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  1. LeadFred added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Arrowhead aluminum
    Does anyone know anything about Arrowhead aluminum Company?
    I have done a order in november 2015 and the order is paid,but i have not received anything yet.
    also tried to e-mail them 3 times but no answer. IThe only confirmation about my order i have is the receipt from paypal.
    Are they still in buisness, or do they  have a vacation.  wonder why they does´nt answer my e-mails?
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  2. LeadFred added a post in a topic '65 Ford Cortina Street Altered   

    Front tires that i Think should work on this Cortina is the tires that comes with the new revell Vega Funny car (Jungle Jim)
    I have used these front tires on a Datsun  510 drag car build. 1/25
    But the Cortina is 1/24 scale? i´ll think. Mabye the tires looks to  Small on this body? check it.
    The tires in the Vega FC kit are no brand on it,so decals are needed if you want the good year logo.
  3. LeadFred added a post in a topic The Numbers on the Windows of PRO stock's   

    Ok,thank you guy's for you answers.I'm still confused about what Numbers a should use at My windows. If not the build are correct with the brand of engine and car,i Will not change anything in this case because i have Done so much already on the build.
    I decided to do the car as it was my own car  there are Some decals on the car that are my nickname on the fenders. So it is just fiction!
    anyway, it is a pure drag car, and a want to have the Numbers in the Windows just because the build lock more like a competition car. The hole " feeling" of the build get's better with the Numbers.  I Will start a New topic here in the dragracing column about the build with pictures When i have "controle" of My build i Will start the topic. And i Dont have much to Do to reach that Point. The Numbers i Will put on the Windows Will be Some related stuff to the Pro stock class i think.  (what's if ) if you know what i mean. 
    Before i start the topic, and it Will not be today, i can tell you that i have scratchbuilt so Many things on this little car, i have a old topic in the workbench column that shows the build in the  beginning, the name of the topic is: Datsun 510 Pro Stock project (Doge Colt)
    if you want to search in the column for that topic you can see the first pictures i shot When i got this idea.  Soon i will post more as this build are getting closer to the end.
    BUT, the New topic Will be in the dragracing column,i should have post it here, Dont know why it was post in " workbench" column.  
    Thank you guy's 
  4. LeadFred added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    The Numbers on the Windows of PRO stock's
    I'm building a seventie's PRO stock " Datsun 510"
    with A 351 Cleveland engine. But the car is not a real car from the past.
    it just has the style of that period.
    I know that the Numbers on the Windows show some info about the class or something like that.
    what Numbers do i use on My Windows? What does it mean?
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  5. LeadFred added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Revell Auto transport trailer.
    what Time period will match the revell Auto transport trailer.?
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  6. LeadFred added a post in a topic Fairmont drag car build - Hub/hat/stud and trans tunnel update 7/28/15   

    Hi Scott,
    The Fairmont is so great, your pictures are so inspiring. When i Look at them i just wanna get on with my own builds.
    Thanks Scott.
  7. LeadFred added a post in a topic The VEGA & PINTO Celebration Thread   

    Can anyone tell me how many different castings it is made of the AMT Ford pinto and also the MPC Pinto?
    Does Any resin or photo-etch maker Do Any up-dated parts or emblems to this little cool car
    I know that AMT have Done 71,72,73,74,75,76,77,
    MPC, 74,75,76,78, 80. And also two wagons,year? Is this the complete line of pinto kits? Or have i missed Any kit?

    If you have Any Pinto builds, i would love to see them.
    Any information you have about these kits, please drop a line here.

  8. LeadFred added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Electricial and interior detail in pro stock's
    I wish that somebody can help me with Some reference photos or explaining/ or drawings of the electricity that are placed in a Pro Stock drag car. It is often mounted on a plate under the dash or the floor.
    How it is wired and also tip's of where i could find these detail to buy.
    Pictures of the boxes or bottles are welcome. If no aftermarket is available i have to scratch the parts.
    I have opened the Doors for Some of My drag car builds and i think it is important to show Some detail there.
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  9. LeadFred added a post in a topic WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod   

    Wonderful work.!
    Every part is so Clean,
    It is a work of art,
    I must ask you a funny question,
    when you are done with a build at this level,that is the highest level i can Think of!
    The next model you start building,is that just a "box stock" or something a Little more easy to build.?or do you get to Another super detailed build right away.?
    Myself,when i have build something super detailed at my level, (way lower than yours) i need to relax with a easy build.

    Thanks for the inspiration, i love this.
  10. LeadFred added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Modern funny cars kits
    Hi ,
    Can anyone tell me if it is the same frames and engines in the modern funny cars from revell?
    If you go back 20 years,alots of funny cars have been realesed from revell. Do they use the same tool for all or does Any kit have Other parts?

    The New mongoose 57 chevy for example,is that the same chassie as the Other Latest realesed funny cars?
    And how about Monograms 1/24 funny cars,are they good for building and update with extra detail.

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  11. LeadFred added a post in a topic WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod   

    The level of this build,is almost beyond what you can imagine and think of as a modelbuilder.
    The precision in every detail and also the knowledge of reference to assembly the chassie.
    To what it is. In my eyes: this is art.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration this is for me.
  12. LeadFred added a post in a topic Fairmont drag car build - Hub/hat/stud and trans tunnel update 7/28/15   

    Your Fairmont build is absolutely a huge inspiration for me to get through my own builds.Your update´s is just what i need.
    Thanks Scott
  13. LeadFred added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    CCM 2014 April 5th. Stockholm Sweden
    Hi Guys.

    I was on a Modelcar contest in Stockholm,Sweden on April 5th.
    I will post some of the build here in this topic.
    If you want to see more you can click on the link.


    if that does´nt work you can visit www.fotki.com and search for member "froudi" in the search button.

    Hope that you enjoy this,

    This is a Mike Gradis 1/8 scale resin body. It has been chopped.

    This Corvette is a slammer,just the body and wheels and blackpainted windows,Pretty cool,i´ll think.

    There is more to see in my fotki album and many more contests from other years here in Sweden.
    My fotki ID is: froudi
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  14. LeadFred added a post in a topic Chip King's "Green Machine" Daytona Pro Mod   

    So great,thanks for the inspiration.
    I´m interested in future picture´s,when you are at the electricial detail stage of this build.

    When you make details on your lathe,how do you do when it comes to make radius curves, if you know what i mean.

    Super Clean work,


  15. LeadFred added a post in a topic AMT 1960 Ford Ranchero   

    Does anybody know if the new AMT 1960 Ranchero "Ohio George" have separated lenses for the headlight in the kit,or if it is like the 61 issue."molded in chrome"????