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  1. James I don't think I'll bring anything to the next meeting as mine still look like poop compared to what you do I am aspiring to equal your abilities
  2. If I was 1/25th scale I'd be trying to put a key in the door lock Very nice job
  3. I don't know if this helps but the Monogram Garbage Truck might have some of this stuff in it but in 1/24th scale.
  4. What do you use to outline the door and truck lines. The Donn Yost video mentioned a calligraphy pen but I can't make out which one specifically it is..
  5. But if it does start it will backfire through the carb and that's not good.
  6. Lived in Islip by 111 and worked in Bohemia
  7. Where on LawnGuyland are you ?
  8. ratdoggy


    Good thing is the liver regenerates so you could actually sell pieces of it again and again
  9. Yep the taxes are the killer. You never hear about someone moving to Long Island from another part of the country do you? I left in 2009 taxes are a quarter on twice as much house.
  10. Hi Rich I see that you are a fellow former Long Islander!! I grew up in Brentwood and bought my first house in Islip by where the Speedway was. Maybe you remember Montaltos in BayShore we used to buy our slot car stuff there. I remember him on the stool on the right as you came in. Prices might have been high but he had the stuff you needed before the internet on the shelves.
  11. There is another out on Long Island probably 1 hour by train Bay Shore Hobbies. I was in there a few times when I lived in Islip. Unfortunately I wasn't into doing models as I had the thee kids,minivan and house thing going http://www.hobbystores.com/bayshore/ From what I remember they stocked a lot of kits and had a lot of detail stuff. Can't vouch for it now though
  12. Because he might spend his time driving it. My Tbird is nowhere close to being restored if you look close. 3 kids, a house and 45 hours a week at work doesn't give you much down time to do stuff like that.
  13. Yep! the '60 Dodge is probably the only one that I really hate but I still like it in a way.
  14. I've seen that before but it still amazes me.
  15. The display was replicated on a table in 1/25th scale but I can't find the picture.
  16. Hope you have physical possession of the molds when they are done. Look what happened to Danbury Mint.
  17. What wire looks good for plug wires on a 1/25th model?
  18. Very nice. Fritz (the builder/owner) is a good guy I met him at the Cleveland IX center and spoke to him for probably a half hour (we are both from Long Island) about how we don't miss living there anymore.
  19. Are you bringing it next Thursday? Love to see it up close.
  20. Dry brushed dark brown over tan Testors silver Decals are Firebird designs
  21. Thanks Jeff. I hope to have a couple finished by the next meeting. Was doing a T'rantula dragster but messed up the engine and I lost a couple of pieces so I had to buy another kit
  22. Thanks I thought it came out pretty good myself. I tried dry brushing it before I knew that was the right technique
  23. Time to do a couple of 1/20th scale cars then.....
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