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  1. Ouch $20. I’m not a fan of people that part out pieces of kits that are not that rare hoping to sell all of the parts a few at a time for a total of ten times what they paid for the whole kit.
  2. Well, you cannot say I did not warn everyone. 😉 I think Motormax advertises this as a 007 Mach1. It’s a 1/24th scale diecast and like the Testor’s ones the doors open. The chassis is very basic, there’s no name on the hubcaps, the motor looks like a 428, but it has the shock tower braces, power steering hose, windshield washer reservoir and a two spoke 😮 steering wheel. Like the MPC branded as AMT it has no clutch pedal but a 4 speed shifter. The front bumper looks okay and could made to look not as wide with some black paint under the grille which isn’t bad. I painted the chrome ares black area around the headlights but otherwise it’s straight out of the box. There is a silver Mach1 tampo on the sides of the hood NACA openings which should be removed along with the America Graffitti tampo on the drivers side rear quarter panel. I did not see a single one for sale on Ebay, only a “stock: 1971 with chrome mirrors and the standard grille. Swap the wheels and add the trunk black stripe and remove the silver lettering and this diecast would be a tad better than the kit and take a lot less time. The paint is pretty nice for a $20 diecast so I’m glad I bought one when they were available. I added a few more photos to show the size difference of the Testors and Motormax diecasts compared to the AMT and MPC kits in 1/25 scale. Unlike the Testors hood the Motormax hood does not have the incorrect cowl vents.
  3. Welcome. I have purchased some kits from France (mostly resin race cars) and I am impressed with the attention to accuracy. I am one of a few 1/43 builders on the forum and have many kits from France and the UK that I have built. Welcome to this wonderful hobby. You will lean 100 times more here than on social media sites. Everyone from beginners to experts are welcome.
  4. Cool. It would have been nice to start with a complete correct kit but it was close enough for me. I made a Mach1 about a year ago. I took this picture before I did the stripes to the windshield.
  5. Fantastic paint. I hear you when it comes to decal stripes. Unless the surface is completely flat which it almost never is, painting them is the way to go.
  6. Yes it if a mix of parts from whatever I could find from various sources. A complete vintage kit is pretty pricey so I used what I had. The blue stripe between the cowl and the windshield was bugging me that I left that out so I went back and painted it by hand. Pictures of the Charlie’s Angels Cobra show the stripe did not go over the cowl vents. I added a picture of the Kemp racing version I built many years ago. I think it was the Testor’s kit.
  7. This little gem came in the mail today.
  8. I hear you. 😄 Keep looking but if all else fails modelbuilderswh.com has some nice engines. 😉
  9. Did you have the HRM conversion with the small block engine? When I built the CMA kit it was a shame to cover up most of the engine I added.
  10. Most probably did. From what I read Ford outsourced the work to Motortown to add the spoilers etc. I had an extra V6 engine and instead of trying to make a period correct looking V8 from that era I went with what I had. I will go back and paint the stripes on the cowl area and see if I can find a Cobra II decal for the trunk. If I thought ahead I would have sanded off the F O R D on the hood and used phone etch letters instead. In those days Ford was selling visual pizazz and mpg more than performance. 😉
  11. Thanks. It came from the AMT version which is why I had to do some creative building to make this all work.
  12. Try calling him during the daytime on a weekday. I spoke to him about a month ago.
  13. I finally finished the Cobra II. More pictures are on the completed builds thread.
  14. This build was interesting to say the least. The MPC kit I used was not a Cobra II so after sourcing a V6 engine, the Cobra II parts (resin), decals and some photo-etch here it is. Aside from doing some kit bashing and making the exhaust from the twin mufflers to the single one, the kit was okay but the decals were would not stick and every attempt to get them to adhere did not work and once I realized trying to cover the hood scoop with a decal was not going to work out very well I ended up painting over the decals with a brush with a darker blue color. I do not know if using another decal source (Rays or Marks) would have resulted in a better outcome but I had spent too much already and just wanted to put this one on the shelf and move on to another project.
  15. vamach1

    77 mustang ll

    Looks great too.
  16. I had a real 2004 Mach1 (torch red) and sold it and now have a 2003 Cobra coupe (red fire) and the answer for a model is sadly the same. After 1999 it seem like Revell/monogram lost interest in Mustangs for 2000-2004 just when two of the coolest new edge Mustangs came out. The 2005’s were pretty boring (personal opinion) and not until 2007 when there was a Shelby did they look cool again. Wish I had better news but I’m sure someone has stratchbuilt some early 2000’s Mustangs but I have never seen any resin parts or a body or anything. There are 1/18 diecasts but that is about it.
  17. Hardold Braford (HRM) made a resin one many years ago but not sure if he still has the mold. He may not once the Monogram R-model version came out although we know there are many things with that kit which are not entirely accurate.
  18. vamach1

    77 mustang ll

    Very nice color combination. I am a few minutes away from finally finishing a Cobra II I stared on a year or more ago. The last II kit I have unbuilt is the AMT one you just finished. It’s too bad they did not make a coupe kit to make a Ghia.
  19. They were basically a 1950’s AC Ace so no surprise as Shelby do not want to spend years on developing a car from the ground up. Somehow they managed to beat the Corvettes and the rest as they say is history.
  20. Yes - not knocking the kit. I built a Thunder Valley resin kit long before the Fujumi 68 MKI bodies came out and ended using parts from at least four different sources.
  21. Very nice. I have not pulled the trigger on the Mustang II which is only in 1/24 scale. I have the Mustangs I and the Avenue 43 Mustang Milano and the Autocult Mach 2 in 1/43. I forgot about the Cobra based concept - here are two in 1/43 and the Mustang I.
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