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  1. Yes they actually sell ACME and other nice brands but the ad shows a cheap $1 car.
  2. Which year Cougar kit? I only have the 69 Eliminator kit that has a four speed tranny. It seems most older AMT and MPC kits have a four speed on the folly shifter but oddly enough sometimes without a clutch pedal. 😆. Perhaps one of the Mustang II kits has one. Of course the 007 Mach1 kit should have had this automatic mini-console if it was correct but there was a .007 percent chance of that happening. Sorry for the bad picture (which hides the shift handle) but this image is from a website in Germany of the 351C M code stunt car in a museum which clearly shows it was an automatic. All the sources I have seen of the 429CJ used in the filming also show it had the C-6 automatic. Personally my 72 Mach1 interior is a lot better condition with 170K miles on the odometer.
  3. I did the same thing on one. I used the 69 Shelby engine compartment but it’s a shame two or more other kits are needed just to make one more realistic one.
  4. When you find one please let me know. I cannot recall ever seeing one.
  5. I got an envelope today mailed December 23rd from a town 70 miles away in the same state. That is beyond pathetic.
  6. I laugh at the large grocery chains that always have things priced for example at two for $5 or $2.50 each. I bet most people buy two thinking it’s a better deal. 🙄
  7. The twin NACA scoops are okay for a Mach1. It’s the “cowl vents” that should not be there and were never on ANY 71-73 Mustang. Pretty sure the Bond cars were an automatic too. The door panels sort of look like the deluxe ones but are too flat (see photo). Bottom line is if one wants to build a 71 Mach1 as it appeared in the Bond movie there are a lot of issues that I simply cannot overlook. As a starting point you could build many different version of a 71 or 72 sportsroof Mustang with the right parts from a drag car or road racer to a Olympic sprint to even a Boss 351 if you want to spend two or three times the cost of the original kit searching and or making correct parts and decals etc. I have gone down that road and made a few of the AMT and MPC ones and let’s just say every time I am reminded of all the shortcomings of them. In the picture the Testors metal body kit is the one on the left. It started as a prepainted yellow 73 “Mach1.” By all means IF there’s a new tool made of a 71-73 Mustang I would hope a lot of these problems are not repeated. I just saw these road tests posted today for the Boss 351, 429CJ and 302 2v from Road and Track. As for those houses - they were built about 20 years ago and like any real estate in this area I’m sure they sell for big money. I just looked it up and they are valued from at a tad under $1M up to $1.4M 😮
  8. Take your time. I have found good preparation pays off and building a new kit always take a little longer than expected. I have put off looking thru a 30 year Ford and Mustang magazine collection and am slowly going through them and keeping selected articles and purging the rest as they are taking up way to much space in the garage.
  9. They are near where I live and the builder surely had Williamsburg in mind when they were built. I’ve taken pictures of several cars there before someone tells me I cannot park there but I stay just long enough to snap a few pictures.. It is much more picturesque than my asphalt driveway. 😉
  10. You are correct so I will blame my confusion on the AMT packaging or old age. 😄 Now that makes me wonder why in the world MPC did the same early Ford small block engine that looks just like the AMT one. I have very few early MPC kits ( a few glue bombs) so your guess is probably right. How odd they both based their SB Fords on the early version of the 260 V8 with the filler tube. I will have to compare the AMT vs. the MPC ones to see if there are any differences. At any rate I think we can agree a 260V8 engine does NOT belong in a 71 Mustang. 😃even if the base Mach1 engine was a 302 2v which you do not see too often but some were made. I found pictures of the 67 MPC Mustang fastback small block engine. It looks very similar to the AMT one but that answers the question that it’s been around for decades and made it’s way into later kits.
  11. I see what you mean about the scoops. I have not measured the distance but since they are not “opened” if it’s off one could fix that while they are at it. The thing about the scoops is for all the non-ram air cars there was a honeycomb “block off” plate in the opened glass to stop water from entering while going the “speed of sound.” For the ram-air cars, there was a vacuum driven “flap” that opened up when the driver revved the engine or was at full acceleration. It is presumed the Bond Mach1’s did not have ram-at as that option was past of the package that included the twist locks and black paint on the hood and of course the ram-aim plenum and special air cleaner. You are right about the smog canister - it was also required for the 429 SCJ engine so those parts could be repurposed. I notice the “small block” valve covers look like the ones in the Cougar Eliminator kit but of course those would not be correct if they are supposed to resemble the standard Cleveland steel valve covers and not a Boss 302 style,
  12. So here’s the review some have been waiting for although I see some people have already built this kit so this my be just a reminder of what’s inside and some tips if you want to make a true 1971 Mach1. On the left are the kit parts I would use (plus other parts not pictured) to make a somewhat accurate Mach1 from the movie. On the right are the parts you would not need for an accurate 007 build. Also pictured is the original MPC kit from this iteration is derived which explains a lot. The original kit was a three in one (stock, road racer and drag car) hence the odd engine choices. Even by the summer of 1971 it should have been clear to anyone paying attention to the redesigned 1971Mustang that the V8’s choices would be either the 302 Windsor, 351 Boss and 351 Cleveland (2 and 4 bbl) and the 429CJ and SCJ. So back in 1970 or so MPC was still using the tired old 260 V8 from the ??? kit and the Boss 429 engine from I assume another mold as strangely enough neither AMT or MPC made a “stock” 1969 or 1970 Boss 429 kit. So, with a correct engine (351 4v or 429CJ) sourced from another kit or kits and a dual exhaust with correct style mufflers and a better 9 inch rear end this kit could be made a whole lot better. I nor anyone else thought Round2 would tool up a new 351C or 429CJ engine in 1/25 or make any refinements to the body (except for the sportlamp grille and front bumper) or the “vented” hood for this kit so no surprise there. As other have pointed out the clear headlight lenses and new decals are nice and include the trunk stripe (which is a first) but the hood still has those $%^&* vents that should never have been engraved in the molds - I highlited them with white paint to illustrate this old error. The wheels do a respectable job of replicating the FOMOCO trim ring and hub caps but otherwise this kit shares a lot in common with previous issues (some under the AMT name like this one) but let’s just say I will not be rushing out to buy more of them especially if I wanted to paint it a different color. Kits molded in red are not my favorite as I am sure many would agree. I guess the silver lining is anyone bidding on a vintage kit for over $100 at least has an alternative as long as they do not mind all that red plastic. Rex
  13. I always thought the price of the real cars was insane (multiple times what a Viper cost) but as for a model it is very well engineered as you do not see many kits with that detailed of a drivetrain. Nice work on them.
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