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  1. I had the same problem with the decals on mine.
  2. These are such great kits, it's hard to screw them up. The build looks amazing. Good color choice.
  3. I don't normally like low riders, but I love this thing. I'd own a 1:1 version of this car if I could. Very tastefully done.
  4. That is nice. I live in the NC area, when is the meet? It would be nice to go sometime. I may have to start looking around at some of the shows and meets around here.
  5. I was gifted the kit last Christmas. I share your frustration with the kit. I'd like to have seen a better hood, engine, better side scallops, and some side mirrors. Hart's parts does make a nice resin hood for the car though. SAM_0448 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  6. As bad a kit as it may be; I'd still kill to have it. Nice work.
  7. I did one not long ago. Hart's Parts makes a good conversion from AMT kits. My grill got damaged, but it still looks good. The decals I think were Phoenix, but I can't remember. Over all the car came out good, but the tail lights will always be off. The tail of a 71 is just too different from a 70 to do a good conversion. SAM_0599 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0601 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  8. I got a couple. I found them to be pretty good quality. Most of their stuff across the line was pretty accurate and highly detailed.
  9. Might be. But, it wasn't Burgundy; it was straight up chocolate. If I didn't have it packed up from moving I'd take a picture, honestly, it looks black in pictures. The paint looked good on it though. Only issue was the door fit and one of the dagmars on the bumper was damaged. I was shocked I got it for $20. Most were $100 or more.
  10. I got the 1/24 version the other day for $20. It's a chocolate color. Not bad, but the door fit was atrocious. Forgot the maker, or if it was even mentioned.
  11. Seriously, cool. Can't wait to build my B-58 that I picked up a couple months ago.
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