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  1. My favorite of my car models. I think this is one of my best builds.
  2. Yeah, didn't notice until after I finished it. Also forgot to paint the gun ports on one side.
  3. I kinda think it would look better with a spoiler like the Cyclones had, but I couldn't find one to fit it.
  4. Street versions of some famous race cars of the era. Stock car racers Plymouth Superbird, Daytona Charger, and Torino. Also, the racing circuit Cobra.
  5. F-86 Sabre and Mig-15 of the Korean war era
  6. I'm around build 45 now. I was just stating that I remebered it being my 2nd car model I ever built. That's why the paint isn't quite right. I'm proud of it though, and it's one of my favorites of the 40+ I have. I'll be adding photos on her of some of my more favorite models for the next few weeks to come.
  7. This was my second ever car model build. Sorry For any bluring in the image. I'm not used to my camera yet.
  8. I love it! The GSX is such a cool car
  9. Looks sweet. Reminds me of the one I see around here. Now you just need to find your way down here.
  10. I live in Myrtle and I see a woody like this at just about every car show I go to around here.
  11. I built a 1:72 version and it's one of my favorite models.
  12. I scraped a GTO when i did a bad paint job on it; same with a Chevelle model. I also scraped a couple models due to poor part fit/missing parts and the fact they did not look like the cars they were supposed to.
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