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  1. 2 hours ago, Tom Geiger said:

    Round 2 must’ve known there is a hood fit issue. There’s a note on the instructions to sand on the radiator cross member to lower it

    Yeah, it's raised too.

  2. Been waiting on this to come out for awhile.

    I had nothing to say but good things about the model, to start.  However, when it came time to put the chassis on, there came a fit issue.  It was a struggle to get it in right and the front never did line up quite right.  There's a bit of a gap.  I also found out that the hood is too short!  It needs to be just a little bit longer to fit correctly.  So I had to push it forward a bit and leave a small gap.  However, it doesn't line up with the lines of the car either.  You can see that in the pics.

    50120210241_7f976e1b72_k.jpgSAM_0065 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50120431977_d61d425bb3_k.jpgSAM_0066 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50120209841_c515a5f55c_k.jpgSAM_0067 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119642018_3baa68ef21_k.jpgSAM_0068 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119641858_79b44a338d_k.jpgSAM_0069 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

  3. Came across one a few months back, but couldn't afford the price.  I fell in love with the design and knew I wanted one.  So, when I got the unforeseen money of the stimulus I knew it was the first car on my list to buy.

    The kit itself is not bad.  I just don't like that some pieces are molded in black.  I'd love to get another one so I can do a different color.  I don't think the white color does it justice.  It doesn't show the lines of the car that well.  I saw one in a nice blue color when looking them up online to see what combinations they had. 

    It is a really nice kit for an old Revell kit.

    50119644038_eec1175abc_k.jpgSAM_0058 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119643903_a8a98cc9fb_k.jpgSAM_0059 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119643523_b9fa1899d1_k.jpgSAM_0060 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119643068_09726fb4bd_k.jpgSAM_0061 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119642783_56ee82ede9_k.jpgSAM_0062 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119642628_0946dec949_k.jpgSAM_0063 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50119641918_91d3e1a783_k.jpgSAM_0064 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

  4. 11 hours ago, espo said:

    Great looking AAR. I always liked the hood design on this model. Not sure of the objections you have on this, it looks fine in the photos. 

    IDK, just doesn't look to the right proportions when compared to this one.

    44394918561_822135d3d5_k.jpg1 (114) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


    I'm thinking it's narrower and the ride height is higher compared to this one.  Come to think of it; I don't think the back tires were raised.  AARs and T/As are supposed to have raised back ends.

  5. 38 minutes ago, vamach1 said:

    You did a great job.  Is it old mold (other brand)?  It seems like Testor's did mostly reboxes of other US, Japanese and European models.

    Probably.  I think it was a rebrand of Revell or Monogram

  6. Got this to add to my exotic collection.  I always loved the Daytona.  It's one of the better looking Ferraris.  This kit was a little on the pricey side, but since I got my stimulus I decided to get a few rare kits.  I also wanted to go with the coupe to show off the design.  For an old Testors kit I have mostly good things to say about it.  The kit was actually pretty easy to build and came out great.  My only complaint is that it's molded in Red, black, and silver.

    50016893388_fbebd736fb_k.jpgSAM_0051 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50016893318_aafc5a8fa2_k.jpgSAM_0052 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


    50017418876_3e58cbeada_k.jpgSAM_0053 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50017680712_ade696f8b1_k.jpgSAM_0054 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50017419086_9f15423647_k.jpgSAM_0055 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50017419016_8e88728e04_k.jpgSAM_0056 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

    50016892833_a26501dbf7_k.jpgSAM_0057 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

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