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  1. Hi all Today I'm starting with a new WIP of a nunu kit. So far I never had anything from nunu on my table, so I was quite excited to see how the quality would be. On first glance I had the impression that it's almost par with a Tamiya kit. But once I started assembling and made my first dry fits I noticed that it's far away from Tamiya. Now I'd rather rate it slightly above amt. The parts often have sink marks in places where I really wonder how this could have happended, the edges aren't really sharp and fitment isn't really outstanding neither. Something I have never seen before with other manufaturors are these weird more or less cylindrical thingies in spots that look more like ejection marks(? can't remember the right word for it right now). Most often in spots where they interfere with other parts when assembling and where they aren't easy to remove after all... The undercarriage has been assembled as far as I could before painting Also the gearbox including the rear axle has been assembled. The ring you can see on the upper side (actually it is the bottom part) fits to a hole in the undercarriage. But you have to check on your own that the axle is perpendicular to the centerline of the car. A square would have made much more sense in my opinion. On the upper side there is a rectangular notch to hold another part (the one you can see in the second picture). But therefore you have no hint where exactly this part has to be placed in cross direction. There is a third part that has clear markings for both of the first parts but this has to be assembled much later in the process. At least I could use it as some kind of jig when assembling gearbox and the rectangular part. After that the cooler has been assembled. I know the grid should have been painted in black as well, but I decided to leave it how it was and only do a black wash to get some more contrast. Finally the brake discs have been completed and are awaiting their installation That's all for today. I hope to have piqued your interest and am looking forward to your critics, plaudits and suggestions Urs
  2. Meanwhile I also took some studio pics 😀
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments, I really appreciate it 😀
  4. Hi all A few weeks ago I finished my second bike model and so I took it with me to take some gallery pics last week. The build was pure fun from start to end. I can't wait to start my next bike soon Urs
  5. Hi all This spring I finished alpha model's Aston Martin Vantage for a contest in a german speaking forum. The kit was really fun to build and I really love how it turned out in the end. It was the first time I used a chromatic flip paint (green to purple) by Zero Paints. It looks really cool if the sun shines on the model, but it's not that easy to take some pictures which really show the effect. I hope you can see it on the pictures below. But enough said, let me show you the pics. Urs
  6. Just noticed that I had forgotten to upload the studio pics of my Lamborghini Veneno I took almost six months ago... So here they finally are 🙂
  7. Hi all Long time I didn't post anything on this build, but my priority in the last few weeks was to finish the Ferrari FXX-K and after that I hardly had any motivation to build models. But now I have some small progress to share. I didn't stick to the instructions at all, I only did what I felt like doing, so don't wonder if the parts don't really go together Thank you for your kind words. I hope to do this kit justice as it is a really challenging one. By the time I bought the decals the SK have been the only option available. Meanwhile there is another full carbon set by Scale Motorsports but that costs about three times as much as the one made by SK decals. First I assembled and installed the engine as far as I could. There will be more parts to be added later. Then assembly of the front cooler has been done And finally I needed some distraction from applying all the carbon decals on the body parts, so I decided to start applying carbon decals on the interior parts 😂 First a pic of the middle console which got some clear carbon decals on one side. I'm quite curious about that as this is the first time I'll use transparent carbon decals. For the rear upper part of the middle console I used conventional carbon decals. That's all for this update. I hope you won't have to wait another two months for the nex one on this build 😎 Urs
  8. Thank you all for your very kind comments 😀
  9. Last week the FXX-K could be completed. You'll find the Under Glass pics here:
  10. Hi all Finally my Ferrari FXX-K could be completed. If you're interested in the WIP, you can find it here: I couldn't take it to the studio yet to take the final gallery pics, but to get a first impression I took some pics in my photobox. I hope you like the pictures and that you will join my next build as well Urs
  11. Hi all Thank you very much No unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it before the exhibition, because I was mostly knocked off by a flu for more than a week right before the exhibition started Nevertheless I continued building and could almost finish it by now. So let's start with the progress I made since my last update. First of all the seats have been completed Then the body parts have been polished and waxed. Here shown on the front hood After that it was time to complete the interior. Unfortunately I only realised on these pictures that the carbon pattern on the steering wheel is way out of scale. But now I'll have to live with that... The front hood got some more parts attached And finally the first few of the body shell parts have been attached to the chassis / monocoque. That's how far I am right now. I think that I should be able to finish it by the end of this week Urs
  12. Hi all Thank you very much for your kind comments After having applied the last few decals to the bodyparts on saturday, sunday was clear coat day. First of all the worst part: the engine hood. Applying the silver decals inside the recesses was a real nightmare. They wrinkled and were very brittle, so they also tore apart when I tried to move them around. Later when applying the clear over it, the surface got very rough. The engine cover was the only part the clear went on like this, all other parts were mostly fine. Some minor dust got in on some spots but nothing too serious. On the front hood the silver decals have been much easier to apply. The only thing they didn't really like was MicroSet and MicroSol, with these liquids I had to be very careful, so I used mostly pure water to apply and flatten the decals The remaining parts have been quite easy to apply the decals and also clear coating was no problem at all. Why I'm only showing one side parts? Well... silly me applied the first, mist coat of clear to all parts, but forgot the second side part when applying the second and third coat. Of course I only noticed that after having disposed all of the remaining clear coat and cleaning the airbrush... There are still some smaller parts (mainly the rear view mirrors and the winglets for the spoiler) where I'll still have to apply some carbon decals and which I had planned to clear with Mr. Hobby Super Clear as I thought, that would be enough shine for such small parts. Now I think I'll mix up some more 2K clear once these parts are ready and hopefully apply clear also to the second side part. That's it for this week's update Urs
  13. Hi all This week a lot of decal work on the body parts has been done, hoping to soon be able to clear coat the body. Last week I showed you the doors with all the decals on. When I studied the building instructions again, I found out, that I missed two decals per door: the small Italian flag in the silver stripe and the "NO STEP" on the carbon part of the door. So I took the doors out of the box containing the finished parts, added these two decals and put the doors back in the "finished parts box". When checking the instructions again to get an impression what will have to be done before starting to clear coat, I noticed that you not only have to look at the side view, but also on the top view... 🤔 There was still the thin silver stripe underneath the windows missing... so I took then out once again, added the stripe and put it back in the box. I think, if I don't discover a previously hidden view from underneath, the decalling of the doors might now be finished... 😂 On the two body parts right behind the doors there was one decal missing as well, so I added this too (the FXX-K lettering). As you can see, I will have to do some touch up in the red paint. Finally I also added some more carbon fibre decals to two parts in the back of the car. On the one in the second picture one decal was a little too small (or I cut a little bit away by accident, can't really remember), so I'll have to do some touch up with black paint before clear coating. That's it for today. Last week I was a little skeptical whether I could finish it by end of the month to take it with me to a exhibition held near Basel in Switzerland, but now I think it might work out. Especially because I unexpectedly will have some extra building time the upcoming weekend 🙂 Urs
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