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  1. You're right. I have bought one and was pleased.
  2. Pretty sure Kevin Lutz @ Missing Link Resin (see Facebook) still makes and sell them. It would use the AMT fastback as a donor kit.
  3. The home for my 72 Mach1 until the show ends on Superbowl Sunday.
  4. I have several Mustangs and Cobras and Ford GT's, a few of which are greeen machines. Last time I counte I had over 2K 1/64 diecast cars.
  5. I think they are competing with Meum for volume even though BJ has the better cars overall. 1,000 vehicles is a lot to sell.
  6. I wonder what a nice Mark II sold for back then.😳
  7. AFX and Brad discussing their collaboration.
  8. Not bad for the price ($50) given the alternatives are very expensive.
  9. Not sure Revell would be thrilled about that but there is an aftermarket one that has been around a long time was made for the Mach1 kit. However it is costly but it is the only one I have seen.
  10. Now who would try something as crazy as this. Oh, I would too. Here's one I started a long time ago.
  11. My advice is to only use the body and pitch the rest and buy a brand net kit for $10-$20. This kit has been reissued maybe a dozen times and some version have unique parts but overall any of the versions would suffice except I'd avoid the Reggie Jackson one because it is molded in green. Since you will have a spare body you can cut out the doors if you want to make them open. I would also sand off the Cobra emblems on the front and trunk. They are about twice the size they should be and you can use decals instead. I'm sure Cobraman wil chime in but that's my two cents.
  12. That is a cool looking sheet. I would have bought the combo kit if I did not have so many AMT Cobra's already.
  13. Too bad there isn't a Saleen kit for those years. You could always do the GT500 from the Will Smith I am Legend movie.
  14. I have a 73 Eleanor that I never got around to except for some coats of paint so count me in.
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