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  1. Some Walmarts still sell models? None of the ones around here do. Is this just a term denoting the model quality, or do some Walmarts still sell models?
  2. I think I ended up using stripes from a 70 model kit, but the front end still looks nothing like a 72. It made me a little angry because A I own a 72 and it looked nothing like my car. Plus if you have the stripes shown on the car, it would be nice to see them in the box. I realize they build models the old school way, but it's like a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shoot buying their models. Some have headlight lenses, some don't. Some have decals, some don't. Some include rear view mirrors, and some don't. Plus the fits of the models are normally off. I'll probably still get the model and try to make my own parts as needed, but if I had my way it would be a Revell model. Their quality is always much better. I hope it looks better than the hard top version did.
  3. Aaaaamd I read it wrong. That's what I get for staying up late, then trying to focus on reading something.
  4. While I'm a huge Chevelle fan and I'll probably purchase the kit regardless. I've never really been a big fan of AMT. A lot of times the fit of the kits aren't great and they're missing pieces. I have the hard top version and it didn't come out looking to great. The tail light fit was a little off. I really hate how AMT models rarely have headlight lenses, mirrors, and sometimes even skip on the decals (got a 72 Chevelle and no stripes!). I wish Revell or Lindberg would get on the ball and start making models like this. I hate having to make my own parts by scavaging from models that I junked.
  5. The kits look great. I've been looking for one of these too. I got snaked at the last minute bidding on one a few months ago.
  6. Forum rules, no posting full name. Unless I misread it. So there's a little smudging where I edited my name out of some of the pics.
  7. Love the Bomber themed one! Very Cool!
  8. Bold choice of color, but it works. I'd like to see the stripes and R/T hood emblems though. It would make it pop, so to speak.
  9. With the excepion of the painted bumpers and the spoiler in back, I really like it. I think the spoiler should've been a wing one. Everything else looks awesome
  10. I've been drawing since I was little, but I started on the car art about3-4yrs ago. I've got about 4 art pads filled up with various art. I've basically been drawing cars that I like or think look cool. I also like to draw things that interest me or I see somewhere and think look cool. So I have some pictures I drew that I saw on a comic cover or a movie poster (ex. the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs pic/ Mad Max pic). I'm also doing concept art for an Indie game developer. We're currently working on our first game. I normally just use a pencil to draw out everything and then go back over it with pen to make it stand out more. It also prevents the art from fading. I then use color pencils for coloring it in. It fades a bit, but it's the best thing I could find to color the pictures in with.
  11. I'm in the Myrtle Beach area. I live just across the state line just outside Calabash, NC. The show sounds cool, but I'm short on cash now. My hours aren't the greatest at work, and neither is the pay. I'm working on finding something new. In addition to that I'm in the process of moving into a new place, and I have to travel to Charleston sometime to see my mother. As for my art, I've got some posted in the art section now. Once the move is over I may post some pics from my collection, but my space is going to be limited at my new place so I may have to keep things boxed up.
  12. Sweet, makes me want to fnd one online now.
  13. Here's a few pics from my personal art collection. Sorry for some smudging, but I had to edit my name out the art. There's a bit of everything here Ford, GM, MOPAR, foriegn and even some car movie/comic art
  14. Love the Z/28 art. The one I drew didn't come out looking quite that nice.
  15. I think your best bet is to try eBay. I just found one with a stock hood and it only cost me about $30. Normally, though the cost is a lot more, even for an already built model. However, you can always find deals if you look hard enough and have enough patience. I think this may be your besy choice for aquiring any AMC model.
  16. Hey guys, I actually stumbled across this site the other day and thought it was cool. I became a huge car guy back in high school and for the past 10-12 years I've been slowly amassing a huge model car collection. As of now I have around 50 cars in the collection and plans on aquiring 40-50 more. My goal is to have one of every model of muscle car, as well, as some hot rods, 50's cars, and cruisers. I'd like for any children I have in the future to know that cars used to have good looks and lots of power. I also want them to know what it's like to ride in one, which is why I'm restoring a classic Chevelle. I love the work of some of the modelers on here and it's already given me some ideas. I also like that I can find out about new models on here and let people know about what's out there, as it can be frustrating trying to aquire certain models. In addition to model cars I also enjoy building model airplanes. It's actually what I started out building as a child because my dad was a pilot in Vietnam and he always had model aircraft around. I'm also an artist, so look for some of my art in the art section. I have a huge archive of my auto art and I'd like to show some of it off.
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