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  1. Super nice paint and detailing. Well done.
  2. Learning curve. Started to put on the orange stripe decals are decided they are not going to cut it. The are too many places they decals will not form to the shape so I spent a lot of time taping. Also decided to go with the HRM carbs as the others were too large and slanted. I also had to cut away part of the bulkhead for the engine to fit. I got a little more done on the interior and will paint the stripes tomorrow and maybe finish the rear suspension and engine assembly.
  3. Thanks Jason. I am going to have to see if any of the kits I have include those interesting roof lights. The ringlets look smaller than I thought but I spent an hour on the seat already. I think I have photoeth ringlets but that would take forever to do.
  4. Thanks. I'll use which ever steering wheel matches the pictures you posted the best.
  5. Latest progress. Next steps are the clear pieces, decal and final assembly after test fittiing everything.
  6. So the exhaust winner for this build is Thunder Valley cast metal one. It's on the top left. Mad Mike's is one the bottom right and is going in the Thunder Valley conversion kit. The HRM on the top right will go in the modified Fujumi MKI and the bottom left is the IMC set which is 1/25 scale which is too small for these kits and will be used for a MKI.
  7. I was going to build one as th #1 and the other as the #8 as it's basically a donor for that build. I would trade for any of the other Fujjumi MKII kits (preferably molded in white) as it does matter to me what the donor kit is. You'll probaby cry but I think I paid about $25 for each as I was just buying up any MKII kits I could find and get the decals from other sources.
  8. Very nice. I may have to send you six more bodies if you send them back. I do not even rememer what blue I used - that was painted about 20 years ago I'm guessing. 😃
  9. I have not mastered airbrushing and like the convenience of spray cans when fatory colors are available. As you can see those cans are pretty big and should do several model each.
  10. I hear you. This did not happen overnight for sure. I used to build a fair amount of 1/43 GT40 and Cobra kits. The paint has "held up" moving forward with painting. I'm glad there are a few sources for decals (Indycals, Shunko) for the Shelby, H&M and Mann cars. Like most of us still working, modeling time took a back seat when my kids were born. With less than a year to before I retire (or at least that was the plan before the Virus) I am getting a glimpse of how I will spend 20 hours a week. Spending the last 35 years in an office 40 hours a week pays the bills but I think I can get used to having 7 days a week off. Keep us updated on the build. Oh - here are some paint samples (just base coat). The blue was over white and the orange (I forge the name) is over the base grey plastic from my Mustang body graveyard junk box.
  11. I ordered some paint for car #1 and car #4 since these seem to be hard to find colors. I will post some pictures of "the spoon test" to see if they look okay and if I can use "model paint" clear or have to use Duplicolor gloss coat. Stay tuned as I hope to get six MKII bodies painted over the next few weeks once I double check each body to make sure I have added the right pieces (splitter, bubble, gas filler etc.). Some people binge watch tv shows. I am a binge painter/builder. I built the #2 and #5 when those kits are out and they may get a refresh as they are looking pretty dull these days - maybe a Snakfu treatment. 😁
  12. Worked some more on it yesterday and this morning. More decals problems (Fujumi guages) so I ended up doing the glue trick versus putting them in water. I hope I do not run into this problem with all my older kits. Once I get the interior done and test fit everything I will figure out how far I will go with the parts box engine. I'm saving the 3D engines for some other kits and using this one as a test to see what I can do with the rear suspension with leftover IMC MKII and MPC MKIV parts.
  13. I forgot exactly how much they were new but I seem t recall at least $150. I have the yellow 72 Mach and 03 Mach1. I hate t say this but if you wait another month you might see prices drop as people start to sell off some things. I picked up a Maisto 03 Cobra off Ebay for a good price a few months ago at about half of what some were listed. I am crossing my fingers that the All Ford show in June @ Carlisle will still happen as they are always vendors up this with hard to find models and diecast for sale at reasonable prices This is going to be an interesting summer for sure for car and model shows. I've been watching old episodes of My Classic Car and other shows that used to be on Speedvision and of course building models. Good luck in your search.
  14. Eddie Money is next to Rhoda. RIP Roc Ocasek and the others.
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