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  1. Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    Here is a link to a review of the build.
  2. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    So to sum up discussion lets go with some bullet points He's a great guy and we HOPE the magazine will be printed more regularly. We all love the website but can anyone prove it is not partially or fully funded by advertisers. Subscribers should have special website access but what would that be? Back issues perhaps? Subscribing as this point is risky given the track record of the last two years. I paid for a one year subscription that may take four years to fulfill but I'm scolded if I complain. He should go digital or let a third party sell and print the magazine on a pay per issue basis. He's broke so how the heck will he print and mail hundreds of magazine "owed" with little new revenue. He has the subscription monies but is unable to provide the product as promised due to health reasons. There have been sightings in the past but no pictures can be found so there are some non-believers. Did I miss anything?
  3. De Tomaso Mangusta

    The SMP will break the bank but it sure looks nice.
  4. 70 boss 429 first gear 1/25

    Yes the red/maroon is the Monogram kit. I just wanted to show the difference in the hood and scoop width compared to the diecast. I believe the white diecast and orange one in this post come from the same general manufacturer as there are similarities but there are differences (some of which are because of the difference in years). I attached a picture of the "brand" but I cannot even read it. Obviously all these are made in China so it's no surprise there are similarities. As for other years, I think the M2 and Johnny Lightning cars are the best given the price and quality and can fill in the gap for the years you want. The Revell 68 fastbacks are not bad either. I also attached a picture of a Motormax yellow Boss. The engine is a blob compared to other brands but the body looks pretty accurate.
  5. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    The problem with FB is there are too many sites and too much other garbage out there. I have never seen the depth of discussion and help anywhere else but on this site even though my interests are very narrow insofar as what I build. I may only see other club members once a month but some are active on here daily.
  6. Revell Mustang LX Question

    Not sure but I have the stock version if you want to see the instructions.
  7. 1971 Mercury Comet 1/24 Die Cast

    I've never seen one in primer. Interesting.
  8. Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    I've read some reviews poinint out a lot of stange things with ths kit (like way too many parts being chrome) and some fitment issues, but the pictures prove it can be a real beauty. I have a resin distributor (non provided) and a spare tire but do not have the KA detail kits which cost almost as the model. There are aftermarket decal as well but the black sure does look good. As best I can tell you built this rather quickly - do you have a estimate of the total hours and were there any other frustrating problems or recommendation for other that have not taken on building one.
  9. 70 boss 429 first gear 1/25

    I had a hunch I had this diecast and yes I do. So a few more comments on things I noticed. The hood is way too narrow and the hood pins are too close together. Ditto for the hood scoop. I'll say again under the hood is pretty nice (decals, plug wires and oil cooler) and the interior wood trim is painted and it casually is looking better than the Revell 69 Boss 302 (no roll bar mounts either). Hmm - maybe an interior swap. Lastly, the shifter ball looks a little oversized and on my example the side markers look fine and the is also a space saver tire. So I'm going to give this a 8 out of 10.
  10. 70 boss 429 first gear 1/25

    Yes they are. For weight and there probably wasn't room either.
  11. 70 boss 429 first gear 1/25

    It looks pretty good. The reflectors may stick out a little, the side mirrors look a little droopy, and the hinges like many diecasts are oversized. I do like the wheels and tires, the battery in the trunk, and the engine looks as good or better than any kit.
  12. 427 Cobra Competition

    Thanks JC.
  13. There is an Autoworld 1961 set (all 50 states) for $6 buy it now on Ebay.
  14. Mustang Fastback

    I was disappointed with this offering from Maisto. If you can find the various Revell ones they are far better. I guess for $10 you cannot expect or much. It might be interesting to try the Revell interior in it just to see if it fits. The wheels and tires just seem to fit too far under the fenders.
  15. 427 Cobra Competition

    Very nice job. I cannot remember - does the kit come with a roll bar that goes to the floor? I would think the Essex Wire version would have one but I checked and it does not have one.