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  1. vamach1 added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    HRM Cobra coupe, Trumpeter GT40 and Renaissance MKIV were all $150 or more.  I am too cheap to pay more than $50 for a 40 or 50 year old kit as there isn't a whole lot on my list that I do not have and can live without.  I did pick up a 1/12 Doyusha Mach1 for about $100 not long ago which was a very good price.
  2. vamach1 added a post in a topic AMT '68 Shelby GT500 - What problems did you encounter?   

    Shame on GMP - that lower trim should be chrome and not body color.
  3. vamach1 added a post in a topic AMT '68 Shelby GT500 - What problems did you encounter?   

    I have posted several pics of this finished kit (GT500 and GT500KR) on this forum as well as the HRM GT350 version that uses parts from the 67 GT350.  The engine compartment does not look anything like the real car.  I cut out the fender wells and put in inner fender panels and separate radiator, shock tower braces and horns.  Other things that could be added are a master cylinder and windshield washer container.  If you build a GT500KR you'll need a ram-air style air cleaner.
    Great detailed photos of a real GT500 can be viewed at

  4. vamach1 added a post in a topic pantera racecar   

    This is one my long list of subjects I want to tackle someday.  I was thinking of using the gearbox fans transaxle so from a GT40 kit.  It's unfortunate no kit manufacturer of the many variations of this subject ever did a version with engine detail.  Good luck and looking forward to your progress.
  5. vamach1 added a post in a topic AMT '68 Shelby GT500 - What problems did you encounter?   

    Use the leaf spring "helpers" included in the kit.
  6. vamach1 added a post in a topic New from Danbury Mint   

    Is ACME on the same level of quality?   It does not look like it is.
  7. vamach1 added a post in a topic AMT Mustang Mach 1, Super Stang, Autolite Special   

    I have managed to piece together a buildable model from several glue bombs.  It's on my very long list of builds to get to someday.  Picture to be posted in a few minutes.

  8. vamach1 added a post in a topic 20th Anniversary Father's Day Car Show Warrenton, VA   

    I took the Cobra to the Sully Plantation show.  I've been to the Warrenton show but it's about 45 minutes away for me.
  9. vamach1 added a topic in General   

    House of Hobbies in Florida
    I was in the Clearwater area on vacation and went to the House of Hobbies on Route 19.  There used to be two locations and they combined them about 15 years ago.  I rememer the one in Clearwater on Ft. Harrison St and it was packed to the ceiling with kits and RC cars and trains.  The store is a little better organized with a huge model selection including many older kits.  There are boxes in every aisle and you cannot even see everything.  There are a few rows of diecast models going back to at least the 1990's.  If you are on vacation or live down there it is well worth checking out.
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  10. vamach1 added a post in a topic AMT '68 Shelby GT500 - What problems did you encounter?   

    The grille may not fit flush with the front end.  Sand it down until it fits.  Also note that the piece should be body color except for the edges with the grille flat black and the bumper of course chrome.  I detest the engine compartment and have built some versions using a resin inner fenders and a more realistic radiator and added a pair of horns.
  11. vamach1 added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Scale Modeler MPC Boss 351 Mustang article
    This article is from July 1997.  The full article is nine pages long.  Despite the builder Mr. McDonell making a few gaffs (painted bumper - should be chrome, rear panel should be painted black and not have the honeycomb part, and the wheels should be Magnum 500's or trim rings with FOMOCO hubcaps) he did build the best 71 Mustang I have seen.  He goes into great detail about all the scratch pieces he made (ram air and lots of other underhood pieces).  One other nitpick is that no 71-73 Mustangs came with rear louvers - they were an aftermarket item only.
    Since the full article is too large to attach here I will email it anyone for the asking.  Either send me an email or PM or post your email in this message and I will forward the files (about 8 meg total) to anyone that want a copy.
    I will be on vacation starting Tuesday for five days so please be patient if I do not reply right away.

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  12. vamach1 added a post in a topic Jay Lenos Hemi Under Glass rollover   

    I think Leno can afford to pay for the repairs or have his guys do it.  He is Mega rich.
  13. vamach1 added a post in a topic 1973 ford mustang   

    I'll preface my comments by saying I have owned five real 72-73 Mustangs.  Two (yes two of the fifty) sprint convertibles, two 72 Mach1's and a 73 convertible.  As I have mentioned on other threads, there are some resin parts out there from Missing link to fill in the gaps of the AMT and MPC kits.  They offer variations of the stock 71-72 Mach1 Grille, standard grille and I believe the 73 Mach1 and standard grill as well as the correct size 71/72 urethane and 71/72 chrome bumpers.  So, with the "correct" parts one can build a Standard fastback or a 71 Boss, 72 Mach or 73 Mach1.   If one chooses to use the 71/72 stripes (whether an Mach1 or not) the underside should be painted the same color to match the decals.  The hood only came in the flat blackout if the car had ram air.  All Boss 351's had the hood painted black or silver without the tapering like the Mach1.  You can have special ordered a 351 (yes 2 bbl) ram air Mustang in any body style in 1972 with the black hood with of course the NACA scoops.  As others have said, you built a nice model that is sort of a mix of a 72 and 73 which is fine - I see real Mustang owners do it all the time.  I would dab some semi-gloss black in the scoop openings.   The non ram-air cars had a plastic block off plate in the scoop.  Lastly, Scale Modeling by Chris has some nice 351 Cleveland valve covers which would make the engine look more authentic.  As I was typing this I saw you are in South Africa so is the USA we take a lot for granted but model parts are only half a world away.  Keep up the nice work - I wish I had the time to build some of my 71-73's Mustangs to do these kits justice.
  14. vamach1 added a post in a topic R&M wheel back needed   

    Have you called Norm @ R&M.  He can probably cast one if you buy some other items to make the shipping worthwhile.
  15. vamach1 added a post in a topic (MORE!) Weight Loss   

    That's an amazing transformation and Mr. T would be envious of those guns.  Hats off to you and keep it going.  God Bless.