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  1. I think I did a pretty good job on these considering the kits weren't much.
  2. Love the idea, just not the color.
  3. Yes, it was. As I remember it was a very nice kit to build. Had everything I needed to make it look nice and was easy to build.
  4. My favorite of my Chevelles.
  5. One of my favorite Ford builds.
  6. Came across this link earlier today and thought this was pretty awesome http://themetapicture.com/photographing-a-town-that-never-was/
  7. One of my favorite builds
  8. From what I remember it wasn't too bad. It's a lot easier than the 69 Chevelle convertible, that's for sure.
  9. Sweet! I've been wanting to get one of these.
  10. I think I actually like the before pic more.
  11. I think I found something that works, so future pictures should be good. Hoever, I still have a bunch of pics I took before I discovered that setting, so you may still see a few blurry ones from time to time.
  12. I really liked this one.
  13. Finally broke down and got the model myself since I'm a huge Chevelle guy. I agree the tail light fit sucks. I also had trouble with the fit of the frame. For some reason the wheel wells were slightly off and would not align right. It was simple to build, but the kit didn't have a lot of detail, and the directions are archaic. It shows the assembly from the wrong angles and doesn't even show some parts in the assembly! I was happy with the decals and the inclusion of the headlights though. It was a very rough build, but I think my version came out looking pretty good. Pics of it to come.
  14. Still getting to know my camera. I don't use it much. I've still got a few pictures to add of other models, but any that I build this year should come out with good pics.
  15. The choice for paint scheme was a good idea. Also the doors not fitting well would be correct. Manufacturers don't care about a tight fit on an assembly line. As long as it shuts it's good.
  16. Very nice. I think there's a float plane similar to this that I've been wanting to get. I really love float planes.
  17. ??????????????????????????????? No adds on my end.
  18. Looks great. Love the classic hot rod treatment. Very period.
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