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  1. If that were only true. It has a 302 and a 428 which are carried over from 69-70 kits. AMT and MPC rushed the kits to market and could care less if the correct engines and exhaust system were included. I did an extensive review of this kit about a year ago on this site.
  2. I think they used to be on the Fred Cady decal sheets.
  3. After living in Virginia since 1969 and my wife since the early 19800’s she took advantage of a work opportunity and we moved here just this week. Going from a four bedroom house in the DC suburbs to a two level condo on the 15th floor of a high rise overlooking Biscayne bay is quite a change. Needless to say there’s a lot of adjustment mentally and getting used to very different surroundings. I retired last December so I won’t miss the cold weather and will miss the space I had for all my kits (most of which are in storage at the moment) but we will look for a place with more room in a few years after the housing prices go back down.
  4. It’s a nice kit combining parts from the 68 AMT Shelby GT500 and the 67 GT350 kit.
  5. Super nice (real one and the model).
  6. Well done. I still have a half finished one sitting in the box. Hopefully yours will inspire me to finish it.
  7. Nice work on a one of one model. I saw the F1 race this morning and the fans were very happy with the results.
  8. I have bought one but not started it yet. From other posts the general consensus is the Fujumi body is more accurate but of course those kits do not have an engine. Others have mentioned the MENG engine looks toyish compared to other Ford engines molded over the last 50 plus years. If you build it out of the box it is a vast improvement over the original IMC kits. What you have done so far looks very good. It will be interesting to see who will be the first to experiment with replacing part or all of the engine with one of the aftermarket ones.
  9. Well deserved on the awards. Congratulations.
  10. Love seeing different versions of the 69 and 70 Mustangs raced around the world. Great job.
  11. Very sharp build. Are those the kit decals or the ones from Indycals?
  12. Very nice. For some crazy reason there’s never been a kit of a 69/70 T/A (except in 1/43) Mustang despite the obvious popularity of them in the TransAm series and vintage racing.
  13. It’s a good kit but gives builders fits of the try to use the Lemnos stripes decals versus painting them on. Doing a sold color eliminates that issue. I like the kit and the variations for the 65-66 fastback and convertibles Revell Monogram did. Looking forward to the finished pictures.
  14. Thanks. My wife was at the WH for 1.5 years a few years ago and applied for a job in South Florida so we are packing up and leaving the high taxes and cold winters. I hope to meet some modelers down there and of course will keep in touch via the forum.
  15. It’s a 71 because it has the 429 but the 72 body is identical. The 73 had a completely different grille and bumper and stripes.
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