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  1. vamach1 added a post in a topic Cobra kit. Who manufactured it?   

    Looks like the Sunny (Japanese) 427 body on the 289 chassis kit made about 30 years ago with the original AMT kit as the base.  You can still find them and the reissue made by Academy which was more honest and labeled the kit as a 289 (with a 427 type body).  So, since the 289 chassis (leaf spring front) and 427 (coil springs) are vastly different, your best best is to make a 289 Comp Cobra using the 289 AMT kit front and the Sunny rear and using a HRM engine.  That is my suggestion anyway.  I'm sure JC and Cobraman will chime in on what they recommend.
  2. vamach1 added a post in a topic The Shelbys that Never Were   

    Correct - the Mark I's were very expensive (about three times the price of s GT and much more than a Saleen).
    It did pave the way for the Cobra model but due to the high price only 62 were made.  My guess is there a lot of low mileage ones out there that would still not fetch $40,000 give that a new 6 cyl Mustang has more horsepower.
  3. vamach1 added a post in a topic The Shelbys that Never Were   

    Very cool.  My goal is to build one each of all the IMC/Testors and MPC GT40's, Mark II's, IV's and J Cars.  I have only one left to go - the MPC Jcar.
    Did you use Keith Marks decals to build the 1971 Europa?
  4. vamach1 added a post in a topic '66 Shelby Mustang & '88 Shelby Cobra   

    The real Cobras (about 1,000 260 or 289 and 427 or 428) were made from 63-67.  Everyone since is either a kit car or a continuation model authorized or built by Shelby.  Blue and Red are the most popular colors.  The 427 was the fastest production car for many decades.  Good work and welcome to the hobby.  We are all addicted to plastic on this forum.
  5. vamach1 added a post in a topic What a piece of junk....   

    I would fly it.

  6. vamach1 added a post in a topic 1/16 AMT Mustang   

    Nice build.  I built one with the stock wheels and tires and hubcaps.  It's too bad the reversed the wipers on the kit - that was an oops they never bothered to correct.
  7. vamach1 added a post in a topic disabled modler in need of a kit   

    Looks like the 1/18 Ertl Cobra.
  8. vamach1 added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    Here are more pictures of #15 as raced at Daytona. Notice the small #15's on the taillights.

  9. vamach1 added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    Yes the Mustang script is included with his Mach1 decals.  The decals come in black or silver.
  10. vamach1 added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    Since 43 years have passed I will speculate on the reason for the unusual decals. Wayne Andrews (another source says Max Berrier) drove a #15 highly modified Mustand in the East Grand National NASCAR series.  As you can see in the picture the decals are pretty much dead on to the car as it was raced except for the side stripes which I suspect may have been added to the real car or someone at MPC just bought they would look cool. There are decals for different race tracks this car raced at on the sheet.  Other pictures show a chrome front bumper and a 71/72 style grille and the car was raced in 72 and/or 73.  So, either these decals were meant for an earlier issue of the kit (the version with the roll cage and race interior would make sense) and instead of bothering to design a new decal sheet MPC just threw this one in the new 73 kit.  So in someone's infinite wisdom they decided let's make the same mistake and include a decal sheet that makes no sense for this stock 73 sportsroof.  I would find some 71/72 grille parts (Detroit Resin Group has them) and use the decals on the Warren Tope kit and buy some Keith Marks 73 Mach1 decals and make a separate stock Mach1.  I have no insider knowledge of my assumptions but given the bizarre things we have all seen with other kits and decals I'd say I'm not too far off.  I will not speculate what engine Andrews/Berrier ran but a Boss 302 would not surprise me at all.  Of course we all know that engine did not come in any 71-73 Mustang which is okay because the kit has neither the 351C or 429CJ either much less a pirated Boss 302.   What you get is a regular 302 (single exhaust would be factory correct) and a Boss 429 which never came in any 71-73 Mustang.

  11. vamach1 added a post in a topic Ford Automatic Transmission Help!   

    No love for the FMX automatic. ;-)
  12. vamach1 added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    Retro is not always a good thing.  Keith Marks has the correct decals.
  13. vamach1 added a post in a topic 1968 Shelby Green Hornet-----Update! Wind it up......roll it down! 10/15/16   

    I will make note of your mods as I have started this project also except I will being doing the Lil Red version.
  14. vamach1 added a post in a topic amt iron horse mustang   

    Seeing the model built reminds me that that it is a combo of parts for various 66-68 Mustang kits.  When these sell for crazy money on EBay I just shake my head.
  15. vamach1 added a post in a topic 67 Shelby GT500 hybrid kit