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  1. Just built one out of some scrap wood, An Ebay hot water heater power vent, a furnace filter, Amazon LED light and some PVC pipe. Probably have around $50 in it. The most expensive part was the bench it's on...We all know how expensive a couple of 2X4s are lately 🙂
  2. Does Atlantis have a actual store at their location? I'll be basically around the corner from them this weekend.
  3. Doing a Surfrod Stroker McGurk. Tried finding an enamel that had a skin tone for Stroker Some suggested acrylics as the local Hobby Lobby didn't have the Tamiya paint that was suggested. So I bought some craft ones...Now what? How would I thin it for my airbrush? Brush it on? I've brushed it on and it looks poopy Seems thinner for acrylics is kind of all over the place Done searches here but the hits on acrylic are rather large and can't find a tutorial
  4. Here's my dumb question... Since I don't know anything about the magazine industry Is it more profitable to sell subscriptions or sales at hobby shops?
  5. I saw that at HL a week or so ago. Ollies had models in the circular last week. Sale started the 29th. No models at my local one (on the way home from work basically) I went the next day and they were stocking the shelves. Bought the Gremlin, next day nothing basically
  6. Surprised the Sceptre was downstairs.... Went there 2 years ago.If I remember I'll post some pictures
  7. Then again you could go racing...Even in a cheaper series a weekend is not for the faint of heart... $500 car my a55!
  8. They still hurt like heck when you step on one in the middle of the night
  9. Some progress and a question... How do I fix the glue spot on the windshield? Stupid mistake! I do have the Testors "clear parts cement & window maker" Was thinking of flowing that out but figured I'd ask first HOLY CRUD THOSE PICTURES ARE HUUUGGGEEE!
  10. Going to the Detroit Autorama in March . Just saw this hobby shop (Pasteiner's Hobby) mentioned in an article.. Looks interesting but the website doesn't really mention model car kits. Is it worth checking out?
  11. Lot's of businesses have shrinkwrap machines...The same ones that the models were originally wrapped in I bought a "sealed" model that way and when I opened it it was apparent someone was in there already... Not happy but it was only $20
  12. Looks good.....I'm trying to relive my youth through building the showrods that I had as a kid
  13. Started this a couple months ago. I had built one when I was 10 or so and think I can do a better job this time around I want to weather it and add some bullet damage Are there any good how to's on that?
  14. Two of my toys...... Daily is a company ratty pick up
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