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  1. vamach1 added a post in a topic An Open Letter...   

    I have to hand it to some people - they want a trophy so bad they arrive at a show an hour before cars are allowed to park on the show field and they sit by their car all day and only get up to go vote (usually before the registration even closes) and maybe go to the bathroom.  They might have a car they have owned for decades and have spent many hours working on or they may have gone to a dealer and bought a brand new car that wil compete against the aforementioned classic.  I personally believe any car less than five years old should not be allowed in a show that does not dintinguish whether you have a Model T or Ford GT.  In judged shows I've seen brand new cars compete against older ones and that does make any sense to me.
  2. vamach1 added a post in a topic Safir GT40 and my Thunder Valley GT40   

    I posted two more pictures.
  3. vamach1 added a post in a topic Safir GT40 and my Thunder Valley GT40   

    Engine and interior

  4. vamach1 added a post in a topic HI, I'm new here   

    Very nice and dare I say cute.  The variety on this site is what keeps everyone coming back daily.
  5. vamach1 added a post in a topic Posting Your Build on the Other Guy’s Thread   

    Thanks for that info.  Problem solved. 
  6. vamach1 added a post in a topic please explain   

    If a diecast model is already assembled there would not be anything to do except take it apart and perhaps paint it another color or detail it.  There are Unassembled diecasts which are usually prepainted and do not require the level of effort of a plastic or resin kit.  Resin kits are made in small batches and may be a complete body or just a body or a transit.  The caster makes the parts you need to combine with a pre-existing plastic kit to make something is not available as a kit from the current major kit manufacturers.  Metal kits have their limitations (thick castings) but for a quick build a prepainted body can reduce assembly time a lot.  I'd guess most modelers prefer plastic or resin (more expensive) to build something unique in the color they want and resin models provide the opportunity to build a model of a kit long out of production without collector prices.  This a a broad simplification but it gives you an idea of the breadth of the hobby. 
  7. vamach1 added a post in a topic Safir GT40 and my Thunder Valley GT40   

    I got into third gear so it was a fantastic ride and of course not long enough.  My neighbors were probably not thrilled about it but can you imagine that call to the police - there someone driving a race car on my street.   I took some more pictures today and was so bummed I did not realize my cell phone memory was maxed out and I did not get any video while I was driving it yesterday .  I did get some video following the owner driving while driving my Cobra one handed.  The same guy owns a Porsche 911, Ferrari 328 and a McClusky Daytona Coupe.
  8. vamach1 added a post in a topic Back to the future   

    Great Scott.  Someone had to say it.
  9. vamach1 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Safir GT40 and my Thunder Valley GT40
    Took advantage of this photo opportunity thanks to my neighbor just down the street.   He even let me take it for a drive.

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  10. vamach1 added a post in a topic Which kit is Better Part 2   

    I'd say the AMT 67 GT350 is the most accurate followed by the Revell/Monogram  Boss 302 and 69 Shelbys.  The old Monogram 65/66 Shelbys are pretty good too.
    The not so good are the AMT 66 Coupe, MPC 69 Mach1, MPC/AMT 71/73's and AMT 68 Shelby.
  11. vamach1 added a post in a topic Im new to the forum   

    Welcome and build what makes you happy.  There are some really talented modelers here and they are willing to share their knowledge - all you have to do is ask.
  12. vamach1 added a post in a topic Which kit is Better Part 2   

    No love for the 71-73 Mustang?  That's ok, the AMT and MPC kits are promos with engines and all the reissues are the same old molds.
  13. vamach1 added a post in a topic NNL shows - what is the norm?   

    Thanks Andy.  I'll make an analogy to try to get my point across.  If a friend had a car that was getting poor gas mileage and I diagnosed the problem (needed a tune up) would I tell him ?  Of course I would.  He would not buy a new car and maybe he would ask me for some tools and help but I I'm sure he would realize the value of making a minor change that would improve his mileage and thus save some money.  So, I'm asking if people are okay with their current mileage that may not be optimal or are there some new and fairly easy to implements ideas that could be tried out to improve these events.  There is nothing wrong with these shows and we are all appreciative of the volunteers efforts but a tune-up once in a while could make them even more enjoyable for all.
    PS - there is no hope for one of my cars - it gets about 8 mpg tuned up. :-)
  14. vamach1 added a post in a topic Whats my name and who am I ?   

    He left for that girl next to him.  Just kidding - that is my daughter.
  15. vamach1 added a post in a topic NNL shows - what is the norm?   

    The idea about letting people in early was simply to avoid having people wait in line for an hour or more that are not up to that physically.  I realize there are shows that have "floor" rights or let people in early to "get the deals" but that was not the intent of the suggestion - it was simply to some entrants or spectators get some more sleep and know that they could close to when the show actually opens and not be sent to the back of a line of 200 or 300 people.  As far as offering my "services", the suggestions were to generate some discussion and provoke some thoughts in the of people that put on existing events.  I've had my share of working 8 hours on the day of an event and after a few decades it's not fun anymore.  Having been on both sides (organizer and participant) i have seen what works well and what could use a couple of very simple changes that would make it easier on everyone.
    Like many of you I've built models most of my life (since the 1960's) and whatever can be done to make the day of a show go a little smoother should be at least considered.