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  1. Very nice. The engine look like it has some characteristics of a 351 Cleveland. Is that the engine that came in the kit?
  2. Welcome back from your time away from the hobby. Glad to hear you were able to connect with other builders. Your projects will be followed by many on this forum. Keep up the great work. Most wife’s or girlfriends do not understand our plastic obsession. 😏
  3. Took a few more pictures. The purple is subtle and shows up better in sunlight.
  4. I need to find a upper radiator hose that fits but otherwise I am calling this one complete. It is a Scale Productions Eleanor transkit. I used the AMT chassis and a 428 CJ engine from the Revell 67 GT500 diecast kit. The paint is Testors Bright Blue with some light coats of Colorshift Purple Sunrise. The model in the background is a Greenlight diecast. I modified the AMT kit exhaust to replicate the side exit pipes. I choose not to build the kit as an exact Eleanor movie clone as I have seen many pictures of real ones painted in many other colors besides grey,
  5. Looking good Ray. Color is beautiful.
  6. Yes there is that. Sadly it is why mail order costs less if you factor in the cost to drive somewhere. I rarely buy kits anymore except at shows on occasionally on Ebay as there are no few truly new kits that come out that I would want. Even chasing diescasts (greenlight, m2, etc.) Is getting very frustrating as stores get picked over as soon as shipments arrive.
  7. Have you been to Tech toys? They appear to be doing well and appear in the background of a Progressive commercial.
  8. I’ve never seen a cute Cobra but now I have. I saw a Griffith recently and the wheelbase looked close to your shorty.
  9. Please keep Norman in yout thoughts and prayers. Here’s a note from his wife Mary who I’m sure some of you have met at model shows.
  10. Amen about Florida. The pluses are I found a local club (Model Car creations of South Florida) that meets twice a month. Great bunch of guys. I do spend more time outdoors and feel guilty being inside during the day building models. The downside is higher humidity but being very close to the ocean it’s not bad except in the summer. There is a Hobby Lobby fairly close which has some diecast which I collect also. I’ve been here 3 months and so far it’s great and the real car shows are amazing.
  11. Great alternate story and doing this in 1/18 diecast is quite an undertaking but the end result should be awesome.
  12. Here is the underside of a promo from Ebay. The exhaust is from the 67/69 era and thus the 71-73 kits and promos also have the incorrect exhaust setup. It should have twin oval mufflers and not the resonators with the single muffler behind the axle. Likewise MPC made the same “error” and did not bother to update the mufflers.
  13. This one sold for $160 on Ebay even with the bent windshield pillar. 🤑 The things that make the first AMT kit and the promo unique is the MACH1 lettering is molded into the body. Also, it has the “chrome” strip along the lower side of the body. On the real car if it did not come with the “hockey stick” side decals the Ford factory added the chrome trim above the painted bottom area (silver or black) depending on the base color of the car.
  14. This would be the correct body except for the Mach1 lettering.. I have no affiliation with this seller other than having bought parts from him before. As for the promo, I hope you did not pay a lot and you knew the condition it was in.
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