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  1. Some progress and a question...

    How do I fix the glue spot on the windshield?  Stupid mistake!

    I do have the Testors  "clear parts cement & window maker" Was thinking of flowing that out but figured I'd ask first






  2. On 12/22/2019 at 2:00 PM, StevenGuthmiller said:

    This is not at all unusual for a rare sealed kit.

    These are "collector" prices.

    No doubt this kit is destined to be lined up in a neat row on a shelf somewhere.

    I would be flabbergasted if it were ever built.


    I got a '68 Coronet a couple of years ago.

    I don't recall the price, but it was a fraction of what this one went for.

    All of the relevant parts were in pristine condition and included everything needed to build a stock model except the stock grille, which I picked up later.

    Some of the chassis parts were missing, but it didn't matter because the chassis and engine will be replaced with modern kit parts when I build it anyway.


    These are the kinds of kits that a builder looks for.

    Something rebuildable or restorable with the necessary parts included.

    Sealed kits are for collectors/ speculators who either want to display them as is, or just want to hang on to them and hope to make a profit down the road.

    They can have them.


    As a builder, I would be nervous about buying a sealed kit anyway.

    I want to know what I'm getting.







    Lot's of businesses have shrinkwrap machines...The same ones that the models were originally wrapped in

    I bought a "sealed" model that way and when I opened it it was apparent someone was in there already...

    Not happy but it was only $20

  3. 14 minutes ago, 89AKurt said:

    I totally missed this when I was a kid, snatched up when it was repopped.  I built box stock.  I've seen super detailed models, weathered, using tracks from tank kits, think it was one of the halftracks such as the 8 ton.  The builder used the Kleenex tarp technique to add uniforms that were torn and shredded.

    Do you have a Dremel?  If so, grind the inside of the body to make it thin, then take a hot pin/needle and poke through, then immediately press in to dent.  You don't want a perfectly drilled hole.

    Looks good.....I'm trying to relive my youth through building the showrods that I had as a kid

  4. Started this a couple months ago. I had built one when I was 10 or so and think I can do a better job this time around

     I want to weather it and add some bullet damage

    Are there any good how to's on that? 


  5. Got mine last Friday the 22nd..

    Canton Ohio area.

    Only issue I have with the issue was some of the show pics look like they were taken in a cave at night. But there was a PSA on how to take good quality ones in the magazine so hopefully it won't happen again

  6. Just finished this up...Redid the paint twice and I keep trying to better my abilities.. I did one similar to this as a kid with Jade green faded over silver. Tried that and didn't work on this one




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