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  1. It's actually a Jimmy Flintstone resin body. It came like that. It uses a new gen Camaro windshield and rear window. I'd assume it's a Camaro roof grafted on
  2. Any constructive critiques are appreciated.....Thanks
  3. Had a sweet idea for the interior. A sport Roadster tonneau cover. Had to narrow it and then lop off the package shelf. I'm thinking it looks pretty good so far.
  4. 1959 AMT kit. I think it's the 1960 Merc grille
  5. Still kicking that around. I do have a Mercury grille out of the parts box from the ElCamino kit
  6. Just started actually working on this. Had the Flintstone body kicking around and couldn't come up with a theme. Then a Eureka moment. I bought an auction for a '62 Johan Chrysler that did not have the model I wanted but it had a beat up 1962 Tbird promo in the box. So I thought what if Ford made the Tbird in 2043 using some of the basic panels that were amortized years ago. I mean the model T went on for 20+ years, F body GM cars were basically the same from 1970 until 1981 So why not?
  7. Not sure of the colors unless I look under my car. But that front subframe is bolted to the fire wall if I recall correctly
  8. And that's why I bought my 1:1 1962 instead of a 1963
  9. I got #211 and was just simply amazed. I think you guys have been reading my mind. As I've thought about going into my stash of old Car Model Mags and building a clone of something from 1964 or so Then I see the Buick modified that was done to replicate the box art All the while I've been building the '65 Fairlane that way Good job guys
  10. Well....I do have a turkey roasting pan in the fridge.......I wonder why? 🙂
  11. kruleworld...I'm guessing you're using heavier foil than the roll in my kitchen? Is that like the stuff in a restaurant "doggie bag"?
  12. Doing the Ford Fairlane "modified stocker" kit and want to put some "rubbing is racing" damage on it Any good tutorials?
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