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  1. I'm sure this is covered a million times, but how did you strip the chrome? I think that made your engine.
  2. Just outstanding that's all just outstanding.
  3. Thanks guys. I think I'm hooked. Just ordered the AMT Model T kit.
  4. Cool idea. I'm going to be using this one.
  5. It looks good. I think I'm going to build something very similar for taking pictures. I like the workbench and drill press.
  6. I'm tagging this one so I can follow along.
  7. I'm tagging this so I can follow along. Awesome work. Way more talent than I have.
  8. Great color!! Gunna look gooood.
  9. I've found that mats and flats can gloss up perfectly. It was a trick Uncle Sam (real name) from my favorite LHS showed me.
  10. No sir. This is my second car build. I did a few ships and aircraft. Here's my build pages if your interested. https://ussnorthcaroilna.shutterfly.com/ Thanks.
  11. Google is my best friend. This is what moved me from ships to cars. This is the USS Bataan that I built for my son. He is currently serving aboard her. After 9 months of working for perfection in this scale I needed to decompress, and cars are about as far from this as I could get. This ship is as spot on as my abilities could get. She has LEDs lighting the island, hanger, and well decks. Home made decals for the hanger, and the flight deck is all masked and airbrushed. No decals at all. So as you can see, the cars were a nice way to keep building and still decompress. Now I'm going to be starting the USS Libra AKA-12 for my friends 91 year old grandpa. So back to the tiny details that need to be spot on. If anyone's interested, here's a link to my build pages. https://ussnorthcaroilna.shutterfly.com/ Thanks for putting up with me.
  12. You guys are awesome. I'm a butcher, the kit was that good.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. This was the best kit I've ever worked with.
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