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  1. Thanks,. These wheels were a pain in the butt to paint too.
  2. I cannot believe I used the kit plug wires. What was I thinking. 😀. Here's the one i built in the 90's.
  3. vamach1


    Say what you are looking for in the subject to cut down on needless views. 😉
  4. You did a great job with a bad kit. You did not mention the backwards windshield wipers either. I built one and that was one too many. I've never seen anyone cut the roof off this kit but it might be an improvement.
  5. Thtat's good. I'm still plugging away on the "II" but am waiting for a few more parts to arrive to build it factory stock. Since this is extended I also should knock out some others since I still have a bunch of bodies already painted.
  6. Very nice restomod although I think it has too many mufflers.😀
  7. Are these 1/43 scale? 😛. I remembered a wrecker and a few others that scale that were pretty cool. 1/24 or 1/25 just seems to dang big to me (for a truck or trailer). I guess not having a scale bias makes me weird.😉
  8. Welcome. Spend at least as much time building as you do on the forum. 😮
  9. Fantastic looking build. I can only imagine the possibilities if Tamiya did kits of older american cars.
  10. Some of the pages of the catalog that year.
  11. Cool. Thanks. Picture from Facebook.
  12. That's a much improved chassis for the old promo based 55 year old kit.
  13. I love factory stock Mustangs and your model. Did you use the old Testors spray can (which is obsolete) or another brand using perhaps an airbrush? I always thought it was strange Ford picked a dark metallic color as one of four colors for 69 Boss 302's since while it is beautiful it just does not "pop" like the grabber yellow and orange do.
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