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  1. Thanks for all the comments. It’s a shame the engine compartment is very plain and the kit is not a great representation of the actual car. I have some other 79-80 Fox body kits and plan to do a Cobra version with decals from Rays kits.
  2. Agree with everyone. A very impressive clean build.
  3. I remember watching a Speed channel episode about “Daisy” narrated by Jason Priestly. Too bad neither the coupe or convertible did not make it to production by Ford but Superformance is supposed to be making GR1’s.
  4. Box stock build of this old kit. It’s pretty basic and could use so much extra detailing under the hood but I’m calling it done. The postcard came with the model. You can find this kit on auction sites fairly reasonable priced.
  5. This chart shows only the 71 Boss having the aluminum intake manifold. Other sources say the 72 HO also had one. As far as I know all of the 351CJ Q code engines had a cast iron manifold.
  6. I’ve yet to see a kit that is perfect especially if it is based upon an older car where plans are not available to make an exact clone. I’m looking at all the fantastic details that would have been overlooked in most kits like the rev limiter, voltage regulator, coil, horns, starter solenoid, ram air plenum, etc. The only downside is now when I look at all the MPC and AMT 71-73 kits in my collection I may lose all interest in building any of them. My only hope is I can get at least three of the Boss kits at a good price. We have not seen a closeup of the kit part but for those that want to modify it to look like the EOM part here is what it should look like.
  7. Looks very nice. I need to get back to my build and finish it. The paint scheme is challenging but worth the effort.
  8. There is also the pre-painted Testors diecast kit pictured below which has similarities with the MPC plastic kit. They did Mach1 and Boss version of course all of which were incorrect in several ways but they did paint them blue and also silver. The Mach1 came in black, yellow, red and maybe more. Nonetheless regardless of which version they all had a Boss 429 engine carried over from the MPC drag/stock car versions. The non Ford folks out there might think why “another” Boss 351 kit. Simple answer is because this new Revell kit is the first one that is showroom stock correct inside and out.
  9. The radiator hose bends at ninety degrees and goes straight down. The box art picture obscures that angle. Don’t freak out people.
  10. Same here. The C6 was also used for the 351 M and Q code engines.
  11. Yep. I have a “poor mans” Boss but it’s all I could afford in 1981. I still have my $1,650 1972 Mach1. With todays engine building advances despite it being a 2 bolt main block with 2 bbl heads it pulled 371hp on the dyno pull (before it was installed in the car last month). Once the engine is broken in I am curious what it will do in the 1/4 mile. With larger after-market anti-sway bars and Koni shocks it probably handles better than a stock Boss 351. Only things I wish it had was a four speed versus the FMX auto and A/C for hot FL weather. 32AB1598-B81F-4A17-8196-F439885CFD7A.MOV
  12. Not sure how many real cars were made of the other nine fastest muscle cars of 1971 per the list below (all under 14 second 1/4 but I do know this is the first accurate kit of a Boss 351 with the correct engine and ram air plenum and air cleaner. Revell did make a 1970 Torino Cobra but sorry to say MPC or AMT did not make a correct 1971 Mach1 with a 429CJ or SCJ. How many others on the list have been made in kit form? The list if from Musclecarsillustrated.com
  13. The MPC box art sold quite a few kits but the kit never had a true 351C Boss engine in it. It had the base 302 engine and a 428 which is not even correct for any 1971 Mustang. Add to that the incorrect vents in the back of the hood and that kit was mostly sizzle (decals were oaky) and little steak.
  14. The service block for that car is probably going to keep it well under the $95,000 asking price.
  15. Boss 351 owners may not agree but it was a special model (on year only) that only 1,806 buyers in these days wanted (only available with a four speed and no air conditioning) and the Mach1 looked similar and was sold in much higher numbers and could be bought with a manual or automatic with a 210hp 302 2bbl engine all the way up to the two 429 engines on the option list with all engine combos available with AC except the 429 SCJ. Of course due to limited production numbers for the Boss and with a honestly rated 330hp it was one of the quickest muscle cars that year and hence one of the most desired 1971 Mustangs except perhaps a 429 convertible, hardtop or Mach1. It’s not uncommon these days for low mileage and/or restored Boss 351s and 429CJ and SCJ Mustangs to sell for six figures. The lesser know 1972 351 HO engine option was available in any Mustang body style and was essentially a lower compression version of the Boss 351 engine. Only 398 of those R code engines made there way into Mustangs versus the much more common 351 H code and Q code variants. I would be surprised if this kit was revised over the coming years to offer at a minimum a Mach1 version (351C and/or 429) and perhaps as an Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds.
  16. Looking forward to this kit of course after it was unofficially announced a few years ago. Needless to say it looks like a much more accurate offering than the tired old AMT and MPC 50 plus year old molds. Here are a few pictures from the Revell site.
  17. You’re welcome and yes that is my 1972 Mach1 I have owned for 41 years.
  18. I will not clog up the site with the 200 pictures I took of all the newer Ferraris, McClarens, Lambos, and other super cars that were a dime a dozen at this event. However he are about fifteen classics and others that everyone seemed to like. I posted all the pictures and some videos on Facebook under my name.
  19. I rarely see this kit built. Vert nice. Did you use the MKIV chassis or something closer to the real VW based kit car.
  20. Nice updates which of course should not have to be done if RM had made the effort but as we know accuracy costs more money and they figure most people will not notice or care.
  21. I was shocked there was another horrific crash involving a B-17. I rode on Nine-O-Nine about ten years ago and we flew alongside a P-51.
  22. Welcome Eric. What part of the state?
  23. Welcome. Whereabouts in Florida? It’s a big state.
  24. Love the variety of the builds and pairings.
  25. Beautiful paint and vinyl roof and detail on the hubcaps.
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