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  1. Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?

    Here you go.
  2. AMT Go-Kart Aftermarket Parts

    Post a picture of the one on Saturday to show people what can be done with it with some mods.
  3. Johan Mustang

    I will get them and let you know what it costs to ship. How many?
  4. Johan Mustang

    Norman still has the mold so it's a go.
  5. 1971 ford mustang

    Nice to see you are into Muscle cars and especially Mustangs and my favorites the 71-73s.
  6. Johan Mustang

    The best review out there is this one. It's a little old now but he pretty much nails all the flaws of both kits. Https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/mustang.htm If you want to make a better 71/72 get the grille and front bumper from Missing Link. The reviewer (see the Link) does not talk about the chassis much but it's promo ish and these cars had oval mufflers (single or dual) and not resonators. Also, they had either a 302, 351C or 429 CJ or SCJ and of course a Boss 351. The kits only include what you could call a 302 Windsor and a 68/70 428. The rear spoiler is pretty low on the real car. Pay attention to where they positioned and how low they are. Ideally the kit would have the dual racing mirrrors. I had HRM cast several sets of mirrors from a Japanese mach1. Maybe 25 years ago I asked Norm Veber to cast a plain hood and if he still had the mold (from the Johan kit) he is going to look for it and make copies if he finds it. MIssing Link has other parts from the Danbury MInt diecast (ram air plenum and air cleaner, door panels, dash, rim-blow wheel, center console, etc. - I loaned him my parts). The 71-73 hood never had vents to those have to be filled in on the MPC hood. That's what I can think of off the top of my head. I will post most if I think of anything.
  7. Johan Mustang

    Check with Missing Link. They may sell you just the hood.
  8. Revell 1/12 Scale Mustang GT500

    All good here. It's a fantastic build.
  9. A/C units seem to be like a lot of things lacking under the hoods of 60-70's kits. You know, stuff like shock tower braces, washer fluid reservoirs, brake boosters and master cylinders, coolant overflow tanks, voltage regulators, coils, starter relays, lower radiator hoses, stuff like that. At least some of these parts started showing up in newer kits in the 80's but of course never in any resissues of older kits that did not have any of these "extras."
  10. Revell 1/12 Scale Mustang GT500

    Very nice Kennyboy. Must have been a Mustang theme at that show because that is all I see in the background.
  11. Early Ferrari Models 1949-1967

    Up for trade if anyone is interested. I know I know they are 1/43 scale are just need an hour to complete (windshield and some trim) but PM if anyone of you Ferrari guys are interested in these factory painted kits. I promise not to post pictures of the Ford's that beat Ferrari at Lemans etc.
  12. MPC Vending machine

    Pretty cool indeed. Perhaps some doll house bottles or cans in the interior would add to the theme. Is anything in the cooler?
  13. Revell 1/12 Scale Mustang GT500

    Please post some pictures. I do not see many of them getting built. I regret not buying one at the time.
  14. That's not Jungle Pam

    Have you seen Daisy Duke lately? Not to be mean but some age better than others. Christy Brinkley is one of the few exceptions pushing 70 and still looks hot. What does Barb look like now? I'd look in the mirror before throwing too many stones.
  15. What diecast did you get today?

    Gramps46 had a spare one and I did not have this variation so ................ Thanks Gary