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  1. Very nice clean build that looks even better with the improvements. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Glad to hear a โ€œnewโ€ kit of the MKII is in the works. I guess we may never see a Mark IV with a engine in 1/12 or 1/24 but at least the MKII could be the basis for some interesting conversions using the Fujumi MKI and MKII bodies.
  3. Looks very nice. One of these days I will start on one of the two I bought.
  4. vamach1

    1/43 AC Cobra

    Itโ€™s a great little kit and imagine if they did other race cars or just upsized this kit to 1/25 or 1/24 or did a FIA body version. I think these kits were underpriced for the quality.
  5. I finished this MPC kit about three years ago. I have rarely seen another one built. Itโ€™s box stock except I used the 69 Shelby taillights.
  6. Great story. Some can take the hobby too seriously. If I put too much time into one model it does not to get finished. Like this gentleman I prefer to build the rare kits before the ones you can buy for $15 to $25 at the store.
  7. Glad to hear you got the grill and whatever else you needed. I have that same Autolite kit and the bidding surprised me.
  8. And I thought the grille selling for $20 was crazy. The Autolite kit just sold for $300.
  9. Very true. The green is as bright as you would see in most promos from that era.
  10. Per one of my GT40 books it was Day-glo paint and not a Ford color.
  11. I was not sure of the make since my Japanese reading level is zero. ๐Ÿ™‚ I send a friend request via Facebook to YABUKI who wrote the article. Maybe his English is better than my Japanese.
  12. Here are some pages from a Japanese model car magazine from I am guessing the 1990โ€™s. It appears to be a modified Gunze kit. The side windows look like what you are trying to replicate.
  13. If that is a Round2 kit you can order extra sets them directly from them if you have the kit UPC code.
  14. I assume that was before Brad did a full kit. I have some resin parts that are copies of the rubber parts but not sure where those came from. Anyway, the full HRM kit is still available and does not cost much more these days than just the original Gunze on Ebay.
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