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  1. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    Quite a project you have taken on. Looks great. Saw this one at a recent show.
  2. new for 2018

    Amen on a new tool of a 71-72 Mustang. No vents in the hood please would be a start.
  3. Question about '67 Daytona 24 hrs FORD GT 40 no.2

    I was wondering if that was what happened.
  4. Question about '67 Daytona 24 hrs FORD GT 40 no.2

    I noticed the "suitcases" in the third picture. Did they have to race with them at Sebring or Daytona?
  5. I enjoy looking at everybody builds and /WIP

    There is no lack of WIP and finished models by some talented modelers so you are in the right place. Good luck on the recovery. Here is a WIP that while time consuming (masking) I found it was fun to not have to worry about neatness for a change.
  6. Palmer 70 Mustang The

    Getting close to completion. Just need to find some stock exhaust manifolds , decals, a mirror and finish it up. I must say it has been fun not worrying about a smudge here and overspray there. So far I have only substituted the steering wheel, distributor and tires.
  7. Those Famous Fords instructions

    Isn't the internet great.
  8. Millennium Falcon

    I have done Indy and Falfa but cannot find those pics right now.
  9. Millennium Falcon

    Two thumbs up from me.
  10. Palmer 70 Mustang The

    Still working on exterior detailing and the rest.
  11. Shelby Shop Truck

    Now that is a great blue light special.
  12. Your favourite Box art

    I have one of the Lindbergh 1/24 Cobras as well. It would be a good starting point for a decent kit for those that want to build a few examples and do not want to spend over $100 for the Gunze Sanyo kit and almost $200 for the HRM resin kit.
  13. Palmer 70 Mustang The

    It just got interesting. I'll call this one the barn find and swap meet parts special. This car sat for decades as a collector slowly gathered parts at swap meets and replaced damaged and rusted out fenders, etc.. I plan to add some Boss & Mach1 decals, a mismatch of tires and wheels, and the under side and interior will be weathered. Right now the paint is to bright so I have to do some smudging, sanding, and dull coating. So instead of fixing the kit, I may end up spending more time than trying to make it box stock. Any suggestions are welcome as this is unchartered terrority for me modeling wise.
  14. Batman

    This guy approves of it.