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  1. Thank you Thank you Actually I planned building a model that won't need that much carbon than my last ones This week I have only a minor update to show you. The tires have been sanded The front has been painted black, afterwards the paint has been removed from the fins. The greenish tint on the picture must be some kind of reflection, as I never saw it before. Finally I continued work on the shock absorbers. I'm not really sure whether the length is ok, or whether they have to be shortened a little. I think, I'll assemble them temporarily and try it on the suspension. That's all for this week Urs
  2. Thank you very much Thank you
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments to this build I'm still not really happy with Urs
  4. Thank you all for your kind comments on this build Urs
  5. Thank you Unfotunately not too much progress this week, but I think I'll have enough for another update by tomorrow evening. Urs
  6. Hi all I just noticed that it's already more than a month since my last update. So it's about time to bring this thread to the current standing. First the seat has got its carbon decals. Now it only needs the seat belts and its cushions as I was already doing some carbon work I continued with the diffusor and as I was decalling already I decided I could continue with the spillter The interior got its last carbon decals and some paint Then I prepared some parts to replace the shock absorbers After that the brake discs got their PE parts and have been painted Today the interior parts of the doors have been painted in Alclad Gunmetal to make some gaps in the carbon decals less obvious And finally the body has been primed and painted and is now awaiting its decals That's all for the moment. I hope that from now on I will be able to update this thread on a more regular basis Urs
  7. Hi all When taking gallery pictures for my Lamborghini Veneno I noticed that I didn't had some gallery pics for my Ferrari 488 Spider neither. So I decided to change that and took the Ferrari out of the display cabinet und put it on the photo background. The work in progress can be found here: I hope you like the pictures Urs
  8. Hi all Finally I took some time to take gallery pictures of my Lamborghini Veneno I finished a few weeks ago. For all those who are interested, the work in progress thread can be found here: Now on to the pictures. For once I didn't take the model to the studio, but used a photobox by scaleproductions.de. I hope you enjoyed the pics Urs
  9. Hi all Thank you for your kind comments and pics of your own Morgans. I have to agree that these wire wheels are really excellent. I brushed on some Alclad Smoke to make them even more pop and am just excited by their look The seats have got some very thin leather. In reality they look much better than on the picture. I'll still have to add some piping, but so far I couldn't really decide on a color and on how to make it. Also the edges will have to be reworked to clean them up a little. The engine has been completed and attached to the undercarriage And finally the motor compartment has been painted black and the body got waxed That's all for the moment. The next few steps will be to thin some more leather pieces, cut them out and apply them. Then do some wood painting on the dashboard and steering wheel. Urs
  10. Hi all The last two weeks I was almost exclusively doing stencils for the carbon decals and afterwards cutting them. In order to be able to apply them, I had to prime and paint the parts. This time I'm trying to paint the seat in Alclad Gun Metal prior to applying the decals, hoping that minor mistakes won't show up that obvious because of the underlying color. The roll cage has been painted in Alclad Stainless Steel. I didn't decide yet whether I'll use the kit parts for the cushions or whether I'll apply some shrinking tube The interior got its first few carbon decals applied. Unfortunately I couldn't do as much as I had liked, but it's a start at least. That's all for the moment. I wish you all a good start in the next week. Urs
  11. Hi all After the rather nerve-wrecking build of my Lamborghini Veneno I decided I needed something easier to build. As I already did the same model (with a different livery) almost a year ago, I know what I have to expect. First I assembled and sanded the body Then I had to cut out some holes for the PE parts. Using a 0.2 mm scriber, some photoetched saws and some small routers that went really well and much faster than last year The undercarriage has been assembled and is waiting for primer and paint And also the roll cage has been completed and is waiting for primer and paint as well. That's it for the first update. As always I am looking forward to your plaudits, criticism, questions and suggestions Urs
  12. Hi all Some years ago, soon after my restart in this hobby, I saw this kit and knew I had to have it. Since then I always wanted to build it, but somehow always some other kit slipped in between. But when I was working on my Lambo Veneno and needed some kind of distraction I decided that it was time to finally start it. I was working on it for some weeks now already, so don't be surprised by the quite extensive first post First I started with the engine. It is not yet finished, so far I just did what I was in the mood for. The chassis has been assembled and painted as far as it was already possible The brake discs have been completed Dashboard and steering wheel got their base color for some further wood application. I tried to do the dashboard with some self-printed wood decals. I don't know whether I never sealed them (they were sitting on my shelf for months if not even for years now) or whether the Micro Liquid Decal Film has some kind of half-life. When I wanted to apply them I took some clean white decal film out of a slightly brownish colored water... I don't know yet whether I'll give it a second try or whether I shall paint it by brush as I will do with the steering wheel. The seats have been painted in their base color before I will apply some very thin genuine leather And last but not least the body got its primer and color. On the engine hood I tried to emphasize the louvres by adding some black paint in between them. Currently I'm not really sure whether I should like it the way it turnd out or if I should remove the black paint... That's how far I am at the moment. From now on the updates will significantly decrease in their extent. I hope you like this build and am looking forward to your plaudits, criticism, questions and suggestions. Urs
  13. Thanks Tim. That's exactly how i feel now. I had it sit on my bench for more than half a year and spent 100 hours (I wonder what for?) and nevertheless I'm only happy to have it finished, but I'm not satisfied with the result at all.
  14. Hi all Welcome to the last update in this WIP. This week I could finally finish the Veneno, although it resisted its completion. When I tried to add the body to the undercarriage, I suddenly heared some crackling noise and noticed that the carbon part on the back was ripped off and damaged the carbon decals😡 The problem was that the body should have been placed from behind in order that the two pins on the carbon part could slip horizontally into their respective holes in the undercarriage. Simultaneously in the front the body should be placed almost vertically to the undercarriage. As the back part already was off I tried to attach the body to the undercarriage without it and had to notice that even that was not possible. On the underside there was a gap between the splitter which was attached to the body and the undercarriage. I just couldn't manage to get it right. Finally I decided to remove the splitter from the body and attach it to the undercarriage. After that it was absolutely no problem to add the body the way it was meant to be. So I first added the back part to the undercarriage, then the splitter and finally the body. As there was quite some tension on these two parts I first glued the back and let the glue cure overnight. The next day I glued the splitter to the body which caused the next damage But as I only wanted to get rid of this PITA I didn't care too much about that. Luckily the two damaged spots are both on the same side of the car, so they can easily be hidden when I place the car in the cupboard. Finally two pics of the final car which unfortunately didn't turn out the way I wanted it in the beginning. I don't think Tony Stark was pleased by this build... I wish all of you a nice sunday and hope to see you in my next WIP. Urs
  15. Hi all Thank you Sometimes if I really get frustrated by a kit I think of giving up but in the end my ambition won't let me give up until it's either finished or definitely unsavable. After almost eight months of building I'm slowly entering the home stretch First the wheels have been mounted the doors could be finished and finally the bonnet got it's final coats of color. Afterwards I finally could clearcoat the whole body Now only a few small parts have to be added then it will be finished. It sure will be eye-catching but not the gem I hoped when I started this build. That's all for the moment. I wish all of you a nice and restful sunday. Urs
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