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  1. What diecast did you get today?

    Do you guys have this one?
  2. Saving a ‘64 Mustang Indy Pace Car

    I still have thei kit new in the box (opened but not started). I guess I am a little behind on my builds.
  3. This cheered me up. Not really but persnally I would hold onto at least my best 50 builds (If I have that many) and would liquidate 90% of the common stuff just in case I live to 90 and can still see. At 60 I am already thinking about what to do with my kits so goal number number one is to build as many as possible in hte next ten years (retiring in 7 months) and see how it goes from there. I have more of a problem with diecast then models (ten times more) so I would hold onto the best and sell or donate the rest if no one in my family wants them.
  4. I think of this when I watch the shows about diehard collectors (cars, bicycles, toys, junk, etc.) that they are reluctant to sell almost ANYTHING even with warehouses and brands full of treasures (aka junk to most) despite being in their late 70's or 80s. Selling off a model collection should not too difficult but the proceeds may be pennies on the dollar so I would only advise to try to sell to another collector and not someone that is just going to flip the good stuff for a tremendous profit. Since I build primarily onlt one brand and model of car - my collection could end up getting donated to a museum specializing in that kind of car. Or they may say no thanks and then let the bidding begin.
  5. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    I was out of town so it's the first one I have missed in a long time. Yes there are a lot of pictures via links on the MAMA website. Here's two of the Veber's and Bradford's.. We are so luck to have both of these resin masters in the same club.
  6. Pantera Gr.4 hillclimb car

    Favorite car after the GT40. The in car view is wild.
  7. Saving a ‘64 Mustang Indy Pace Car

    More than a few of us have stalled builds. My kids love Mustangs but have not shown any real interest in building models. I better get busy - you never know when the clock will run out.
  8. 1967 Shelby GT350

    The scoops look much better. The fiberglas on the real cars had fitment problems too.
  9. 68 Mustang question

    Sort of like what is the difference between a 327 and 350 Chevy engine.
  10. Saving a ‘64 Mustang Indy Pace Car

    Trim the decals as close as you can or else they will look like giant decals.
  11. All the legends will be gone soon and all we wil be left is the insanely rich spoiled brats that feel the need to tell us how to live our lives. My son (19) wishes he was born 60-70 years ago.
  12. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Well will never see this one again. Picked it up at a swap meet. Only missing the kit wheels and the gas caps which I have.
  13. NNL Mid-Atlantic May 11th

    Having a good time and got to the local show too. I think this qualified for the large diorama class. Many more models inside and a very good swap meet. Also ran into Jerry Frazier from Midnight Modelers.
  14. NNL Mid-Atlantic May 11th

    I am about 14 hours away visiting my mother but I plan to check out the show in Largo FL tomorrow. Have fun Mama's boys.
  15. Must be fake.

    The movie picture looks unrealistic compared to the real thing. True story - a shark hit me in the head in the bahamas about 5 years ago. See Youtube Mach72man 6 second shark dive video.