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  1. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    Missing Link parts
  2. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    Firebird designs has the decals.
  3. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    Missing Link resin has some of the Cobra II parts.
  4. 1/32 American racng wheels source for Bullitt.

    Thanks - I forgot about that. I orderd a set of the wheels from Evilbay and next on the list is tires.
  5. Any Forum members have any suggestions for a suitable 1/32 set of wheels and tires for this diecast. The ones on this Corgi model just look dumb and probably scale out to 12 inches.
  6. Status of Revell's '69 Boss 302?

    Your last point is so true. So few kids these days could care less about models or old cars. As long as we can click a mouse and turn a key we see what the other old guy are up to and truly enjoy the sights and sounds of old cars.
  7. Finished my 1st Funny Car

    Very very nice paint and finish. Most kits tend to overdo the chrome parts as in reality many parts would be made of other metals and perphaps polished. It's pretty easy to add plug wires with the pre-wired distributors available from the aftermarket. Of course a Jungle Pam figure (even if it isn't a Jungle Jim car) would make the model look ever better ;-)
  8. eBay's newest crummy trick

    The latest annoyance is when you bid on an item a pop us comes up asking if you want to bid higher. You try to close it and nothing happens.
  9. '77 Ford Mustang II

    NIce color nd yes those tires look big for 13 inches. Perhaps you can swap them out.
  10. Status of Revell's '69 Boss 302?

    If we never see this kit there is always plan B.
  11. Status of Revell's '69 Boss 302?

    I wonder if they will change the name from Mustang to T5. :-)
  12. What kind of other nerd are you?

    ALL CAPS.. They are on a mission after getting past Pittsburgh.
  13. What kind of other nerd are you?

    I think this qualifies as nerdy. I am on the left.
  14. 1967 DeAgostini shelby GT500, Build diary

    Get that Green Hornet done so we can see progress on this one. I would guess it is no where near the level of the old Pocher kits but it is certainly one of a kind.
  15. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    Awesome Torino and all the other ones. On my bucket list is a 73 Eleanor and 71 Bond red Mach1 and perhaps a Charlie's Angels Cobra II.