke added a post in a topic What's Next? Follow up.   

    Glad the Buick won the poll!
    Don't know if it helps, but more than a few '61 Buicks were two-toned like this. If I remember correctly they had the primary color on the rear panel.

  7. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1953 Ford Victoria   

    Such a clean build! Wow!
  8. John Goschke added a post in a topic The Man with the Golden Gun AMC Hornet   

    Really nice work! Meticulous detailing brought out the best in this promo and gave me flashbacks to one of the goofier Bond films!
  9. John Goschke added a post in a topic Started work on a Moebius '54 Hudson Club Sedan!   

    A body style conversion by a man who know his stuff! This'll be fun and educational to watch!
    Got my popcorn, when does the picture start?
  10. John Goschke added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    Great work on that interior. Thanks for the info on this kit, too.
  11. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1400 mile 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire (Sorry, couldn't find the station wagon thread)   

    A genuine relic from the deepest dark ages of American car culture! Love the way the dark forest green interior clashes with the yellow-green exterior – so '70s.
    Too bad it's not a '64 with 1,400 miles.
  12. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1961 Starliner Mild Custom. Update, 7/26 Interior Finished!   

    It's details like that that'll give this build special meaning!
    What are those bezels from, Steve?
    Of course now you'll have to add the missing parking lights to the Starliner's front bumper! Though you could modify the bumper from the Styline '61 Ford Club Vic...
  13. John Goschke added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Not today, but recently acquired. One can never have too many "Squarebirds!"
    Two nice rebuildable '60s. The convertible has had its emblems and script cleanly removed. Love that these kits have a stick shift trans hooked to the 352!

    A really sad "basement find" '59 hardtop came from a friend in our model club. It'll be parted out and the roof will provide the basis for an up-top for the '60 convertible.

  14. John Goschke added a post in a topic Couple Rebuilt Oldies for the shelf   

    Nicely done! Excellent foil work on the '61 Buick side moldings – those are the toughest part of that kit.
  15. John Goschke added a post in a topic 1967 Ford Mustang GT Update.............some "beauty/teaser" shots 7/19/15   

    Amazing work, Bill! Looks terrific. I like the restrained, stock appearance of the engine compartment and the tidy work on the wires and hoses.
    FWIW, that profile view showing the stance looks like a typical Mustang to me! It always seemed like they came from the factory with their noses high or their tails low, didn't they? Though a drop in the front for a slight forward rake would look a lot better.