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  1. SHORTSTER: custom 57 Chrysler roadster

    Here is the 1:1 shortened Chrysler from Hot Rod https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-1107-1959-chrysler-imperial-speedster/
  2. 1965 Plymouth A990

  3. Javelin`s AMC

    Pretty sure the kits would sell well....How many musmarcudas can you build?
  4. Madgnific: Monte-Carlo based custom wagon

    I like it and it reminded me of this from Detroit Autorama
  5. 1976 or 1977 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino

    Very nice...Back when NASCAR rides looked like real cars and not blobs
  6. '55 Chevy

    Really nice!
  7. Chinese tariff war and models

    I'll bet the prices will go up 30%. The tariff is I think 25% Then after the tariffs are rolled back prices will drop 10% Capitalism at it's best
  8. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    How hard would it be for a manufacturer acquire an unbuilt kit and scan it into a CAD CAM to cut the tooling? The days of pantographs and hand tooling molds are pretty much gone aren't they?
  9. 1964 Dodge 330

    I guess I should have dusted it off....Dang model bench is in my basement wood shop
  10. 1964 Dodge 330

    Just finished this up...Redid the paint twice and I keep trying to better my abilities.. I did one similar to this as a kid with Jade green faded over silver. Tried that and didn't work on this one
  11. Larger vintage model car to customize (I hope)

    Also parts are available on Ebay...Bad ones get parted out
  12. Larger vintage model car to customize (I hope)

    That would look great as a low rider
  13. Larger vintage model car to customize (I hope)

    Crusader 101...They go for good money on Ebay. I had one as a wee lad. Saw one at a swap meet at a very nice price and bought it. Put it on Ebay and tripled my moolah Barbie doll collectors want them as they are pretty much the right scale from what I was told
  14. Back to the hobby after 15 years

    Just 15 years? That's nothing Probably for most people it's 40 Welcome!
  15. 1964 Dodge 330

    Thanks.... I went back and forth with the color