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  1. Thanks guys for liking it It was a pretty cool and fun build I'm just waiting on rob mattis to criticize me bout it and all the other builds I put on here like he thinks he is the greatest builder in the world
  2. Thanks dave I understand that's what the build is it's a under construction build but the guy told me in a email basically it looked bad that I had glue marks in it everything ain't straight and I told people when I posted it on here that it was a rat under construction rod kinda like my pikes peak truck I built it's just ideas that pop into my head and believe me I've seen worse on here but I don't tell people that I just put I like on the ones or I go to a new pic so thanks for under standing
  3. I'm not mad and in no harm was I I told people that it was just something I threw together I was just tinkering with like a mock up car same way with my pikes peak truck I'm just popping weird ideas in my head of how stuff would look and what you guys think of it maybe I will start putting them on under the construction part thanks for understanding how I feel thanks Sam
  4. This is a model car forum not a place where you criticize people or judge their work I know most people are not that great at building models or not at painting them or modifying them or are just learning how to so give them a chance is all you have to do so MCM ohana I have seen some of your work and it's not that great trust me I've seen better so how does it feel to be criticized and judged oh and your rat rod needs a better paint job thanks Sam
  5. The comment you made is rude what if it was a kid or so handicapped person building this I would be very embaraced if I was you but thanks any way and like I said it was just a throw together build any way
  6. Wait to you see the one 'm building now you can eat off the paint I'll post pics under the glass section regular cars
  7. Thanks guys I just had some smart ass say in a email I needed to know how to build better models if you have nothing better to do than criticize me any body else then go build your snap kits and shut up thanks Sam
  8. This is my slammed ford dually with a mustang cobra motor paint is krylon watermelon just a kit I wanted to tinker with
  9. I decided to make my Toyota that I have on here as a lowrider and make it a pro street 426 hemi powered
  10. This is my other Toyota hilux I'm thinking of making it a bed dancer
  11. Peugot 206 Rally Car built by my dad very detailed interior and chassis painted Krylon yellow
  12. I've always wanted to do something wild and with twin turbo just like to be different thanks for the comments
  13. Thanks guys appreciate it I've always wanted to do something wild I've done a lot of mini trucks and lowriders so why not a mini truck hill climber
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