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  1. I’d really like to get a 1/12 MENG GT40 but I have a Trumpeter one and the knock off brand one which I have yet to start on. Then there is the issue of where to display it. Other than a coupe of resin Cobra Daytona Coupe kits which are quite expensive and I already some other brands of them there is not much else I can say I have longed to have for years. I guess I’m lucky in that sense that there are no unicorn kits out there that I cannot live without that are not outrageously expensive.
  2. Very nice. The convertible is a tough conversion to do on this kit. Motortrend has a good article about the original car which was a 67 GTA with 68 Shelby fiberglass. The car pictured below is neither the original car or the Gas Monkey one but a tribute one made in 2015. The movie car has two guages visible in the 2nd picture below which I had not noticed before.
  3. Very nice and the trailer looks good too.
  4. I think so - I will take a look. The grille and rear taillight panel are the hard to find pieces of those kits.
  5. I’m calling this one done enough though I may add some fuel lines to the carbs and Goodyear tire lettering. As noted in the WIP it was a challenging paint scheme but having the 1/18 diecast as a guide and some photos of the actual car helped a lot. I shoehorned the 427 cammer motor in the engine bay and used resin, parts, scatch built some things and various parts from the AMT and MPC kits. I could not have made this without Mike at Polecat decals or Kevin Lutz’s Missing link stock grille. Now it’s on to the Warren Tope 73 T/A Mustang.
  6. Finally found my gluebomb 70 Mach1 that was hiding in storage for 9 months. The rear fenders on this one have not been messed with.
  7. Test shot of the ….. Okay it’s too late for April Fools. Not sure if I posted this WIP before. It’s that old MPC kit with a Missing Link front chrome bumper. Needless to say I lost interest in finishing this one when the buzz started about the Revell kit. So I will probably finish this one eventually as all it’s missing is the front and rear spoilers, correct dual exhaust, side windows, silver trim around the hood paint, and the dealbreaker for any of the AMT and MPC 71-73 Mustang kits is a 351 CLEVELAND engine (this one needing a Boss 351 of course) which has never been made in stock form in 1/25 scale.
  8. Shout out to great work by Michael to make available this new guage set per my request. It’s for the 1/12 Mustang kit made by Otaki and some other Japanese companies. For info email bestmodelcarparts@gmail.com. He also sells on Ebay and also has a set in 1/12 for the Revell 65 Mustang GT350.
  9. I think many people in this do no think beyond our borders. As you pointed out the solutions for may global problems cannot be applied the same on every continent. India pollutes 50 times as much plastic waste in the oceans than the US but it’s drummed into our heads if you live within 200 miles of a river or ocean that were are irresponsible and to blame for the polluted waters.
  10. Looks good Ray. I thought Ford missed the mark on the blue with black stripes combo. While the color is beautiful, it was a pretty odd choice by Ford given that they only came in four colors in 1969 with the others being yellow, orange and white all with the black stripes. I have heard the kits decals are very tricky to work with and they would probably be barely visible anyway. The white interior really sets off the exterior color.
  11. I’ve been know to criticize this MPC based kit for a long time. 😏 I will say the new Round2 decals are great improvement but you know the old saying about putting lipstick on pig. Anyway, perhaps I should sell off some of the original kits I have as they seem to be still fetching a decent amount of change. Let’s hope the Revell kit is worth the wait and it should be worth the higher price. I think one of these Ebay sellers sees the writing on the wall. The other must never sell anything at those prices.
  12. In this case probably not. There has to be some other explanation.
  13. Someone explain how this seller can sell kits and make money at this price? WIth 40% off I would be lucky to find one at HL at a lower cost. Anyway, the Revell kit should be worth the higher price but If I buy several I’d like to not break the bank by paying the MSRP.
  14. Side windows are in with the decals. After I took the picture I noticed the PRO 104 decal was crooked so I straightened it. I also moved the distributor slightly to the center of the front of the engine. The 427 cammer engine is from the 68 Shelby GT500 kit. Decals were custom made by Polecat. Added the two guages to the top of the dash. Resin traction bars added and front turn signals added below bumper. Added shocks and radiator fan shroud and modified headers to lengthen them. Looking at the picture I just realized there is a front spoiler and also one on the 1/18 diecast so I will add one. Front grille is a resin part from Kevin Lutz (Missing Link). Seat belts are from a GT40 kit. Brake booster and master cylinder added and a parachute. Kit used were from MPC and AMT.
  15. Yes, Norm has been back in business but I am not sure if he is caught up with the backlog. Others have mentioned the turn around time is about a month.
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