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  1. Man, you guys are GOOD! Yup, mystery solved. I thought those "valve covers" looked kinda puny! Glad to know what it is. Now to find some real valve covers....
  2. Can anybody ID this motor? It came out of another car I bought built on ebay and I want to put it into this rat rod project. The motor was not part of the same kit as the car it was in. The only clues I can give you other than the picture is the entire motor was chromed over yellow plastic and the valve covers are gold. I've stripped the chrome and would like to paint it whatever the factory color would have been for it, assuming it's a decent color. Thanks for any help.
  3. Got it! Thanks. I did not think to look on the clear tree.
  4. Still working on this! Just started "modeling season" again. Not a whole lot left. Can somebody explain why I seem to not have the #305 storage bottle? I have two of these kits and cannot find this part in either one. Am I missing something or am I missing something? Thanks, Rob
  5. Thanks all. I would love to post pics of it in progress and when finished but haven't figured out how yet.... I tried actually when I started this post but no luck.
  6. I'm on the home stretch on building a Lindberg '53 Victoria. This will be a surprise gift to my dad. A '53 Victoria was his first car and I'm doing this as close to his as I can with what limited info I can get without him getting suspicious. I do know it was in good shape (this would have been ~1960) and it was Sheridan Blue over Sungate Ivory. So the question is- does anybody know what color the headliner would have been in that? Would it have had chrome strips at the seams or no? Thanks for any help.
  7. Alot of time has been spent with not alot of visual progress... but I've sanded off the door trim and drilled out for the fastener holes, used some grey, black, and red primer, and a combination thereof with some thinner, now drying in preparation for some "nose art". The hood is in the ol' purple pond and I'm thinking some flat black to match the rear, and some type of rat-rod-in-your-face type of CI or HP callout.
  8. I hadn't planned on getting involved in this enough to do a WIP, but it started to consume me. I need some paint for the interior and a teeny drill for the plug wiring before I can go much further, so all I can do now is type about it! I got this on ebay for $8, shipping included. It was a textbook gluebomb. Tons of glue and no paint except for the engine which was red (that went into the purple pond after dissassembly and is now the correct orange). A complete car except for the front bumper, steering wheel, and radiator hoses. The first 3 pics shows how it was when I got it.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. One of those ought to work! Mike, I had seen that site before and emailed him about ordering paint but never heard back. Had you ordered anything from him?
  10. I'm starting to build the Lindberg '53 Ford Victoria for my Dad, which I plan to surprise him with. This was his first car which he bought in 1960 in good shape from his favorite uncle. It was Sheridon Blue over Sungate Ivory. The blue seems to be available, but I am having a heck of a time finding any Sungate Ivory, which is weird because they must have laid down zillions of gallons of that back in the day. Anyone know of a source? TIA, Rob
  11. Figured I'd post some better pics of the underside, interior and the battery. These pics show me a couple things I need to address. And the carpet needs to be messed up a little.
  12. Thanks for the comments, guys, I appreciate it! Bob- yes I do need to do something with the headlights, I forgot to mention that. Any suggestions? Is there a way to make them look reasonably realistic without drilling them out and adding clear lenses? Tom- my thoughts exactly on the battery. If this were a 1:1, it would have a cheapo newer battery in it. The first good image I came across was an EverStart so I printed it. I figured if it wrinkles up a little, all the better since some 1:1 labels end up doing that or half-peeling off anyway. The hood insulation is just black felt wi
  13. Well this thing is getting pretty close to being done. Some things left to do still include painting/foiling the steering wheel and some chrome in the interior, adding a mesh behind the grill, license plate, maybe plug wires. Since the last post, I've got the interior mostly painted and foiled (and grimed up), added the battery and radiator, weathered the headlight bezels and got those glued on, and got the front wheels spaced apart a little more realistically than JoHan would have you do it. For the battery, I printed out an image of a battery in 1/25 and stuck it on the battery while
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