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  1. That's what I was thinking about too... Maybe I'll make another attempt trying to improve the look of the heat shield and if it doesn't turn out the way I like I know that nobody will ever see it again once the FXX-K is finished. But it will definitely be a good practice for occasions it will be visible in another project 🙂
  2. Hi all Only a small update this week, as I was mainly working on another project which could be completed yesterday. The wiring of the engine has started Then I tried to simulate the heat shield. Therefore I used some usual aluminium foil and pressed the handle of a tool against it to impress the structure. Afterwards I wrapped it around the manifold. I'm not really happy with it yet because of the wrinkles in the foil. Up to now I didn't decide yet whether I will follow this path or just leave it painted like the one in the background. That's all for this update. I hope the next one will be more extensive 🙂 Urs
  3. Thank you very much. I almost thought it had something to be that way, as I couldn't imagine Ferrari building a car for race tracks only without using carbon on the diffusor. But if it's almost invisible without getting very close, I'll leave it that way 🙂 Urs
  4. Hi all Thank you very much. I hope I will do this kit justice The diffusor is sanded, primered and painted now. As I couldn't find any picture showing the FXX-K's diffusor in carbon, I decided to make life easy and paint everything in a light black. But let's start at the beginning First I had to re-engrave the grooves for the two most inner fins. Initially I thought I wouldn't need them to install the fins and filled and sanded them. But when doing a mock-up I noticed that I'll need them anyway. In this picture all the grooves are engraved and widened enough to make the fins fit perfectly. That gives some more stability to the construction. Then the fins could be attached And to finish it off, everything was painted in Zero Paints Jet Black, mixed with a tiny amount of Brilliant White. That's everything for this week. For the upcoming week I plan to blacken the panel lines and maybe apply some primer to the body parts. Urs
  5. Hi all Time for another update on this build. Work continued, although in small steps only. First of all a mock up to see if everything fits. As this is a Tamiya kit I wasn't really surprised that everything seems to be fine so far 🙂 Then the fins from the kit part have been removed to add the fins from the PE set afterwards. Some scratches have been filled with some sanding dust and Tamiya Cement. The outsides of the doors have been assembled and sanded smooth The join lines on the bonnet have been filled the same way I used on the diffusor. On the left side you can see the final result after sanding and polishing, on the right side you see how it looked after letting it sit and cure for a few days. And that's how the bonnet looks now. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. Especially as this was the first time I tried this technique to fill the seams. When doing a mock up with the PE fins I noticed that I made a mistake at the leftmost groove. On the rear end it was about 1 mm too much on the right side. So I had to close the end of the groove and rescribe it. That's why I'm still sanding and filling, but it seems to come to an end as well. Once this is finished, all the sanding of the body parts should be completed and I should be able to start priming and painting them. That's all for today. I hope that next time I have finished sanding the diffusor and that I found out whether the diffusor is made out of carbon or not. I already cut the stencils for the carbon decals, but when I looked at pictures of the original car, I only saw a satin black diffusor. Now I'm not sure anymore whether I should use carbon decals or only paint it black... Urs
  6. Hi all Thank you all for your very kind comments The kit itself is quite trouble-free to assemble. The only (not self-made) problem I had was with the large decal with the pyramid, to lay that down without any wrinkles. In the end I had to cut it in one or two spots to make it lay down nicely. Urs
  7. Finally I managed to take this car to the photo studio to shoot some final gallery pics. You can find them over here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/171491-leon-cvstos-amg-gt3/
  8. Hi all Yesterday I took the Leon CVSTOS to the photo studio to take some gallery pics. Here you can see the result 🙂 The W.I.P. thread to this build can be found over here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/163500-leon-cvstos-amg-gt3/
  9. harti20

    Ford GT

    Thank you Trevor. The CF decals were a pain indeed. But once I started to use the bought ones only as a stencil to cut my own ones from better decal sheets it went quite well 😉
  10. Thank you for your kind comment David 🙂
  11. harti20

    Ford GT

    Thank you all for your kind comments 🙂
  12. Hi all Not much progress to show here, as I'm currently mainly working on another project which I won't be able to show before mid may. Nevertheless some small steps are done. First the resin part for the engine you can see on the first picture in the starting post has received all its attachement parts and is now ready for the primer stage. Then some of the body parts have been cut from the sprue. Now they need some sanding and removing of the injection marks. That's all for this update. I wish all of you a good week Urs
  13. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I hope, I will do this kit justice. I already started it about 18 months ago, but after cutting the engine parts from the sprue I had the impression that I'd be overextnded by this kit and put it back to my stash.
  14. Hi all 🙂 After finishing the Ford GT it's time for a new project. Once again I chose something from Maranello, the Ferrari FXX-K. The kit is by Tamiya in 1/24 scale. I will also use the Detail Up-Set by HobbyDesign and the Carbon Decal-Set by Tamiya. First I started with the engine. The resin part on top is not glued on yet. Then I mocked up the engine and the monocoque to see how everything fits together. That's where I'm at now. As always I'm looking forward to your comments, critics and plaudits 🙂 Urs
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