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  1. Hmm. I'll have t think about that. Here's what I have altogether. I was built before and someone took the body apart. I think the only thing missing is the rear valance. I scrougened extra parts if needed from the Petty Dart kit. I did not pay much for it but this is one I only see them unbuilt on auction sites for stupid money so I snapped up this gluebomb.
  2. JC, Did you lose interest in this project? I have the original instruction sheet if that helps.
  3. I'll ask. Can this be downsized to a smaller scale like 1/25? Asking for a friend. 😁
  4. Glad to hear. Post some pictures if you can. I know these pictures are too far away to zoom in on but for those of us in the Washington DC area we have the chance to buy his goodies almost every month.
  5. 2nd that one a new/revised tool. That's the only kit made that got the engine correct.
  6. Yes, too bad they got the engine completely wrong for a street car. You did a fantastic job a and this will just stoke the flames that this kit needs to be reissued or remade with a CORRECT 429CJ/SCj engine and with the other details you mention. But, since the subject matter is considered too obscure to spend money new molds when old kits ce be reissued over and over and they will still sell enough to make it worthwhile, sadly we'll likely never see ths one again so if you see a glue bomb buy. The collectors prices on these are just too high. Once again, you did a beautiful job on saving it.
  7. vamach1

    IMSA Mustangs

    These are good references.
  8. No doubt the budget was pretty big and yes ideally they would have gone to Daytona but that's the challenge of doing a move recreating events at a specific place and time, unlike SciFi where you do just about anything you want except breathe in outer space without oxygen. I liked the movie and yes the "car" use in one of the last scenes wasn't close to accurate but I'm sure they figured 99% of people would not notice or care.
  9. You can still find either the IMC or Testors kit unbuilt for a reasonable price on Ebay.
  10. I'm going with an open mind as they will leave out a lot of things due to time constraints and to make the movie appealing to the general public. I explained to a guy in his 30's today at work how Shelby won Lemans in 59 etc., build the Cobra, etc. and how he and Ford hired the best drivers to compete in the USA and abroad. Looking back it's amazing all he accomplished in a about a decade with of course help from many many less famous people. Anyway, his legacy lives on and only the diehard Ford guys knew about the importance of Miles in many of those wins and how he would give feedback about how the cars could go faster. It's a shame he died testing the J-car (spoiler alert?) but like many in those days he loved racing and was willing to take the risks.
  11. I suppose you can say they are kits but more like Replicas and yes to use the real cars would be too risky. There's no CGI which is awesome. As for a documentary, that would turn an exciting subject matter into a boring movie an no one would spend money to see it. The choice of Damon wasn't everyone's favorite but it's Hollywood and from the rave reviews of the film overall I'm just happy it's not crappy like Driven. On a flight to FL I saw Driving in the rain which was an odd combination of a movie about a race driver and his dog and not based on real life events. The cars were more modern but there weren't any great racing scenes.
  12. Thanks everyone. You guys are awesome.
  13. All new tool per the maker. Yes a 67 MKIV would sell like crazy but it's not in the movie.
  14. The actors are secondary. Go to see the CARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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