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  1. PFDale added a post in a topic quality custom decal supplier?   

    I'm wondering if you guys have any names and contact information regard sources for custom printed waterslide decals. The decals I'm
    looking to have printed will have the color white in them - so it would need to be done by someone who works with an ALPS printer.

    Any help you can give me is much appreciated!

  2. PFDale added a post in a topic Hi from Ontario Canada!   

    No - I'm really new this genre of motorsport hobbies. Where and when are those shows?
  3. PFDale added a post in a topic Hi from Ontario Canada!   

    Hi Dan - I'm in St. Catharines. Where are you?
  4. PFDale added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hi from Ontario Canada!
    Well.... I'm an incurable drag race "nitro junkie" that wants to somehow re-live the "Golden Era" of drag racing (from 1965 to approx 2005 impo) by building a few models. Those were the days of 98% nitro, real candy apple paint and hand lettering. The days when drivers with cool names and big personalities to match. "SwampRat", "Jungle Jim", "Snake & Mongoose", "John the Zookeeper", the "Bounty Hunter", "TV Tommy: and "Blue Max" for example. The nitro cars these days are plenty fast, but seem to lack the charm and the magic of those earlier showpiece funny cars and dragsters. Way too much vinyl - and too much "corporate speak" out there these days.

    I've been collecting 1/16th Revell-Monogram kits for 40 years and it's time to start building some. I've somehow became a full time modeler of sorts 22 years ago when I started an RC body
    company called Protoform Race Bodies - so I've at least had a chance to keep my creative juices going during that time - lol. http://racepf.com/

    I've got a lot to learn from you guys - and I'm probably going to have lots of questions about the current state of the art in plastic modeling.

    Best wishes to you all in 2014!

    Best regards - Dale Epp
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