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  1. Hi all Long time nothing happened as I didn't have the time and somehow lost the interest in continuing. The fact that the second attempt of painting the body didn't turn out that well and I had to strip the paint for a second time wasn't very helpful neither. But now the dashboard could be completed. Too bad not much of it will be seen once the model is finished. Then the body was painted for a third (and hopefully last) time. The paint on the spoiler had to be stripped again as the black stripes were quite off compared to the stripes on the body 😞 But with the outcome of the body I'm more than happy So much for my first update this year. Urs
  2. Thank you. I already tried that but it didn't work out really well. And after that I noticed that all other stripe decals had the same problem as well. So it got stripped already yesterday evening.
  3. Hi all Unfortunately the decal didn't stick to the roof even after clearcoating. As the clear coat itself didn't turn out as smooth as I wanted it to be (to be honest, it went on terribly rough), I decided to strip the body and start all over. In the next attempt, I will definitely paint the black stripes. So currently the body is in its white plastic color again and awaits primer stage. As i don't think a white body would be that interesting, I won't post any pictures this time and hope that the next update will be more enjoyable again Urs
  4. Count me in too Looking forward to see this project develop.
  5. Hi all The door cards are now completed and are waiting for the other interior parts to be finished The diffusor received it's PE parts. I'm not completley happy with it, but considering it was the first time I replaced the cast on parts by the PE parts I think it's quite ok. The engine hood got its carbon decals And the stripes have been applied to the body. I just noticed that one stripe on the roof got loose, so I'll have to lay it down again. Actually I had planned to clearcoat everything yesterday. Everything was prepared and ready, but when I wanted to mix the 2K clear I noticed that I didn't have enough at home. So this step had to be postponed. That's all for today. I wish you all a good start to the upcoming week. Urs
  6. Hi all Welcome to a more extensive update than the last one First fo all the door cards had to be redone. As the carbon decals you can see in my previous post looked to glossy to me, I decided to cover them with some flat clear. Because of that the Dark Interior Grey around the decals was dulled down too. So I masked the sealed decals and repainted the surrounding areas. When removing the masking tape, half of the decal on one door card got ripped off. So I decided to strip the parts and start over with some self made carbon decals. In the first picture you can see the look right after repainting and re-decalling. In the second picture the PE parts are attached too and the door cards are ready to be assembled. The first of the seats has been completed as well The side skirts and the underbody received their respective carbon decals and are now ready to be clear coated The brake discs are completed and have been attached to the suspension According to the season the body has been wrapped up to paint the A pillars Unfortunately the paint went down quite rough, so I had to sand it. In doing so, I sanded through to the yellow paint on some spots. So I'll have to re-wrap the body to re-paint the A pillars. That's all for today. See you next time Urs
  7. Hi all Not much happened here since my last update. But to show some progress, I'll present at least a mini update I managed to apply some more of the carbon decals and some more parts received at least one first coat of primer. If everything works out the way I wish, the nex update should be much more extensive. I'm starting with the parts painted, namely the parts for the front suspension And the carbon decals mentioned above. Here the door cards received their carbon. With my binocular loupe they looked reasonably well, but now in the macro photography I see that some spots will need some more softer applied... That's all for today. I wish all of you a good start to the upcoming week Urs
  8. Thank you The yellow is a Zero Paints Custom mixed color (FEBG Triple Yellow) which provides a real good coverage.
  9. Hi all Thank you. Till now it really is a great kit with no issues at all (at least no issues which were caused by the kit ). This week I spent my time mostly on applying the carbon decals to their different locations. The diffusor will have to be retouched a little, as I had to re-open the recesses I previously cut for the fins. The dashboard has got two coats of Zero Paints Matt Clearcoat to dull it a little. The edges will mostly be hidden by other parts that will be attached to this part and the "scribbling" will be hidden by the tachometer decal later. Alongside the body parts have been finished painting. Although I always primered and painted the parts together, I got some quite visible differences in the hue of the different parts which I had to correct. But now everything looks fine, so the body is ready for the stripes to be applied and after that some clear coat to seal everything in. That's it already for today. I wish all of you a good start to the upcoming week Urs
  10. Hi all Thank you all for your kind comments. They are really top. In general if you run into problems during the build then it's mostly caused by the builder and not by the kit (at least that is my experience). This week I mainly tried to fill a seam on the front which shouldn't be there. So there was a lot of filling, sanding, filling, sanding, priming, filling, sanding and starting over... Finally I managed to get it almost cleaned. It isn't completely gone, but it's much better than at the beginning (and with a little luck it won't stand out to people who don't know it has ever been there After that it was finally time to apply the first few coats of paint. Then I removed the cast-on fins from the diffusor, cleaned the whole area and added some primer. The grooves depict the exact positions of the removed fins and will add some strength to the connection to the PE parts. And finally I managed to apply the first few decals from the Studio 27 Carbon decal set. That's all for today. I wish all of you a good start into the next week Urs
  11. Hi all After the Leon CVSTOS has been finished and the Morgan 4/4 was put back to the stash it was time to start something new. So I took Tamiya's Ford GT from the stash. I will also use the PE set by HobbyDesign and the carbon decals from Studio 27. First a few air inlets / outlets have been sanded thinner (on the left in the first picture, on the right in the second one) For the diffusor I plan to use the fins from the PE set for the first time. To know where to place them after I have removed the cast-on ones, I drilled a small hole on each of the ends. The clear parts have been painted using the paint masks provided in the kit Last but not least the body has been assembled as far as it won't cause any problems to paint and clearcoat. On two, three spots there are still some minor imperfections which have to be sanded down. The black hazes on the inside of the body are from the Tamiya panel liner which I used to darken the panel lines. These hazes will be sanded as well before continuing to painting the body in its final color. That's it for today. I hope to have piqued your interest and am looking forward to your plaudits, criticism, questions and suggestions. 🙂 Urs
  12. Hi all After a long break because I concentrated more on my Mercedes Leon CVSTOS (and because I kind of lost motivation on this build) I'm back with a small update. As already mentioned, I lack of motivation to continue at the moment because of the fact that quite a few things didn't turn out the way I would have liked them to and also because there are still some points where I don't have any real plan on how to go on. That's why I decided to put the Morgan back into the box and start with something completely different. But first I'll show you the current build progress. The seats have been finished. That's one of the points where I'm not really happy with the outcome. But I'll have to go on with them because I don't have enough of this leather to start over and I can't just remove the leather and go on without because I doubt that it would be possible to remove all of the glue used. And even if that would be possible, I'd have the problem that I had to widen and deepen the recesses to make them show through the leather. Without any coating on top of it I think they would look much exaggerated. Then one thing I'm quite happy with: the steering wheel, even if it may not look that convincing in this picture because of the enormous magnification by the macro lens. I know the transition between the kit part and the photo etched part could be smoother, but for the first time ever trying this, I'm quite happy anyway. That's it for the moment. I will continue somewhen in the future, but I have absolutely no idea, when this will be. Thank you very much for your kind comments so far Urs
  13. Hi all As I had a few days off last week I had some time to continue with my Leon. Therefore today's update will be a bit more extensive than the previous ones First I almost completed the interior. Mainly all parts are ready and only have to be assembled. The shock absorbers have been assembled and put in place The rims got their color and the air valves. After that I placed the tire decals. Unfortunately one of the Bridgestone-writings on one of the rear tires broke apart and I fixed it wrong. Of course I only noticed that once the decal sticked in place... The cooler could be finished as well. Than the seat got its seatbelts, cushions and a small electronics-box. The shoulder belts are not yet fixed on the top. I hope that I can attach them somewhere on the roll cage or the interior once everything is assembled. The headlights have been assembled and got some PE parts which hardly can be recognized And finally the body got its last decals and some clear coat. I used Zero Paints' 2K Semi-Gloss that I already used before on my Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. On the Lambo I was very happy with it but here I have the impression that it turned out much more glossy than on the Lambo. I have no idea why this happened as I used the same mixing ration as for the Sesto Elemento. Also the spoiler has been completed and is just put on top of the body without glueing it yet. On the pictures I recognized that one of the rivets got lost somehow, so I will have to re-attach it. Fortunately there are still some left Thank you For the work in progress pics I usually use a large sheet of paper, bend it to some kind of infinity cove and use my camera with the flash heading to the ceiling to get some indirect lighting. That's all for today's update. I wish all of you a nice weekend Urs
  14. Hi all Only a small but rather time-consuming update this week. First I painted the large clear parts, then I completed the roll cage. Today I started decaling the body. So far it was a quite easy task, only the pyramid decal wasn't that easy because of the curvature of the body. But with a dauntless cut with a sharp knife it was possible to finish it. That's all for today. As I am on vacation the upcoming days, I suppose that there will be more progress to show by the end of the week. Urs
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