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  1. I found the Pre-order pictures on monstersinmotion.com. They must sell a lot of the old Aurora sci-fi kits too but I was surprised that is where the search engine too me to find the kit. 😮
  2. Starting to look much nicer than the Trumpeter kit but it would end up being twice what I have ever paid for one kit or diecast for that matter.
  3. Very nice replica. I think someone did the factory ten hole wheels in resin many years ago.
  4. The local IPMS chapter is mostly military modelers which is typical of many IPMS clubs. Despite it being a ten minute drive away for monthly meetings (before Covid) I would drive a half hour to the Maryland Automotive Modelers Association meetings since I build only cars as do most of the other members. IPMS contests are okay as they have some civilian vehicle categories but the meetings are a snooze fest to me and there are only a handful of car builders and almost no kits I am interested in buying there from vendors. I built a few planes and tanks when I was a child but they were casualties of my childhood and were either blown up with firecrackers and/or burned up. 😉
  5. Today’s chemistry lesson is what is PLA. Sorry for giving the same answer. There will be a quiz later. Further research leads me to believe in the 60’s it was just short for PLAstic enamel paint and simply branding.
  6. I pretty much see it a blank canvas to build something unusual. Having said that not sure when will see the Revell Boss 351 kit and it make take years to see any variations released. If someone did decals for this 73 that raced at SPA it would be a cool build.
  7. I I was unable able to find my Gunze kit instructions. Sorry about that. I do have an unbuilt HRM kit though.
  8. Yes they are a bit too deep dish Just like on the promos. Not hard to figure out the origins of the kit. Something else that is way off is the front marker lights are too far forward and would not line up if one was going to try and make a Mach1 with the side stripes. The Bond red Mach1 only had the Mach1 decal which as you can tell on the promo and some of the older AMT kits was molded into the plastic.
  9. Are you using the kit decals? If not here’s an alternative but these may be for the Roadster version. What do I know I’m a Ford guy. 🙃
  10. Came across this picture recently which shows the difference In the fender of a 71/72 vs.73 Mustang due to the bumper size difference.
  11. If this Is this picture of the kits that is be “rereleased” then it looks like it will have the incorrect front bumper (the larger 1973 style) versus the correct smaller 71-72 Mach1 and Sprint bumper. All I can say is it’s not a surprise. We will see how they do with the decal sheet and if the Mach1 decal and black stripe across the trunk is correct. This website says the models will be shipping tomorrow. Perhaps soon HL will get them soon and they will show up on auctions sites by Halloween.
  12. I think I paid about 1/2 of that when that the Trumpeter kit came out and I see the Magnifer clone of that kit selling for under $100 online. As Cobraman said the kit better be twice as good and if it was I’d probably sell the Trumpeter kit I have now as the likelihood of me building both are pretty low.
  13. Clearly you do not understand sitcom tv. It’s not supposed to be realistic. 😁
  14. The engine sat so low in the engine bay that a hole in the hood was not really need but that was the MPC kit I would not use this as a reference. I think I just ended up filling in the underside of the hood on the MPC kit that was designed for a shaker scoop. I have not tried the 70 hood on the 69 Revell kit so your best bet would be to test fit everything before you cut A hole out.
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