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  1. Thank you for getting back to me. I will have to look for this next time I am at Hobby Lobby. I have always used the hadlf round "Evergreen" Styrene strips but I see this being a lot easier for the things like door panels and trunk floors. Love the Apache project
  2. Can you let me know what sheet you use for the pleated door panels. I have been using small half round but it is a real pain on the door panels and that looks great and way easier.
  3. Love where you are going on this one. What wheels are they? They have a great finish on them.
  4. Love the addition to the tuck and roll. I am taking my first stab at it on a 60 impala I am building. When you do yours do you lay the half rounds on top of a piece of styrene sheeting to back it or are you just gluing the half round together? Looks great. Can't wait to finish painting my 1:1 so I can get back onto the work bench.
  5. I have been following your Apache build. You have nothing to worry about on coolness. That project looks like its a real killer.
  6. This build is coming out great. Keep up the killer work. I am looking forward to seeing this one progress.
  7. Sorry for lack of updates on the Cameo lately. I am slowly working on assembly of the rear suspension and some then some final engine details. Had to step away from the bench for a bit and have a couple weeks to go still before I am back most likely. I am trying to finish the rebuild of my 1:1 show truck and am just about to get her into the paint booth and then I can get back to the build bench. Thank you though for all the comments and interest in my build.
  8. Thank you for the help. I am going to be getting into one if these and these tips will really help I think.
  9. What did you use to darken the door gaps and do you have any pics on how you made the interior so that you were able to install it after the cab had been assembled?? I have this one on the shelf but have read that the inter goes in before the cab can be assembled?
  10. Great idea with filling those seams up front like that. Can't wait to see more on how this one comes out.
  11. Did you use a styrene stick and heat it for that notch or did you layer some styrene sheets together to get that radius? Really cool build so far and I am looking forward to seeing this one come along. I am a lover of these trucks. I have a build thread on here of a 55/57 Cameo.
  12. Can you attach links to those other threads that you mentioned? I love stalking your builds!!!
  13. This is a riddler winner with mods and details like this. Beautiful work!!!
  14. This is an amazing looking build. Love all the detail. Amazing!!!! Did those air cleaners come with the kit or are they aftermarket?
  15. Wow just amazing looking tires!!
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