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  1. The revell "can do" wrecker has tri-axle frame rails. They can be found for reasonable prices. It is only a tandem drive with a tag axle.
  2. Where did you get that drop axle setup? The detail on it is outstanding! The whole build is very nice
  3. Does anyone kit any model dodge pickup 1968-71? Resin or styrene
  4. Prolly just has a newer high/low range transmission swapped into it. If it has a cummins in it Id bet it was a whole drive train swap.
  5. Looks good so far. I started a 359 Cali hauler a while back with almost the same color scheme.
  6. Nobody interested in the Marmon? That's what I'd like to get my hands on.
  7. Love the color scheme. Screams Jacksonville Jaguars
  8. He says of course it's orange cause JT does near about all his trucks orange. And they call them ant eaters cause they were the first aerodynamic truck and people thought they looked goofy like an anteater long slender nose. Good lookin truck JT I have one in the box planning a big 110" ICT sleeper and makin it a bed bugger setup. You have the Allied fleet. I'll have to do Bekins or United
  9. Thanks I'm gonna take a pic with it in the sun it really pops!
  10. The inspiration for the colors came from a friend of my dad he has an 07' 379 white with red fenders and blue top. He named the truck ol' glory.
  11. Thanks. I'm debating usin this AMT fruehauf or a moebius 53' refer
  12. Started with a Revell snapW9 stretched and reienforced the frame. Added the wrecker body from the Will-Do reissue Scratch built visor and front bumper. Tamiya purple and candy lime green. Wantin to find a way to adapt some Incredible HULK logos for it but don't have the graphic knowledge for that.
  13. Ok think I've got the picture thing figured out. Just a few pics of mock up
  14. Well havin a hard time with uploading pics I'll try again later
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