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  1. Good luck. They are pretty rare. I have not seen the Super Boss in person. The Boss 302 is not horrible except for the grille.
  2. If they did that they should just redo the whole chassis. It’s just bad and needs the correct dual exhaust and oval mufflers, Nine inch rear end, rear shocks, a rear ant-sway bar, and a better front suspension. The “inset” would need brake booster and master cylinder, shock tower braces, and a correct ram-air air cleaner and under hood plenum for an all new 351C and/or 429CJ. But that will never happen.
  3. No the PSM kit was a one off. It has nothing in common with the AMT or MPC kits. Testors got the molds to a 69/73 hybrid thing that I think was another Palmer kit.
  4. I have never seen a kit but perhaps there was a slot car in the 60’s. Automodelllo made a diecast one.
  5. Why don’t you think it was a local drag racer? They will probably do an Eleanor version and sell it for $300K. The Shelby history is suspect.
  6. New decal sheet for forthcoming “AMT” kit. Nothing else is new from the 007 release.
  7. AMT never made a 429CJ engine. The rehashed MPC kit under the AMT name has a Boss 429 and a small block 289/302 that goes back to molds from the 1960’s. So the bottom line is for a correct build you supply your own engine.
  8. It would make sense to get the most out of the new molds to do a Mach1 with a 351C and 429Cj and Boss 351 with of course the correct front chrome bumper for the Boss. Doing an Eleanor version would require the 73 grille and flat hood but to be movie correct it would retain the 71 style rubber front bumper. These parts would also be helpful to be able to make a 72 Sprint with the Mach1 grille and bumper.
  9. Very nice Gramps. It looks like it has its origins in the same mold as Snakes but with of course some differences.
  10. You got that right. Adding the shock tower supports will make it look more realistic too.
  11. At one time the orange Boss was sold as a pre-painted “kit” which was the same as the one your bought. As I recall the interior was more drag car like. The other similar diecasts I have seen have the full T/A interior and chassis. I actually used the interior and chassis for a Boss 302 T/A project I started a really long time ago. I need to find that one and finish it.
  12. You nailed it. Being molded in white is better than red and the decals and tires are an improvement but otherwise it’s the same parts mish mash that will build up to a promo based mold with an opening hood.
  13. Meanwhile Round2 keeps updating the 50 year old MPC kit (this time with new Mach1 decals) but does not fix the hood or include a correct 351C engine. It will not be long before it is reboxed again as a Boss 351 but with only new decals and nothing else changed like adding a correct engine or chrome front bumper.
  14. Never seen this car or kit before. Certainly one of a kind.
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