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  1. I live in Myrtle and I see a woody like this at just about every car show I go to around here.
  2. I scraped a GTO when i did a bad paint job on it; same with a Chevelle model. I also scraped a couple models due to poor part fit/missing parts and the fact they did not look like the cars they were supposed to.
  3. Beaumont (Canada's Chevelle Acadian (Canada's Nova) Meteor Aussie Falcon or Charger Opala (Brazil's Nova) or Chevy Can Am (South African)
  4. I think you said it; bad economy and most kids don't care to build models. It's pretty sad, I love my hobby shop here and it's where I get my paints and some of my models. If I had to solely rely on the net for my purchases I could forsee a lot of price gouging as time goes by and without hobby shops, where would we find our paints?
  5. I have the Revell version and it's one of my favorite models
  6. I'd be in on it. It was one of the first models I wanted to build once I got settled into my new place. I was thinking of getting an AAR kit too and making a 340 version with that spare hood. I needed some new AAR stripes anyway, I wanted to repaint the one I already had.
  7. I think I saw a kit on ebay today with the stock hood. Try classic and vintage sections.
  8. I think mine so far is the 70 Challenger I made. It came out perfect! I was soproud of myself for that one. I hope that once I get moved into my new place I can get a few pics and post them. My second favorite is my 71 Charger, it came out good too, and then probably my 66 Chevelle. That is seriously cool
  9. Some Walmarts still sell models? None of the ones around here do. Is this just a term denoting the model quality, or do some Walmarts still sell models?
  10. I think I ended up using stripes from a 70 model kit, but the front end still looks nothing like a 72. It made me a little angry because A I own a 72 and it looked nothing like my car. Plus if you have the stripes shown on the car, it would be nice to see them in the box. I realize they build models the old school way, but it's like a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shoot buying their models. Some have headlight lenses, some don't. Some have decals, some don't. Some include rear view mirrors, and some don't. Plus the fits of the models are normally off. I'll probably still get the model and try to make my own parts as needed, but if I had my way it would be a Revell model. Their quality is always much better. I hope it looks better than the hard top version did.
  11. Aaaaamd I read it wrong. That's what I get for staying up late, then trying to focus on reading something.
  12. While I'm a huge Chevelle fan and I'll probably purchase the kit regardless. I've never really been a big fan of AMT. A lot of times the fit of the kits aren't great and they're missing pieces. I have the hard top version and it didn't come out looking to great. The tail light fit was a little off. I really hate how AMT models rarely have headlight lenses, mirrors, and sometimes even skip on the decals (got a 72 Chevelle and no stripes!). I wish Revell or Lindberg would get on the ball and start making models like this. I hate having to make my own parts by scavaging from models that I junked.
  13. The kits look great. I've been looking for one of these too. I got snaked at the last minute bidding on one a few months ago.
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