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  1. I bought the Model Car Garage seat belt photo etch set. What I need are some pictures that have used them. They don't come with any directions and I would like to see how you did them please..
  2. The 348 in the kit. I'm wiring it up and making spark plug boots for it (first attempt) .....
  3. Started this a couple weeks ago and now mocking up tires and wheels
  4. Like he said.. I own a 1:1 '62 Hardtop The other thing is if you don't have the roof "up" you'll need to put it in the trunk folded up for when you open the trunk. Of course there have been several "parade cars" that are hardtops that have had the roof cut off. Those wouldn't have a canvas top and the truck would open the way you did it.
  5. Karl here are some pictures of the car at Glenmoor
  6. I'm also building one now...Wondering which way to go with it.
  7. As the title says I'm going to start using the airbrush. Are there any good videos of the basics? Tips also would be appreciated
  8. One can only wonder...I drive past a Kia dealer that has one out front and it's calling me....Even though I do like my wife's 2015 200 with a V6
  9. And NEW ones were priced just a bit higher than used cars Years ago we needed a minivan ( I'm still ashamed).. Used vans with 50K on them were about $2K cheaper than the NEW Kia Sedona we bought...And it had every option but a rear spoiler. Full size spare on an aluminum wheel too.
  10. Got a Jimmy Flintstone body and I like the seats on the website as in the picture. How would you do these?
  11. I'll check hopefully tonight.
  12. I'm sure it will... Trade for something maybe?
  13. The Flintstone Tbird is why I need the window glass for a 2009 Camaro that I posted in the wanted section
  14. Jimmy Flintstone Tbird in resin...Next up
  15. Since restarting my modeling I'm trying to improve with everyone I do. It's hard putting techniques together in one model ...But I am trying.
  16. Screen doesn't look right for the grill. BTW the car was owned for a while by the manager of where I work. I replaced him 9 years ago
  17. Doing my first resin and it's the Jimmy Flintstone Tbird custom I need to get a 2009 Camaro windshield and rear window to do it according to the website. I'd rather not have to buy a kit for that...
  18. I also recently built the Garbage Truck,the T'rantula and the Paddy Wagon...Just giggling as I built them
  19. Train stops at Freeport...Crazy thing is I still remember Freeport's zip code from when I did UPS shipping for Mack Boring for my first real job
  20. Built one when I was 10 or so (long time ago in a galaxy far far away) Pretty sure this one came out better.. Although it still has some goof ups.
  21. That's coming out really nicely... Was it this kit? I had a hell of a time with stuff not fitting
  22. It does suck that someone feels the need to rip another off..... Seeing the "Flintstone Flyer" in your post made me want to share these... The car was based in Massillon Ohio and was owned for a time by the fellow with the orange shirt.. I replaced him when he retired from the plant I manage.... There it is....My connection to a "Flintstone Flyer"
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