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  1. Excellent Job Pat! This really came together in a great way. The purple motor is the the icing on the cake. One little tip if I may, your rear rims should be popped inside the tires. That outer chrome lip should be inside the tire.
  2. Absolutely awesome work Tom. That lowboy winch is impressive to say the least.
  3. thanks Charles, I appreciate the compliment. The rims fit great without any shimming. These new highway tires are nice.
  4. Hey guys, I havent posted in awhile. I finally got the test castings back from Dave at AITM, and they are beautiful. Dave will have them ready for sale in the next few weeks. This got me back working on my truck again. The build has changed from what my original idea was. I will have an update on the set back axle truck soon also.
  5. Hey man, dont mention it. I knew you were gonna do something cool with it.
  6. What an exceptional build! I love the way this looks. Awesome!
  7. Excellent job Brian. This is a one-of-a-kind rig for sure. You gave it your usual touch of great detail.
  8. A rare truck like that calls for a rare motor, my vote is for the Big Al. I also vote for the daycab.
  9. Excellent work Charles. Is there any possibility that you would have these cast? I know a lot of people have been looking for this conversion. I would love to have a few myself.
  10. Way too awesome Brian! I love it. The eight tracks are the best touch. I like the 3 spoke tag axle also. Very nice.
  11. Excellent work Pat. You put a ton of work into that tank, and really pulled it off. Thats a one of a kind build, and you did justice by the 1:1.
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