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  1. Oh yeah...that's beautiful! Nice work for sure. I have this one sitting on the shelf,your version is inspiration. Thanks for posting! Keep up the good work.
  2. RobDD

    Olds Stocker

    I love these old modified stocker kits. Great job on this one. Have any more from this series? Anybody else have similar builds? Please post 'em!
  3. Very nice work indeed! I've built a few of these kits over the years and they don't look this good.
  4. That's impressive work for sure.Amazing what a snapkit can look like with a bit of work.Good job.
  5. Just tried to watch it. No access outside of U.S. So much for that.
  6. Thank you for the tip! IMO Speed channel(Fox) should be renamed Nascar channel...too much already.Over analyzed,over scrutinized,dissected.Not enough drag racing. Love watching Passtime.Don't like Pinks allout although I'll watch it.Don't care for the host.
  7. Hi Rudy...nice job. Can you give us your opinion of this kit? Easy build? Hows the flash? etc...I bought this one a while back and have not even opened the box yet.Thanks.
  8. Great job! I,too,have built this kit and found the chassis to be very crude and simple.Love what you have done with this one.Have any more like this? I watched these types of stock cars race for many years at our local race track.Lots of memories.
  9. How about a Ross Gibson 'Cammer' SOHC 427? or maybe a huge cubic inch 'mountain motor?
  10. Looking forward to seeing this one built.Always liked short track stock cars.Keep us posted!
  11. Love the color! Fantastic job.Kudos to you! Everthing about it is just right.The wheels,tires,flathead...
  12. That's a beautiful build Fredrik.I will agree with you about how correct it is.Who cares? Build it your way,the way you like it. Now I wish I could find that particular kit.
  13. Very nice job John.I like the "old skool" drag cars.Racing was a lot simpler way back when. Building for fun is great.Just build it to appeal to your self,do it your way. Keep up the good work!
  14. Hey Glen, awesome job on your '32! very nice on the period correct look.The color suits it well. Hope mine turns out that nice. Now I can't decide on an engine choice.Flathead?kit supplied sb chev? I have a R-M parts paks 283 also. ???
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