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  1. I've been wanting to get one, but don't have the money. Kinda expensive to get one.
  2. Just got one of these in the mail today. I got a conversion kit to turn it into a 70 Judge. You've given me some ideas for paint. And an idea of how it could look.
  3. Yeah, it's raised too.
  4. Been waiting on this to come out for awhile. I had nothing to say but good things about the model, to start. However, when it came time to put the chassis on, there came a fit issue. It was a struggle to get it in right and the front never did line up quite right. There's a bit of a gap. I also found out that the hood is too short! It needs to be just a little bit longer to fit correctly. So I had to push it forward a bit and leave a small gap. However, it doesn't line up with the lines of the car either. You can see that in the pics. SAM_0065 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0066 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0067 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0068 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0069 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  5. Came across one a few months back, but couldn't afford the price. I fell in love with the design and knew I wanted one. So, when I got the unforeseen money of the stimulus I knew it was the first car on my list to buy. The kit itself is not bad. I just don't like that some pieces are molded in black. I'd love to get another one so I can do a different color. I don't think the white color does it justice. It doesn't show the lines of the car that well. I saw one in a nice blue color when looking them up online to see what combinations they had. It is a really nice kit for an old Revell kit. SAM_0058 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0059 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0060 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0061 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0062 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0063 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0064 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  6. Nice! I was planning on starting mine this week.
  7. Pretty much how I'm gonna do mine.
  8. I like the 1:1 car. Pretty cool look for that period
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