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  1. Here’s CSX2431 from the Boulder CO museum. It’s a 289 but you can clearly see the influence it had on the design of the 427 body.
  2. From what I remember reading very few street Cobras came with a hardtop which was usually outsourced from outside SA.
  3. I guess it is no surprise the kit does not have opening doors. As bad as the IMC MKI and MKII kits were they had opening doors which of course allows the interior to be seen a whole lot better. Also - you got the color just right. I have seen more than one 66 MKII painted in the Gulf blue used on the 68/69 MKI’s which of course is incorrect if one wants to replicate the 66 Lemans 2nd place car.
  4. Two thumbs up on two very nice complimentary Mustangs.
  5. Yes. I know the current owner and the car went through extensive modifications by previous owners before he bought it. He did not change much - it just needed some electrical work and other minor items. You may notice it was never converted to side pipes. Personally I think it’s pretty cool in it’s current state and the cost to revert it back to a stock body slab side would probably not add any more value. It is an original CSX 289 chassis and not a clone, recreation or continuation.
  6. Looks like there is a problem with the files or links. I cannot see any pictures.
  7. This is a street car with body modifications for vintage racing.
  8. Beautiful paint and the stance is great.
  9. Very nice and the engine looks like it fits very well.
  10. Thanks JC. I had never seen a list like that but we all took so much for granted before last year. I was happy to get the FIA Cobra kit earlier this year and to buy parts from Brad over the last 25 years at the MAMA meetings or Mid-Atlantic NNL or NNL East. I did not realize (unless I forgot) he did an upgrade kit for the Gunze Cobra kit.
  11. Here are the two masters Norm (plaid shirt) and Brad (black shirt and watch) discussing their latest projects. Also in the pictures are JC (green sweater) and myself (blue jacket behind Brad) and the rest of the MAMA gang at the last regular meeting in February 2020 (pre-Covid). I cannot remember who was working of the Ferrari bread wagon. That was my CMA GT40 which I did finish using some HRM parts. Photo credit to Lyle Willits.
  12. Short answer is no but JC found a list he posted below. JC’s Fotki page Steelers43 also shows some of the parts Brad had made over the years. Brad is 80+ and a one man operation and does not have a website or sell on Ebay. Calling him or going through modelbuilderswh.com are about your only options.
  13. It’s crazy there’s not a kit of the latest generation of a stock (GT or Shelby or Bulllitt or Mach1) in kit form. I guess it’s less expensive to reissue the same old AMT and MPC molds over and over and over. I’m sure it does not help that there are some inexpensive diecasts that require no modeling skills and of course have far fewer parts and no engines. Attached pictures of this kit I built over 20 years ago. Looking at my paint back then yeah there is a lot of orange peel and I did not put on the red light bar on the roll bar. I guess I thought that was only on the cars used to pace the 500. Not sure what red I used but it’s a lot darker compared to pictures of the real car yours is spot on. Overall it’s a very nice kit and hard to believe they are eligible to be a classic car (25 years) in most states.
  14. Glad to see it’s close to completion and thanks for documenting all the steps along the way.
  15. Very nice. I built that kit when it first came out. I share your enthusiasm for Mustangs and have some gaps in my collection also of building one of each generation.
  16. Very nicely done and welcome back.
  17. Call Brad during the week (EST daytime). I’m guessing he is 80+ and he does not use PayPal or have a website. Once you get a hold of him he will be very helpful. Randy @ Modelbuilderswh.com tries to keep HRM kits and [arts in stock but they sell out very quickly.
  18. Very cool and well done. Reminds me that we will probably never see a Pantera or Mangusta with an engine by any model company.
  19. Weathering is up to you but I would first hit all the places that should have a chrome or metal finish such as the marker lights, door handles and fasteners.
  20. The decal sheet is going to be a tough find. An unbuilt kit tends to sell for a good amount with the decal sheet and as far as I know the sheet has not been copied and reprinted by any of the aftermarket decal makers. Good luck in your search.
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